Wedding Photos – Make the Most of Your Weather

Wedding Photos – One thing you can’t plan for is the weather.  Sure, if you get married in December/January in cold weather country, you can be pretty sure it will be chilly.  But what about rain?  Let’s face it — if you want your favorite venue on a Saturday night, you better book it about 18 months in advance.


Can you really predict if it will rain or not that far out?  Well, the answer is obvious. No, you can’t.  You can’t control Mother Nature, so don’t sweat it.  Worrying and stressing WILL NOT CHANGE THE WEATHER.  Neither will prayers.  Maybe someone else is praying just as hard FOR rain…  🙂

So plan ahead like the beautiful couple above did.  They purchased matching umbrella’s and got a delightful photo – that just may be their favorite.  I know it would be mine.  Many thanks for my long time friend, Bunny, for allowing me to share this lovely photo of her son and daughter-in-law.


Planning a winter wedding, and pretty sure it will be cold?  You can choose a fabulous cape, (in your wedding colors), like my cousin’s daughter-in-law.  I LOVE this!  It has such a nostalgic vibe and the red color is magnificent against the bride’s white and the groom’s black.


Will you luck out and have perfect weather on your day?  Then take advantage and get all the outdoor shots you can.  My oldest daughter had the ideal summer day.  The sky was clear, and it wasn’t too hot, but warm enough for a temperate evening.  So they took advantage of their good fortune and had some great evening out-door shots. Photo creds:  Hannah Colt


Did it rain on your day?  Then maybe you’ll get a few shots in a location you might not have considered had it been sunny.  Above is my second daughter and her groom.  They took some photos under the classic, beautiful portico at their venue due to a drizzle.

The NON-Flower Bridal Bouquet

What?  The NON-Flower Bridal Bouquet ?  Believe it or not, this is becoming a huge trend.  And in some cases, it’s less expensive that the traditional bouquet made of blooms.  Sometimes…more.  Just look at he bouquet below.  Have you ever seen one as lovely?  I don’t think I have.  Whoever created it is a true artist.  And I have a feeling that at least one of the embedded broaches has some sentimental value.



I can hardly believe that the bouquet below is made of paper.  It is exquisite, and just think…you would not have to hire an expensive company to preserve it.  Yes, it may become a little “shop worn” through the years, but it should age rather well. Maybe a spray lacquer?  It’s available on, I have included a link directly to the company if you’re interested.


The bouquet below is lovely AND novel. I love the sentiments that go with each herb.  While the idea is sweet, the bouquet is not all that attractive.  Not sure I’d choose it…


And this really couldn’t be an alternative bouquet post without one featuring the succulents I so love.  I used to almost hate them…they were ‘such the thing’ in Southern California where I grew up.  I didn’t like or appreciate them.  Maybe that’s why I’m so enamored now?


Hum…not so sure about the next “bouquet” if you can call it that…I find nothing appealing about it, but we are all different.



And last on our list… the pearl bouquet.  Traditional, and once again, no need to preserve it.  It will be forever young.  And I’m sure it will stand the test of time even better than the paper bouquet.


Bridal Guide Magazine

What will you choose?  Flowers for “the moment” or something more long lasting?



More Wedding Saving Tips


Looking for more money saving tips for your wedding?  What about Breakfast for Dinner?  I know my kids alway loved that theme – who doesn’t?  And the best thing is, it’s less expensive that a dinner menu.  Continuing with the blog suggestions from, Breakfast for dinner is new wedding hit!  To quote one bride from the article:

“Coming up with the idea to do a brunch wedding– not only did using breakfast food cut our bill in half, it was a sentimental choice too. Our first date was breakfast at a diner because we both worked overnights at the time. Plus, who doesn’t love breakfast? People loved the originality of the idea and the delicious food!”

5862 has long been a favorite site of mine for handmade crafts, but especially for wedding items.  The article also suggests using this site as a money saver.  My daughter Kathleen’s wedding invitations were from Etsy.  KK and her husband, Tyler, were able to find a pattern that was sentimental for them (it featured a couple in a canoe – highlighting not only Tyler’s proposal, but their love of the outdoors, and especially fishing).


Another way the article suggests saving money is to use “help from friends” for the wedding.  I agree — to a point.  If people are willing to help with wedding prep, or after, take ’em up on it!  But NOT for the day of the wedding.  A professional is best for that.  (Do you really want the crew below in charge?  🙂  )


Not only do you need clear-headed “help” at your wedding, but you also want to insure that your family and friends have a good time.  Seriously consider a “Day Of Event” coordinator.  The value is large.  Some brides even take it a step further and hire their planner for the week before as well.  Not a bad idea…

Money Saving Wedding Tips!


Hannah Colt Photos

More Money Saving Tips !?!

I ran across an article on pinterest the other day. It was all about making your budget work for your wedding.  As the mother of four daughters, I’m all for that! The author of the article made a few good points.   I’ll address those here, and respond if they make practical sense in my experience as both a “mother of the bride” AND a wedding planner.

  1. “…I ordered fresh flowers from a wholesale distributor and picked them up the week of the wedding.”  FANTASTIC idea.  A few things to plan ahead if you’re going this route: Make sure you have: A) A good Wholesale contact you can trust, B) someone reliable to pick up the flowers – it shouldn’t be you,  C) somewhere to refrigerate the flowers,  D) plenty of vessels to display the arrangements in and finally, and most importantly, E) someone to arrange them.  This can’t be great Aunt Ethel. It needs to be a professional or at the very least, someone with some talent, (like my associate, Debbie), and who has no other role to play in your wedding.  I also recommend a florist making your bouquets, boutonnières and corsages.
  2. “Be Your Own Wedding Planner” Another excellent idea…to a point. As the author of the article qualifies: you may “…find it worthwhile to hire someone to coordinate details the day of the wedding, so you don’t have 20 people tugging on your wedding dress wondering what to do next.”  That is what I specialize in.  Think about it.  You’ve spend thousands and thousands of dollars on your “Once in a Lifetime” event.  Don’t you want to insure that it will run without a hitch?  YOU CAN NOT DO THAT, AND NEITHER CAN YOUR MOTHER, and ENJOY YOURSELF!  🙂


Hannah Colt Photos

3.  DIY Wedding Video – Apparently, this is how this works — you rent guest video cameras from a company, (info to follow), have them download an app to upload their footage to, and then you edit to create a video you like – you have control. I love this idea.  From the article: “Once we’d distributed the cameras and told our friends how to use the app, we told them to go nuts and they didn’t disappoint. They gave us a ton of great footage to work with to create a really unique and memorable video that we wouldn’t have been able to have otherwise.” And what is this magical company? WeddingMix  You may not want a video. My own daughters did not.  They wanted to remember their weddings as they remembered them — not necessarily as they were…  Your call!


More next time!