Name Change For New Brides

Name Change For New Brides: —

Tradition states women take their husband’s last name when they marry — will YOU?  Social Norms change, and it is no longer the only way.  Some brides keep their maiden name, some hyphenate their maiden name with their new married name but most still carry their husband’s.


Other cultures, an example is the lovely Indian woman above, are steeped in tradition, and rarely deviate from what is expected.  We as Americans, have always been able to step outside the box.

When I was married 32 year ago, I just started using my married name.  I did not have to file court papers, which some women go to the extreme to do today.  I DID have to physically make the trip to the DMV to change my driver’s license, get a new passport, send away for a new teaching certificate, however.

Now…there are companies who will do this for you.  Brilliant, really.  Hey…there’s even a “Groupon” package!  I think it would be a very worthwhile expense to purchase such a package, even if you DON’T find a Groupon for it (there are lots of companies out there clamoring to perform this service for a fee for you!  Just google).  What exactly is it?  To quote Groupon’s “In A Nutshell” description: “Name change service helps clients quickly and efficiently change their names after marriage – a perfect engagement shower or wedding gift.”


What are some other traditions that American Brides love to follow?  The bridal veil for one.  If you’d like to read a couple of former blog posts about choosing to wear a veil at YOUR wedding, click not the following links. Wedding Veils , Alternatives to Wedding Veils


And let’s not forget the time honored tradition of the groom carrying his bride over the threshold of their new home.   With the vast number of couples living together before they marry, this too may become a thing of the past…  When old traditions fall away, new ones come into being…  🙂



And the last photo…Just because I love the dress!  It’s a new style, by the way.  Not really white…more gray…

Late Night Wedding Snacks



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Late Night Wedding Snacks ?  Will you provide them for your wedding guests?  The pressure is on to be the host with the most.  For many couples this includes “Late Night Snacks”.  Most caterers offer a variety of options, but this just piles on the cost to you per guest.  Is it necessary?  No, but it depends on your budget and what is important to you.  Feel it’s a must?  There are ways around the huge per head cost.  This OF COURSE, involves some DIY projects. Love, love the beverage above. It’s cute, sweet, and I’ve yet to see another like it.


Found on: WeddingWire

The “S’Mores” above, usually with a tag that reads, “S’ Mores to Love” have been done and done again. But there’s a reason, it’s a nice snack and relatively inexpensive; and easily to assemble yourself before the wedding.


Found on: My Wedding Reception Ideas

I adore the treat above, which in it’s beauty can also act as a wedding favor.  I remember the first wedding I attend at the tender age of four.  At the end of the evening, each guest was offered a piece of wedding cake in a pristine little white cake box.  My mom told me that if I placed it under my pillow at night, I’d dream of my husband. It was a hard decision to refrain from eating the cake, and save it to place under my pillow, but I did it!  Did I dream of my future husband? …No… 🙁  And as the photos above show, it doesn’t have to be cake you send home, but a treat such as fudge.


Found on: Sofeminine UK

The next photo offers a light treat that presents a beautiful display and would be relatively inexpensive.  All you need is a stand, some chocolates and a creative eye.  Sometimes all guests need is just a little nibble to tide them over.


Found on: Mon Cheri Bridals

Of the opinion that your guests need more of a hearty snack?  The pies above would surely be filling, and if your theme is country based, fit in nicely.  You could even bypass the caterer, (provided he/she is not contracted along with the reception venue), and purchase the pies at a reduced price yourself!




Wedding Favors New Ideas



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It’s time for another installment of ” Wedding Favors New Ideas !”  Wedding favors would be the last place I would spend my budgeted money, but if your funds allow, here are some great ideas.


I have long been a fan of the consumable wedding favor.  You enjoy it at the time, and then…it’s gone.  We all have cluttered lives, at lease I do any way, and who wants to add more?  These cookies above look delectable, and I bet the wedding had a nautical theme.

Photo: Gemma & Andrew Ingalls



Desire something a little longer lasting?  Then this sachet is for you!  Not only will it make your guests’ drawers smell nice, it won’t take up much room.


Photo: Marion Heurteboust

The spoon above is an adorable keepsake, but I bet it didn’t come cheap, and would be another item to clutter your drawers…


Photo: Smitten on Paper

Another consumable!  I love this hot cocoa and smores idea.  You guests could have an entire dessert one night…on you!  I’m sure they would reminisce fondly of the wonderful time they had at your wedding.


Bread and Jam. Photo: Kate Harrison

Of all the favors in this post, I think the jam and bread one is my favorite.  And the wedding couple even personalized it by stamping their names and wedding date on the bread bag!  You could even cut the cost if you knew someone with culinary talent, like my cousin Kim, who is a FANTASTIC COOK!  If you’d like some great recipes, just click on the link and you’ll be directed to her blog.  Kim’s Blog


Delicious biscotti’s. Photo: Wildflowers Photography

Another treat for your guest to enjoy post wedding: biscotti!  I personally would love to partake of such a sweet the morning after the wedding.

If you’d like to read the whole article from where much of this info was gleaned, click on the link.