New Wave of Wedding Favors


As my daughter, Kathleen and her fiancé, Tyler’s wedding approaches, my mind is on wedding favors.  Although we have chosen our guest favors, I am always on the look-out for a ‘ New Wave of Wedding Favors ‘.  Who knows, I just might stumble upon something unique…




I think it’s aways a good idea to have a consumable for your departing guests.  I think I’ve spoken to this theme before.  I must feel strongly about it.  Really, how many tokens from other people’s wedding can you store?  Give your guests something to eat, they’re happy, (at least I would be…). and it’s ‘one and done.’



Love the top photo with the decorated cookies.  I have an inkling that they taste as good as they look, which isn’t always the case.  And the ‘pie-pops’ in the next pic…yum!  I think these just may be my favorite favor on this post!  What a darling idea.  Maybe you want to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after the wedding.  Then the next favor is for you!  Not only would it be a delicious treat post-wedding reception, but it’s pretty, which is a big factor in your gift-giving selections.  Yes, you want your guest favors to taste good, and/or be functional, but optimally, it’s all about the look.  You want ‘all things pretty at your wedding’.


Which brings us to the last two favors, which are beautiful.  I love the flowers.  Imagine, a posy for each guest.  Something to remember your special day for a week or so, and then, no worries about ‘what do I do with it?!?  Or how about the rock candy below?  You could choose either an assortment of colors for your guests’ selection, or a single color to match your theme…But then…how can you go wrong when you are giving someone a gift? 🙂new-wedding-favor-ideas-009

Photo #1

Photos #2-5


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