Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings…If I had it to do all over again, would I opt for a vintage setting?  Perhaps.  But I actually DID do it again.  For our 15th anniversary, my husband upgraded my engagement ring.  I went from an emerald cut to a larger pear cut.  Guess I like the “Fancy Cut” stones.  When I went from gold to platinum, my better half did likewise, so I wear his original gold band next to my wedding ring. (Photo below – Hannah Rachael Colt)  In this photo, I am wearing the vintage engagement ring of my grandmother on top of my own ring.  Keeping it safe until I can give it to my oldest daughter, as tradition dictates, on her wedding day. I am ceremonially buttoning KK’s wedding dress).  If you’d like to read that story, click on the following link to be directed to the post.  Advice To My Daughter 

But…If I had to do it AGAIN, (I won’t), I would perhaps choose a vintage setting.  They are so classic, so lovely.

The chart below gives a nice glimpse to the engagement styles from different eras.  I must say, I like the combinations of colored stones and diamonds.  I think I might go that route if I were ever to change my set.


Hannah Rachael Colt photos

Back to that ring of my grandmother’s…here it is above nestled in a bloom from Kathleen’s bouquet with KK’s own engagement ring next to it.  I love this photo.

Above is daughter number two’s wedding set. It has a vintage feel, don’t you think?  Photo creds: Stephen Wang.

The diamond and pearl ring above is just gorgeous.  You just don’t see the combination of semi-precious stones and diamonds in rings very often.  It works here, though, doesn’t it?

My only concern is that the pearls might be too delicate for everyday wear.  Maybe for a right hand ring?  But that’s a whole other blog post…  🙂


Care of Your Engagement Ring

Do you know how to take care of your engagement ring?  There’s more involved than just cleaning it. When my daughters became engaged, the first thing I did was buy them a ring holder.  There are so many options, from the darling framed one below, to the more traditional “Waterford Crystal” style.


Next,  I offered my best advice to the girls…and I’ll share it with you…Your engagement ring belongs in only two places – either on your finger or on your ring holder.  No exceptions, ever.  If you employe this practice, you won’t loose your ring.   You’ll always know where it is.


Get your ring inspected frequently, at least as often as recommended by the purchasing jeweler.  Many companies will offer a replacement program if you have your ring inspected, AND you loose your stone from the setting.


Get your ring insured!!  It is a huge investment for your fiancé.  Second to your home and car, it’s probably then next big ticket item.  You’ve insured those, insure your ring as well.  If you’re lucky enough to own a home at this stage in your life, don’t go through your homeowner’s insurance. There are companies who specialize in insuring jewelry, and their rates are more competitive.  I use Jewelers Mutual. Thankfully, I’ve never had a claim.


When cleaning your ring, I’d advise a professional solution sold at a jewelry store…or you may want to try this: (although I have not and can not attest to it’s safety)

“Rumors are not always true, and that goes for home ring cleaning tips too. Lathering your engagement ring in toothpaste or dusting it with baking soda and putting it in the oven is a mistake. If you want to clean your ring at home, try one part dish soap and five parts warm water. Soak your ring for five minutes, take it out and scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in the solution. Rinse, dry, and marvel at the sparkle.” from



And the ring below…just because it’s GORGEOUS!  🙂



Engagement Rings Part II !

Engagement Rings Part II !

No polls taken, just my humble opinion… What is the most popular engagement ring today?  I would say the diamond surrounded by smaller stones.  (See the photo below) One of my girls has this type.  It’s beautiful.  You can choose your favorite shape diamond, then encircle it with smaller stones.  Not only does it make the ring sparkle more, the stone looks larger.


Found on


My other married daughter has the most traditional engagement ring, that of the round solitaire.  It will never go out of fashion.  Her ring has a little added bling.  The sides of the ring have tiny diamonds next to it. Neither ring I’ve posted are the girls’.   🙂

My first engagement ring, (from my one and only husband), was my all time favorite stone, the emerald cut diamond set in yellow gold.  For our 20th anniversary, my beloved gifted me, (with a little encouragement ;-), with an upgraded ring.  This time I chose a pear shaped diamond set in platinum.  I must “fancy” the fancy cuts.  Pun intended.

If I were to choose another ring — no need — I think I’d choose another precious stone, but not a diamond.  Probably an emerald, perhaps a ruby.  Please note the ring below.  The Royals have a penchant for gifting their betroths with colored precious stones.  Sarah, Duchess of York chose a ruby surrounded with diamonds, much like her rival, Diana, Princess of Wales’ sapphire.  Remember, Diana’s ring now graces her daughter-in-law’s hand, HRH Catherine Duchess of Cambridge.  A lovely tribute by her son, William, but a tad bit of bad luck?  And do you think Kate may have wanted her own ring? She will forever be wearing hand-me-down jewelry, ha ha.  Might have been nice to have had a new piece…

56c712b1ca3239e5f20c39f1d94e037d – Pininterest








Engagement Rings!

It’s engagement season! … You know what that means… engagement rings!

There are so many choices.  If you think the time is approaching for your boyfriend to pop the question, and you think he may propose with the ring “in hand”, now’s the time to provide some gentle info on engagement rings.

We all know the four “C’s” – color, cut, clarity, carat.  Each one is important.  It’s not just the size of the diamond that matters. Below are some handy, helpful charts that provide vital info better than I can possibly explain.  Hopefully, it’s a lifetime decision, so hopefully you and your beloved are well informed.








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Perhaps the first thing you should decide is the shape.  I caution you not not choose the most trendy shape, but what compliments your hand AND your life style.  And what cut diamond did my boyfriend,  now husband present me with when he proposed?…an emerald cut.  Then…for our 20th anniversary…a very special new diamond.  I’ll tell you all about it in the next post when I highlight some lovely phots of the latest engagement rings.



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And don’t forget your have to chose a metal for the band as well as a diamond.  This becomes complicated as you much consider price, durability, and how it looks with your skin tone.  More next time…