Lots of Bridesmaid Dress Options

Ah… the bridesmaid dress … we women all have strong thoughts about bridal party dresses. We’ve all worn them. I truly think in my generation, brides picked the ugliest dresses so their bridesmaids did not outshine them… ūüôā

In the last five years, the bridesmaids’ uniform has morphed, I think for the better. Now, the dress is something ladies truly CAN wear again! Remember, ladies of a certain age? We all promised our friends, “…and you can wear it again!” As we showed our bridesmaids the less than attractive dress. The same dress all the girls could be wearing to the same future event.





What do you think of the two photos above? I personally love the two piece option! And I think the netting skirts are lovely – although really, not wearable again… I love the options brides are giving their maids, that of choosing dresses similar, but different either in style or color. That way, different body types are considered. While the dresses below seem to match, the bodices and colors are different.





Modern brides are even going as far as to let their friends wear whatever they can afford AND feel good in. Look at the photos above and below. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say the above photo dresses flow, I DO think the bottom colors and styles work well together.





Mary P. Karnes photos

Love love the next two photos. The top photo is from a wedding I worked this summer. The bride had her maids dress in pastels and her honor attendants in a darker shade. Lovely. And the bottom photo is from one of my favorite posts, Rustic Wedding Done Right . Click on the link if you’d like to read about it. While not the same dress or shade, the dresses work with a complimentary color palate. Exquisite.


Photo contributed by bride’s family friend.



Your Wedding Music Style

Your wedding music style. ¬†As with any wedding details, there is not right or wrong, just what is your preference. ¬†But don’t forget the music. ¬†Music creates great emotion in people. ¬†I don’t think anyone would argue that. ¬†Music can bring back sweet or sad memories. ¬†There are songs that will bring tears to my eyes. ¬†Other songs remind me of my youth and make me feel invincible once again!


Mary P.Karnes photos

So don’t forget to include meaningful pieces of song into your wedding ceremony, not just your reception. ¬†Above you see the empty church of St. Augustine, Glastonbury, Connecticut where my oldest daughter was married. ¬†In the back, you see the choir loft. ¬†Kathleen wanted a stringed ensemble. ¬†I drew the line at that one. ¬†I felt it was an extravagance. ¬†Boy was I wrong. ¬†Her generous mother-in-law saved the day and graciously gifted the kids with the music of their choice. ¬†It was so beautiful. ¬†I wish I had a picture of them, in fact I believe I do…but have not located it — yet…

Below, are Kathleen and Tyler’s programs from the wedding chronicling their music choices. ¬†Did you know they didn’t recess to the wedding march, (even though the program lists it ūüôā ), but a song from “Star Wars”? ¬†Had they not told me, I wouldn’t have known — very similar!


Mary P. Karnes photos

Below is a…marimba! ¬†I thought it was a plain old Xylophone, but it has deeper tones. It was played at a wedding I did this summer. The groom was quite proficient and wanted the beautiful music played at the wedding. ¬†He asked a groomsmen to play and it was joyful and moving.


marimba – Mary P. Karnes Photos


Patty Cloherty photos

Wow! ¬†The above and below photos make it into my blog post two days in a row! ¬†But they are being showcased today, not for the bride and groom, but to share the location of the gifted musicians who preformed at daughter Maggie and Robert’s wedding at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Glastonbury, Connecticut. ¬†The organist is a professor at the University of Hartford, and the soloist, well, let’s just say she sang the “Ave Maria” more exquisitely that I’ve ever heard. ¬†Did you know there is more than one version? ¬†The one sung at the wedding was stirring and not at all mournful. ¬†We all have my husband, father of the bride, to thank for finding her. ¬†She made the ceremony complete.


Patty Cloherty photos

And don’t forget to choose those perfect songs for your reception to dance the night away to. Nothing gets a party started like good dance music. ¬†Your take-away from this post – do your research and find just the right, meaningful music for YOUR special day. So if you are a fan of all those cheesy classics then get a cover band to listen to all the classics you should get a band that you know you will love – you want a band that will make you enjoy the music and your wedding!


Hannah Rachael Colt Photos


MORE Romantic Wedding Veil Photos

MORE Romantic Wedding Veil Photos … My most recent post about romantic wedding veils photos was well received, so I thought I’d showcase a few more. ¬†The next two photos are from the photographer/artist, Hannah Colt. ¬†If you click on the link under the first two photos, you’ll be taken to her website.


Hannah Colt Photos – if you’re interested in her work, leave a moment here, and I’ll connect you, or check her out on Facebook – Hannah Rachael Colt

Hannah was the photographer at my oldest daughter, KK’s wedding. ¬†Hannah is such a magician she even separated me from my iPhone for about 15 minutes. ¬†A feat few have accomplished. ¬†ūüôā We couldn’t have been happier with her work.


Hannah Colt Photos



So what makes a photo a standout? ¬†I think it’s the element of the ‘exceptional’. ¬†Just take the photo above. ¬†Few veils these days have such pattern. ¬†The inclusion of the patterned lace work over this beautiful bride’s face adds the dimension of the exceptional. ¬†And the flowered wreath barely visible underneath the veil, exquisite.



A bride need not have a traditional veil to be romantic. ¬†This netted 20’s era veil is the epitome of romance. ¬†Her hair adds to the allure.



Jewelry and headpieces can add to the overall drama of a bride’s ensemble. ¬†I adore the above headband the bride is wearing. ¬†Her veil is settled flat on her head, but the jeweled tiara adds the bridal “umpth” she is looking for.


Patty Cloherty Photos

And don’t forget the back view of your veil. ¬†Believe it or not, your guests may see more of your back than your front at your ceremony. ¬†Remember to incorporate a look that is pleasing to both views. ¬†This last photo is of my second daughter and her charming new husband walking back down the aisle as a newly married couple. ¬†You can barely see the photographer in the aisle ahead of them. ¬†But Patty Cloherty, the groom’s talented aunt, captured this beautiful shot. ¬†One of my favorites.

Romantic Wedding Veil Photos

Have you given enough thought to Romantic Wedding Veil Photos? If not, you may wish to do so. Veils define a bride. One reason? Women wear them one, maybe two times in their lifetime. Once perhaps, if you’re Roman Catholic and have a First Holy Communion. Then again if you’re a bride.



Love the photo above. You don’t have to show a bride’s face in a photo to have a beautiful shot. In fact it just may be more romantic for her profile to be obscured. If you’re looking for professional photography services for your special day in New York, take a look at this photographer – https://www.olgatopchii.com/.



What about a photo with the bride and groom surrounded by a veil? I admit I am rather fond of the bride and groom in a steamy pose inside the gauze.

If you choose to wear a veil, (not all brides do), give great care when choosing the fabric. Yes, there is a difference. I didn’t realize that when I got married. If you’d like more information on wedding veil fabrics, click on the following link which will take you to a previous blog post on. Veil Fabrics


Hannah Colt Photos

Above, you see a photo of my oldest daughter in HER romantic veil photo. Think a veil just blows like that naturally? No… what you don’t see off camera, is my first son-in-law to the right of the photo who has flipped the veil in the wind and run off camera. Yes, it’s a beautiful shot, and yes, Robert is a great guy. ūüėČ



Perhaps the above photo is my favorite of all the wedding veil photos. Exquisite, isn’t it?



And what are your thoughts about the photo above? Is TOO much of her face obscured? I don’t think so, but some might…


Patty Cloherty photos

And a wedding veil post would not be complete without a picture of daughter number two above. She is wearing her own veil, but MY headpiece…