The “Cutting” Wedding Cake

Ahhh, the cutting wedding cake …is the wave of the future?  Perhaps, for some.  For my daughters, the answer was no.  Both wanted the full-blown large traditional wedding cake.  Did we have a few extra desserts?  Yes, but the dessert focal point was the cake.  For the weddings I coordinated this summer, most brides chose to have only a “Cutting” Cake, and then SCRUMPTIOUS extra desserts.


Love the cake above.  Not only would it be the perfect cake for a couple to partake in the traditional ceremonial cake cutting, but it makes for lovely photos also.

imageMary P. Karnes photos

Above, the “cutting” wedding cake from The Airport Hanger Wedding.  Click on the link, if you’d like to read about a truly unique wedding.  The additional desserts were plentiful, and I think the guests liked the variety.  But what about saving the top tier or a potion of your wedding cake for your first anniversary?  Tradition has it that a couple is to eat at least a bite of their wedding cake on their first anniversary.  If you’d like to freeze a portion of your cake, click on the following link, and read a previous blog post on how to do so.  How To Preserve Your Wedding Cake


Mary P. Karnes photos

Another cute little cutting cake is pictured above.  Flowers are a good choice for a topper on these petite cakes.  More traditional toppers are designed for a full sized cake, and would dwarf the smaller version.  One of my favorite cakes of the smaller variety is pictured below.  A tiny cake need not be plain!


Cupcakes anyone?  Lots of brides choose to have cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. Looks like the bride who picked the ‘cake’ below decided to incorporate both a cake AND cupcakes. Don’t think you’ll save a lot of money using this style.  Cupcakes can be VERY expensive.  Still interested in wedding cupcakes?  Click on the link, Wedding Cupcakes and read about them in a previous blog post.


Defrosting the Top Of Your Wedding Cake

Unique Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

So you want to make your wedding “yours”? What are some unique ways to personalize your wedding? Well, look no further than the next two photos. One of my weddings this summer featured a custom bobblehead. It was a surprise from the bride to the groom (he’s a bobblehead collector). It was a complete hit. i was standing close to the cake where the bride displayed the bobblehead. She completely surprised him. He had no clue. My role in this? I had to hide the bobblehead all night and bring it out in time for the cake cutting. Let’s just say I was more than nervous! Who would have thought that the responsibility of safeguarding custom bobbleheads would land on my shoulders? (I also picked up the wedding cake for this lovely couple. I admit, that made me even more anxious. But all went well. Neither was smashed or broken).


Was this an easy task for the bride? No. I heard from the bridesmaids that the first attempt had to be sent back to the manufacture, as it just wasn’t right. The company’s fault? That of the bride? NO! This is just plain hard to accomplish, especially if done from a photo. I’m not sure what company they used, but one that provides this service is: bobble Their prices range from $ 50.00 to $ 70.00 for one person. I’m guessing at least double for two.


The photo above, from a family wedding last summer, showcases a figurine of the wedding couple as a cake topper. This too was done by photo. It was a little pricier than the bottle heads, but then their darling dogs were also in the arrangement, and it included the cake. If you’d like to read the former post about the “Coolest Cake Ever” click on the link!

And speaking of cake…if you’re interested in preserving the top layer of your wedding cake, or even a portion of it for your first anniversary, click on the link from a former blog post on how to do so.

Preserving the Top Layer of Your Wedding Cake

The New Wedding Guest Books


The new wedding guest books… it’s not just about the book from Hallmark with the feathered pen any longer!  Remember those pens, ‘ladies of a certain age’?  It was de rigor to have that ridiculous feathered pen at your guest book station.  And the guest book station was manned by a trusty female relative.  That lady didn’t quite make the cut for a bridesmaid role, but she was special, and you wished to honor her in some way.  Attending the guest book was just the ticket.  A lessor role was to serve punch and coffee  – but that was more of my mother’s generation.


The brides of today are getting ever more creative in their choice of guest books.  Three of my weddings this summer had guest book stand outs.  The top photo showcases the “Summer Cottage” bride’s guest book.  Her choice?  She contracted with an artist to creative a drawing of her new mother-in-law’s cottage where the wedding was held.  Then she asked her guests to sign around it. This lovely work of art will be framed and proudly hung in the new couple’s home.  I LOVE this. Above is a photo of the actual “cottage”.  If you’d like to read more about the “Cottage Wedding“, click on the link.


Another wedding I coordinated this summer had an airplane theme.  If you’d like to read more about the “Airport Hanger Wedding” click on the link.  In the photo above, the bride and groom had their seats designated by “Pilot” and “Co-Pilot” (Printing done by yours truly!)   🙂   For their guest book, they purchased a wooden propeller, several fine point black sharpie pens and asked guests to sign it.  This too will be displayed in the new couple’s home.


A “Barn Wedding” I assisted with also had an adorable guest book.  It may have been my favorite of all.  The bride worked with a local artist to have a wooden guest book created.  The artist then used wood burning tools to finish the beauty below.  Click on the link if you’d like to read about the “Barn Wedding“.


And Below, the guest book in a little more detail.


And then, there was the groom who was entrusted with bringing the guest book to the wedding…and forgot it at the hotel.  He had the right attitude.  “There is nothing I can do about it today. I’m just going to enjoy my wedding, and make sure my bride does too.” he said.  That’s where a wedding coordinator comes  in.  My trusty assistant, Tess, dashed to a local Hallmark and purchased the old stand-by guest book, and the couple was pleased.  That’s life…that’s marriage…

All photos, Mary P. Karnes