Bridal Headpieces – Focus on the Back

Bridal Headpieces – how many of you brides “focus on the back”?  Think about it… as you walk down the aisle, what is the focal point of your guests?  It is on your back.  Many brides realize this and choose a gown that showcases a dramatic look. But many neglect their hair ornaments/ headpieces.  I am a big fan of the wedding veil.  To me, a veil makes a bride ‘look like a bride’.

The photo above incorporates the best of both worlds.  The bride has a lovely headpiece, and attaches her veil to it.  After the ceremony, she can removed the veil for the reception and display her beautiful  headpiece.

Perhaps you want to order such a hair ornament.  Where would you find one?  It’s a great website for one of a kind creations.

I love the ornament above. It’s delicate, bridal, and looks wonderful against the bride’s dark hair.

No veil? No problem! But then go big! The bride above chose flowers as her headpiece.  I think it’s just beautiful, and if the flower colors match the bride’s color pallet, it will tie into the wedding perfectly.

Above are some other floral options.  Remember…you do not have to limit your florist generated headpiece to flowers alone.  The arrangements with just greens are also very attractive.  And don’t forget.  If you choose to go with an elaborate “back” look for your hair, make sure you have an elaborate hairstyle.  In this scenario, the longer the hair, the better. Best advice?  Have a practice session with your wedding day hair stylist to make sure she creates the best possible style to showcase the floral arrangement.  Perhaps you will need a practice arrangement to have your hair dresser attach as your headpiece?  Yes, I think you will.  Talk to your florist about an economical option for this.  Good luck!

A Family Tradition…

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A Family Tradition… I was thrilled and honored that the older two of my four daughters chose to wear my own wedding headpiece.  My daughter, Maggie, is in the photo above.  She is wearing her own veil, (cathedral length), and my headpiece.  Her vision was to always take the veil and headpiece off for the reception.  It would be too cumbersome to wear all night.  She needed to make sure her hairstyle was up the formality of the event.  And it was.  Her hair style was spectacular, but she wanted some sort of adornment in her hair for the reception.  She visited, a wonderful website where individuals can shop from independent venders.  You can find almost anything on, and the vendors are everyday people who have something special to share.

Maggie purchased a lovely hair adornment to be showcased.  Pease note the photo below of the spray of seed pearls.  Note, if you choose a hair ornament, buy it early enough so you can have a dry run with your hairdresser.






My second bride, (two weddings in two years), was my oldest daughter, Kathleen.  She too chose to wear the family headpiece, but also with her own veil.  Her hair was worn down, as had been her vision since she was a tiny girl.  And although different from her sister’s undo, every bit as spectacular.  For her reception adornment, she also visited  Her selection was a beautiful wreath of flowers which echoed her ivory and apricot color scheme.  Please note the wreath below in the picture on the left.  Her bouquet is featured on the right.  We were very pleased how closely the two pieces complimented each other.


I chose to wear silk flowers to be showcased after I took MY veil off 32 years ago.  They were pretty, and looked nice in my hair. But I made a mistake with my veil.  The netting that went over my face was thick, and created a visual issue for me, and for my guests’ view of me.  And it was hot!  My photo is below.  Compare it to Maggie’s, following photo.  Note how fine and delicate my daughter’s veil is…a much better choice than mine.  If you’d like to read about different veil fabric weights, you can read an earlier post “Wedding Veil Fabrics”  Just click on the link!


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