Are Weddings Getting Out Of Hand?

Are weddings getting out of hand?  I remember my wedding 33 years ago. For the time, it was a big, generous wedding…a sit down dinner with a band for over 200. But as I see my own daughters marry, work as an event planner and witness others’ nuptials, I see a new trend.  I love all the creative, lavish ideas, don’t get me wrong!  But weddings today are much more “splashy”. If I remember correctly, she found her band on Headliner. There was a great range of acts on there so she told me.

I was struck recently by the contrast of weddings of days gone by and today’s “standard”.  What  struck a cord?…you may ask… Well, the age old job of ‘cleaning the basement.’  I ran across so many of my wedding keepsakes, and the contrast between my special items, and those of my daughters’ gave me pause.

Below, my weddings shoes.  Granted, they were the most expensive shoes, at that time, that I had ever purchased.  But they are simple, and yes…I wore them for years after.  Because, hey!  Why let a perfectly good pair of white pumps sit dormant in the spring and summer!

My daughters’ shoes follow.  While I do think perhaps they were a little extravagant, I love them, and wouldn’t change a thing.  Seriously, how cute are they?!?!  Maggie’s are the top photo followed by KK’s. Kathleen has her little sisters playing handmaiden and buckling her wedding shoes.  What else are bridesmaids supposed to do – especially little sisters!

And one pair of wedding shoes was not enough for our KK.  🙂  She needed a pair of “dancing’ shoes”!  Actually, a good choice.  She was comfortable all night.

Photo creds: Hannah Colt

What about guest books?  In my day, you were living large if you had a book and a feathered pen.  The photo below is of my 33 year old pen. And yes!  Our names are engraved in tiny letters on the stand, JUST IN CASE, you forgot our names when you signed our book!

Below is an adorable “guest book” idea.  I worked this wedding, held at an old-fashioned airport hanger.  The groom was a pilot, their guest book, a wooden prop!  Love, love this!

And have you noticed the cake toppers lately?  Works of art.  Behold…blelow is MY 33 year old cake topper…

Really… It should have bothered me that the bride was a blond, and I am most decidedly a brunette!  But…it didn’t   🙂  My daughters had exquisite cake toppers, both gifted to them by their generous mothers-in-law.  As the wedding cake is often a focal point of your reception, a special cake topper is money well spent.  Please note the girls’ cakes below:

Hannah Colt photos

Patty Cloherty Photos

So what’s my final take on whether weddings are “getting out of hand”?  Perhaps on some levels…but not on items that count in my book.  Go for the creative guest book, the gorgeous cake topper, and especially the special shoes!

Pink Wedding Shoes



Women… love shoes.  What better way to express that love than pink wedding shoes?  Studies prove that most women’s favorite color is pink — sexist I know, but facts don’t lie.

Okay, I’ll admit it.  I have a little bit of a shoe fetish.  I LOVE SHOES.  I have since I was a little girl.  A bit of background… while I am not a big woman, my feet WERE.  When I was in 4th grade, a mere ten years old, my feet were the same size they are today – an average size 7 – for a woman, that is…My dad always told me how he “loved big feet.”  And it wasn’t until I was a mother myself, that I realized how gentle and kind he was.  I always felt good about myself — and my big feet! 🙂

If you’ve noticed, most of my blog’s “Header” pictures showcase a bride AND her shoes.  I think shoes make or break an outfit, and there is NO more important attire than a bride’s. On KK’s wedding day, I’m going to insist her photographer take a few photos like the one below.  I love this style of picture.  We are going to have to purchase some special shoes…




The shoes in the picture above are spectacular.  The look like fairy princess shoes.  I bet they pinch, though.  Although open toe shoes are not always the most flattering, they are much more comfortable that the lace confection above.



Okay…I’d take a little pain to wear the next pair with the roses on the heel.  Gorgeous.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more feminine shoe.  And isn’t that what a bride’s all about?



Want a pop and a flash?  Then the hot pink shoes from are for you.  A bride could have a simple, tailored dress, but these shoes would make any dress fabulous!



Image #1

Image #2

Image #3

Image #4

Image #5






Blue Wedding Shoes !!

Today begins a series on colored wedding shoes.  There are so many choices out there!  Women love shoes…women love weddings.  Put the two together, and you have adoration.  I wore white shoes for my own wedding, but if I had to do it over again, I’d wear blue.  Blue wedding shoes …I love the look.  You can use a variety of shades of blue.  Maggie wore a pale blue pair – see below.

But the color doesn’t HAVE to be a pastel.  You can make a bold statement like the next shoes.  So what if they aren’t in your color wheel for your wedding colors?  They’re BLUE – perfect for the old rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE.









Not into heels?  What about these flip flops below —  they’re blue!  Not really to my taste, but I bet the bride would remain cool for a summer wedding, and could dance up a storm in them.



Or the shoes below…quite bridal with the white AND the blue…  🙂  Comfort must be a number one priority for the bride who wears these.



I love the shoes in the next photo.  While they appear to be white…they DO have blue ink on the soles.  I’m guessing she had her bridal party sign them?  Maybe her maid/matron of honor snuck them out of their shoe box and had the attendants sign them before the wedding to surprise her?  Food for thought…I really like this idea… Remember to use a permanent marker, and preferably one that has a fine tip – more room to write!



Want to decal your own wedding shoes?  You can!  Click on the link below to see amazon’s wedding rhinestone shoe decal stickers (photo above)

2 Wedding Rhinestone Shoe Decals Stickers – “I Do” & “Me Too”


Image #2

Image #3

Image #4

Imge #5

Let’s Talk Wedding Shoes!



Second to your wedding dress and veil, the bride’s wedding shoes make the greatest statement.  You can go for comfort, or style…or somewhere in-between.  I think you may notice there’s a theme in this blog post… I like colored shoes.  I like a bit of flare.

I wore plain white pumps.  No embellishment, no sparkle, no flash.  Maybe that’s why I so like the panache of a little color.  (Do you know how hard it is to find white shoes in the winter?  – We were married in January, and I put off getting my shoes till the last minute!  I purchased them at South Coast Plaza, Orange County, California – in the third week of December.



click on the link below to see this wedding shoe for $ 22.99 from amazon.

V-Luxury Womens 32-LARISA39 Round Toe Flat Ballerina Ballet Shoes


The crowds, unbelievable.  I knew Kenny truly loved me when he offered to drive me and stuck by my side the entire trip…except  when I tried the shoes on, of course!  He hated shopping then, as he does now…somethings never change!  🙂

If I had been smarter, I would have purchased my shoes at the bridal salon where I got my dress.  If I recall correctly, however, they were too “flashy” for me at the time.  NOW look what I think is beautiful!


KK has the cutest idea for her wedding shoes.  I wish I could share it with you, I will after the wedding…but can’t yet.  She is incorporating comfort AND style.  She has a bit of a shoe obsession…

Wedding-Shoes-Evin Krehbiel

There is no need to buy your shoes at a bridal salon.  There are so many options out there on the internet.  But be cautious…if you order something from an on-line store overseas…you may be out of luck if you need to return them.  I ordered a bridesmaid dress from such a retailer.  Even though they said they had a “return policy”- they didn’t.  They would not accept my return – and the dress was faulty – they wanted to “remake” it, plus have me order five more…really?!?




Image #1

Image #2


Image #4