KK’s Wedding Dress?

The last time I saw KK in a formal white dress was at her DAR, (Daughters’ Of the American Revolution), debutante ball.  She was 18.  She is 27 now, but the swelling of my heart will be just as great when she walks down the aisle in a week.  All of a mother’s children are special and loved equally.  But there is a certain right of passage for a mom when she sends her first born off.  KK is MY first born.  She is the one I learned with and ON.  🙂

It was a happy, yet bittersweet time when KK, Maggie and I went wedding dress shopping to our FIRST bridal shop — many more were to follow until we found “the one”.  I remember KK playing bride as a little girl.  In the blink of an eye, SHE is the bride.

I tried to find a cute picture of Kathleen alone.  I found a few, but the best ones were with her sisters.  Because being a sister, and a great one, is one of the things that defines her best.  It is who she is – best sibling ever to Maggie, part mother, part sister, to the younger girls.

The picture above, KK at her Deb Ball.   Below, Julia, Tess and KK at Maggie and Rob’s wedding.  They look happy and alike, don’t they?!?  We will all be lifting a loving toast next week to Kathleen and Tyler.  And soon…I’ll finally tell you, and show you what we found wedding dress shopping…  The picture at the bottom…is it KK’s wedding dress dress? 😉  Doubtful, however…would I really let a daughter of mine wear a BLUE wedding dress?



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It’s All About the Back

It’s all about the back … ’bout the back…  I don’t think enough brides take the rear view of their dress seriously enough.  Your guests just MAY be looking at the back of your dress and hair more than the front — well at the wedding ceremony at least.  Think about it…unless you choose to be innovative and face your guests when you say your vows, (your presider would then be one one to have HIS back to the congregation), the focus is on the rear view.


I ADORE the above dress, the one below too…Both are exquisite.  Two things to remember:  If you choose a dress style with such an intricate rear view, you must have either short hair, or wear your longer hair up.  Your veil may need to be modified as well.  My veil was so heavy and pure white, it was more opaque then sheer and not much was visible through it.  Maggie’s, not the other hand, was as delicate as a spider web’s…










Much thought must be given to you hair as well.  The bride below chose a different “rear view.”  The emphasis here is her hair, but she has created a blank canvas to showcase it.


The next photo also presents an option for the highlighting your back.  This bride opted for her jewelry to hang down behind her.  I love this look and think it’s a great coupling for a strapless gown.  It integrates a bride’s dress and accessories.





Or…you might favor the next dress which features a bow. This was my choice 🙂 My dress was very tailored/simply.  Although I preferred the word, “Elegant”  I had a big old bow on the back of my dress.  It was feminine, and gave the guests focus.  Just more food for thought…not that a bride needs any more confusion…



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Tea Length Wedding Dress



If I haven’t mentioned it before…I love shoes!  What better way to showcase a gorgeous pair of shoes, than a tea length wedding dress!  There is something so “50’s” about tea length.  It sets a nostalgic tone immediately.


Several things to keep in mind if you do choose a dress of this length.  Your wedding will take a much less formal air.  Much of the tone of a wedding is set by the brides dress.  If you wear a tea length, your groom and his attendants, (and of COURSE your bridesmaids), must also take a more casual approach.  The men should wear suits or sport coats instead of the more formal tux or tails.  All ladies, from your mother to your attendants, must also follow your lead.  This is quite a practical approach.  No chance of tripping over a long hem at the ceremony OR the reception.  If you don’t choose a reception dress, (click on the following link to read the pros and cons of two wedding dresses), https://marypkarnes.com/?s=two+wedding+dresses  no need to worry — you have one built in with your tea length wedding dress!


And yes…a tea length dress can be special.  Just look at the dress above.  I think it’s gorgeous, and very ‘bride-like.’  And best of all…your shoes will show!  This of course means you really want to find a pair of spectacular wedding shoes. Click on the following link to see some beautiful shoes!  https://marypkarnes.com/2015/02/blue-wedding-shoes/



What if you decide on a destination wedding, with a beach theme?  Well then, your ONLY choice is a short dress – I guess you COULD wear a long gown, if you had your heart set on it – but think of the mess…Just remember it’s YOUR day.  Is KK’s dress tea length?  I’ll never tell.  But it WAS discussed…

Hopefully, you’ll marry once, so do it your way!



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Two Wedding Dresses?


Can’t make up your mind? You want a romantic ball gown type wedding dress…no! Wait! You want a sexy, slinky affair…The answer to your conundrum…Why not have both! Both of them would look fantastic in your wedding photographer/videographers’ work from the day. If you work with a company like Snow Shoe Productions, I’m sure they could make this outfit look amazing. Do what the celebrities do…wear a dress for the wedding ceremony, then another for the reception. Unless your budget is unlimited, however, you will need to be conscience about the price point of both dresses. Two wedding dresses? You’re sure to drive your mother mad! Choosing one dress is hard enough…So what are the advantages beyond a simple style statement? Comfort for one. I was very surprised at the weight of Maggie’s dress, and it had no heavy beading or bling. Throw a bustled train in the mix, and she was carrying around a lot of extra weight. One could argue, though, that she was burning calories just by walking around and greeting her guests. 🙂

I love the dress in the top photo. Even though it’s short, it screams “Bride” in its light, airy feel. What about the dress below? I envision that this bride wore a big puffy, romantic ball gown for her ceremony, but wanted to “kick it up a notch” for the reception. She is projecting a sophisticated air in this gown. And the black and cream bodice and train lend a nice splash of color.

Other advantages to wearing a “reception dress”? — additional photo opportunities. Just think, the bride has more poses to make, a different silhouette.


If a bride does go the ‘two wedding dress route’, I think she’s wise to stick with white, black or a combination of the two. The next picture is adorable, and still lends a festive air. I bet this bride will be more mobile on the dance floor. A definite advantage to a reception dress.


The last picture is elegant. I’m not sure I’d encourage one of my daughters to wear black to her own wedding, but this girl looks lovely. What do you think, readers? Would YOU spring for two wedding dresses?



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