Wedding Program Ideas


Wedding program ideas – there are some fabulous ones available.  Wedding Programs have become de rigor for formal weddings these days.  My daughter, Maggie, had a beautiful one – very formal.  I’m thinking of something a little more fun for my next bride, daughter Kathleen.

I think the program above is adorable.  Not only is it functional, but it’s entertaining to look at.


What about the next program?  It follows the new trend of the “duel purpose” program.  It gives all the vital information of the wedding principals, songs, and order of events…AND provides a pocket for a tissue…aaaahhh!!  🙂


The same is true for the next program.  Upon your departure, will your guests throw birdseed, rice, or confetti?  Choose the wedding program above, and the confetti is already included!  No need to add a separate step and ask a trusted friend/family member to distribute the confetti!  Guests will already have it in their program.  The confetti makes it pretty, too!


Planning a summer wedding?  Think guests may be a little warm as they wait for your arrival or enjoy the ceremony?  The ‘Wedding Program Fan’ is the perfect answer!  Not only does it display all you’ll ever want to know about the wedding you’re witnessing, but if can be a functional fan as well!  I think I may want to talk my daughter, Kathleen, into this option.  She’s planning a summer wedding, and we could lighten this program up a little with bright colors on the ink and ribbon.


As entertaining as you think your wedding is – potentially guests could be bored.  No problem!  They can whip out their wedding program and do this crossword puzzle!  The downside, each guest would need a pencil.  And don’t forget the super creative person who’d have to design the puzzle and fashion it to highlight the bride and groom.

My personal thoughts?  Spend the few extra bucks and provide a wedding program for your guests.  You’ll be glad you did…

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