Spectacular Outdoor Wedding Venues Ideas


Spectacular Outdoor Wedding Venues – If you’re brave enough to have your wedding outside – try these wonderful options!  There is something so  dramatic about this family style eating configuration.  Is it picture worthy?  Definitely.  Is is conducive to comfortable table talk and relaxation during breaks from socializing and dancing?  NO.  Think about these factors before choosing this style. If you must have it, due to either admiration of photo ops or necessity, consider additional small groupings of tables and chairs for your guests’ convenience.


You needn’t have an outdoor ceremony or reception to grab a photo such as the one above.  Love, love it.  Hard to do?  I don’t think so.  A low hanging branch, a few strings of bulbs and an extension cord, you’re in business.  It really is a spectacular shot.  It’s always a good idea to talk to your photographer about shots that are important to you.  If you don’t convey your desires, he/she can’t make it happen.

wedding forward.com

The photo above is beyond FAB!  Lots of work and expense, yes.  Guaranteed results, probably not. If you have your heart set on such a photo, I recommend a trial run.  There are a lot of moving parts in pulling this off.  Talk to your photographer.  Perhaps he/she can put your worries for the photo’s success at rest.


The luminarios are gorgeous.  There is an art to making these white bags filled with sand and a light source bright enough to make an impression – both on your guests and in photos.  I’ve had a couple of my brides use these, but they were never bright enough to be of great impact.  I think the lights from the reception tend to diminish their effect.

Top Notch Resort

One of my favorite outdoor venues?  — The fabulous Topnotch Resort in Stowe, VT.  You just can’t get any better than this!  Click on the link above to be directed to their site.

Next two photos: Mary P. Karnes

The next two photos are candids from weddings I’ve done.  Sometimes, no decor is needed.  Mother Nature can be the best decorator of all.

Food Truck Wedding?



A Food Truck Wedding?  I was talking to a friend yesterday about her sister’s wedding.  It was a GRAND affair, but the best party to be had, was the post-wedding party the next day on her family’s property catered by…FOOD TRUCKS!


If you’re lucky enough to have property for such an event, give some serious thought to an outdoor wedding.  This creates issues, however.  Where will your caterer set up shop?  If you’re expecting 100 guests or more, your caterer will need a professional kitchen for heating and refrigeration.



Sound too complicated?  Call in the food trucks!  They are all the rage now, and what better way to have a variety than to hire multiple trucks?  That way, you can have  a little something for everyone.  No muss, no fuss.  All you’d have to clean up would be you’re guests’ refuse.  An easy fix…just use lovely disposable service ware, and have multiple recycle/trash containers spread around.



I love the photo of the elegant tables above.  So many options if you have the luxury of orchestrating the venue to your exact specifications, not someone else’s.  But keep in mind…you must have a tent company on speed dial in case the weather looks dicey.  For our daughter, Maggie’s, wedding, we ordered a tent two days before the event.  I’m glad we did, as it rained buckets on her day — good luck they say.  It rained on my wedding day too…and we’ve been happily married for 10 years —  32 in all —ha ha.  🙂  My husband’s joke…  Really — 32 happy years.



I think the food item I’d relish most would be the variety of desserts. I know I’ve said in previous posts that all you need for dessert is the wedding cake…but if you’re going the food truck route, the more the merrier!



And one more MAJOR consideration…if you’re having an outdoor affair, and lots, of people — plan for the inevitable…You’ll need “port-a-potties”!  You’re in luck, though.  There are some unbelievable options these day.  Just look at the two photos below!