KK’s Wedding Dress?

The last time I saw KK in a formal white dress was at her DAR, (Daughters’ Of the American Revolution), debutante ball.  She was 18.  She is 27 now, but the swelling of my heart will be just as great when she walks down the aisle in a week.  All of a mother’s children are special and loved equally.  But there is a certain right of passage for a mom when she sends her first born off.  KK is MY first born.  She is the one I learned with and ON.  🙂

It was a happy, yet bittersweet time when KK, Maggie and I went wedding dress shopping to our FIRST bridal shop — many more were to follow until we found “the one”.  I remember KK playing bride as a little girl.  In the blink of an eye, SHE is the bride.

I tried to find a cute picture of Kathleen alone.  I found a few, but the best ones were with her sisters.  Because being a sister, and a great one, is one of the things that defines her best.  It is who she is – best sibling ever to Maggie, part mother, part sister, to the younger girls.

The picture above, KK at her Deb Ball.   Below, Julia, Tess and KK at Maggie and Rob’s wedding.  They look happy and alike, don’t they?!?  We will all be lifting a loving toast next week to Kathleen and Tyler.  And soon…I’ll finally tell you, and show you what we found wedding dress shopping…  The picture at the bottom…is it KK’s wedding dress dress? 😉  Doubtful, however…would I really let a daughter of mine wear a BLUE wedding dress?



Images: # 1 Mary P Karnes

Image # 2 Patty Cloherty

Image # 3 www.pinterest.com


2 thoughts on “KK’s Wedding Dress?

  1. It’s morning here
    With mist and fog
    But I awoke to Mary’s blog
    She loves her daughters
    And rightly so
    In their gowns they all glow
    But for one it’s special
    Let’s mark the day
    To celebrate the wedding of KK

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