Do You Know How To Cut A Wedding Cake?


Do you know how to cut a wedding cake?  Do you need to know?  Probably not…but one NEVER knows…It is quite an art.  Even if you never have to cut your own wedding cake, or that of another bride’s, it’s interesting.  The top layer of a wedding cake is never counted in the “number of pieces” that a cake will serve.  At least in American, the top layer of the wedding cake is taken down as soon as the bridal couple “Cut the Cake” and feed each other a bite.  It is then kept in a safe place until it can be preserved and stored for the newlyweds to enjoy on their first anniversary.  I posted an earlier blog post: “Preserving the Top Layer of Your Wedding Cake” on the process.  If you would like to read it, just click on the title. Wedding cake slices are much smaller portions that one would receive when ordering ‘off the dessert menu’ at a restaurant.  It is more tradition and a work of art, than anything else.  The wedding cake also ties in your color scheme, and can set the tone, or theme of your wedding, A scary story, and one to heed… The friend of an acquaintance recently got married in Texas.  The brides’ family chose to hire a wedding planner.  When it was time to cut the cake, no one was doing it. The bride’s mother approached the caterer and asked him to please get his team started on the process.  “Well, the cutting of the cake was not in MY contract, so we are under no obligation to do it!”  And he refused.  (I’m thinking this would GREATLY affect his tip…)  So the mother of the bride and the wedding planner, (who let this huge hole in the contact with the caterer be overlooked), cut the cake.  According to a friend of friend who witnessed the massacre…it was NOT pretty…and as they didn’t know proper portion size, they ran out of cake!

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The following YouTube video is great!  How to cut a wedding cake  It explains how to cut a wedding cake better than I.  Click on the link to watch.

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