More Unique Wedding Guest Books


Debbie Stauble photos

I encountered more Unique Wedding Guest Books in the past two weeks!.  Think a guest book and a feathered pen will work any more?  Nope.  Brides and Grooms these days try their best to out do each other, with delightful results.  And to call them “Guest Books” any longer is surely a misnomer.  They are anything but books.  They’re  more a special keepsake to be displayed in the new couple’s home.  It is often something involving a hobby or a remembrance of how the couple met.

The top photo is from a wedding my creative associate, Debbie, worked.  It’s a hand-made bench, which the guests were asked to sign in black sharpie. Love, love this idea.  It will be given a proud place of honor in the couple’s new home.


I feel a degree of guilt, as my daughter, KK, and son-in-law, Tyler, wanted to use boat oars  for their guest book. In my defense, at least as I remember it, they came up with the idea late in the game, and I was overwhelmed.  Had I had a wedding planner to take some of the pressure off…  🙂

Boats are special to KK and Tyler.  They love to fish at Tyler’s family’s lake house, and he proposed on the water.  It would have been perfect. Perhaps at a future anniversary party…



Mary P. Karnes photos

The above photo was taken by yours truly at the wedding I worked last night. (If viewing on a cell phone or tablet and the photo appears sideways, by apologies!)  The bridal couple purchased a fancy instamatic camera, (made for tiny photos), and asked guests to take selfies.  Then the photos were signed by the guests and placed in a photo album.  Charming.  Not only a cute “guest book” but entertainment for the guests!


Mary P. Karnes photos

And so far…my favorite “guest book” from my summer weddings.  The beautiful artist’s rendition of the family lake house where the bridal couple’s wedding and reception was held.  Guests were asked to sign around the drawing.  Post wedding, it will be framed and hung in the bride and groom’s home.  If you’d like to read a pervious post about even more innovative “Guest Book Ideas” click on the following link.  The New Wedding Guest Books


Unique Wedding Cakes



All the photos on this blog post are of unique wedding cakes.  There’s not an average one among them.  I ran across these beauties, and wanted to share.  Be warned: with the novelty factor, comes a hefty price.  I’m not sure what inspired the cake above.  It IS interesting, though, and would be an eye catcher in a utilitarian way.  There wouldn’t be much to save for the at first anniversary.  If you’re interested in preserving any part of YOUR wedding cake, click on the following link: Preserving the Top Layer of Your Wedding Cake.


Although created in the UK, the above wedding cake looks perfect for either a California or Florida bride!  The top layer features lime, the middle lemons, the next oranges…and do you know what the tiny little fruits are on the bottom?   They’re kumquats.  Delicious!  And you eat the skins on these little cuties!  From Wkikpedia: ” The edible fruit closely resembles that of the orange (Citrus sinensis), but it is much smaller, being approximately the size and shape of a large olive. Kumquat is a fairly cold-hardy citrus.”


What do say about this geode cake?  Well, I love it!  It is quite beautiful and a true work of art.  Would I choose it for MY wedding cake?  Probably not, but I sure would enjoy seeing it at someone else’s!


And the pink cake above?  Adore it. If my colors were pink, (they were red), this is exactly the cake I would have chosen.  And those roses…it would take quite a artist to create them.  But what else is a cake baker than an artist?


Hum…the above cake is cute, but perhaps too cute for a wedding?  How cool would it be if the white wedding dress part was white cake, and the groom’s tux section was chocolate?  🙂

Fall Wedding Flowers – Can You DIY?


Fall Wedding Flowers… If you live any where where the leaves are turning color, the air is more crisp, you know it’s fall. Even if you live in sunny Southern California, you may feel a little nip in the air. This can, and SHOULD change the color theme of your Fall Wedding.  The above flower arrangement, from a wedding we did this weekend, were NOT a DIY project.  Maybe some could amateurs could create this wonder, but not I.  The level of expertise of their arrangement speaks for itself.


I love how the florist stepped outside the box and did not create the standard “ceremony standing arrangements” for this wedding.   The flowers above the arbor, where the couple said their vows, was charming and novel.  And the color, perfect for the season.

(If viewing on a mobil device, phone or tablet, forgive me if the photos are sideways.  Sometimes they are if I format them to appear correctly on a laptop)


And above, a lovely arrangement at night.  The red filter provides a gorgeous wedding album keepsake.


The bride kept her fall theme going with a burgundy wine bottle ‘table number’.  These, she DID do herself.  She painstakingly removed each label and replaced it with a numbered one of her own.  And the flowers, while professionally done, stayed true to her color scheme.


And the challenge for brides everywhere…what to do about favors, AND escort cards?  Well, our bride this past weekend, incorporated two into one…AND it was a DIY project.  Yep, those are jam jars, fabric colored in fall hues with the guests’ names and table numbers attached.  Who doesn’t like jam?  No one!  This will be enjoyed later by the guests, and I’m sure the bride and groom will be thought of fondly when they do so.

All photos: Debbie Stauble  (also the “Day of Event Coordinator”)


No-Pin Wedding Flowers



Yep…We’ve all done it.  Stuck our fingers with those evil pins trying to pin on either boutonnières or corsages.  What about No-pin wedding flowers?  Brilliant.  I recently heard about a new wave.  It’s the magnetic men’s boutonniere.  I LOVE IT!!  Now it might not be the best option for little boys.  I can just see them taking one apart and putting  a magnet in their mouths — and then swallowing it… A visit to the emergency room on your wedding day is not the best case scenario.


The above photo shows the insides of half of the mechanics.  I can image how it would work, but I really don’t care.  I just want to try this for my next daughter’s wedding!


Mary P. Karnes Photos

Love, love the photo above from a family wedding.  Could this be done with magnets?  Perhaps not.   This creates a new issue.  If you choose to order a magnetic boutonnière, it can’t be too heavy.  This is limiting, but maybe worth it?


Mary P. Karnes photos

Above is a boutonnière from my oldest’s wedding.  I think this would be a perfect candidate for the magnetic boutonniere.  Light, yet lovely.


Mary P. Karnes photos

And for the ladies?  The above corsage is actually from my daughter’s prom.  It’s a gorgeous array of flowers on an actual bracelet.  Her date was thoughtful enough to choose something that she could wear again…well…his mom was. But I know he would have been as thoughtful if it had occurred to him.  🙂


Patty Cloherty photos

Then, there is my favorite for the ladies, the nosegay.  It’s actually a tiny bouquet.  In the photo above, you see me caring one. It’s just perfect.  You can carry it when the situation calls for it, i.e. walking down the aisle, being introduced into the reception, but can put it down during the festivities.  It need not be large, just a little adornment.  🙂