Cookies For Your Special Event?

Cookies for your special event?

Many brides these days are choosing to have alternative desserts at their weddings. While a wedding cake is still my favorite, (click here to see some crazy beautiful cakes from a pervious blog), I think gourmet cookies are the next great thing!

Cookies are already the ‘go to’ for tea parties, like the gorgeous ones above, and birthday parties, but they are riding a new wave of popularity for multiple functions.

The cookies above are perfect, obviously, ūüôā for a grad party. ¬†Or what about the flower and mermaid cookies below for a little girl’s birthday party?

Cookies can be made by special order for every event, as long as you’re lucky enough to find an artist/baker to create your order and you give him/her enough advance notice. ¬†Seriously…check-out the adorable ones below.

And it’s not just little girls who love cookies! ¬†I love these baby shower works of art above. ¬†I’m not sure I could eat these, they are just too beautiful. ¬†This raises a good point. ¬†Cookies this cute can also serve as decoration for your events.

Not sure what to give that ‘hard to buy for’ father or uncle? ¬†Cookies made for his favorite hobby could be just the thing!

Obviously, not every bakery has an artist who can create such works of art. ¬†It takes skill, patience and natural talent. ¬†My long time friend is just such a baker. ¬†She can make almost any cookie for any event – just give her some time to obtain the cutters. ¬†If you’re in Southern California, great, “Bunny’s Cookies” are easy to get. ¬†If not, she ships! ¬†Her contact info is: bunyportillo@icloud

Even the icing bags below are pretty! ¬†If you’re ready to ride the wave of the latest trend in wedding dessert, give gourmet cookies a try. ¬†They’re sure to be a hit with your guests.

DIY Wedding Florals

DIY Wedding Florals…We are almost entering “Engagement Season”! ¬†‘What is engagement season?’ You may ask. ¬†Well, on the calendar, it’s Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day. ¬†It’s the time period most engagements are made. ¬†If you get engaged this fall, you just may want to get married next. ¬†Looking for some fun DIY fall arrangements for your wedding? ¬†Look no further! ¬†Please enjoy a post written by a delightful FTD associate. ¬†And her ideas… spot on! Do you have that, “Wish I could do that feeling?” Well, you’re in luck. ¬†Alexandria has included a wonderful tutorial! ¬†Enjoy!
“Fall weddings capture the season in its most beautiful form. From jewel-toned color schemes to bountiful tables of delicious food, the cool weather does not get in the way of a couple‚Äôs love and celebration of it.”

Above: just one of the beautiful arrangements you can order from FTD for your fall floral pleasure.  Click on the link for more info.

“If you are embracing fall elements in your wedding, try including a chic succulent pumpkin display. Trendy succulents have been everywhere in summer weddings, but why not include them in your fall wedding?

To help you get started, FTD has a DIY pumpkin succulent tutorial that walks you through each step. Not only will these pumpkins look stunning on your wedding tablescape, but they can double as wedding favors when the night is done.
Let‚Äôs get started!”

Succulents are especially dear to my heart. ¬†Growing up in Southern California, I never appreciated their beauty as I do now. ¬†I just know that if I were getting married today, I’d have oodles of them at my wedding!

Wedding Disasters, Natural and Otherwise…

Wedding disasters, natural and otherwise…are you prepared?

You can look at the weather, and plan for the inclement.  You can call all your vendors and try to make sure all are on-point.  But no matter how much you plan, there is usually something at every wedding that strikes the  unexpected cord.

Take the royal weddings for example. ¬†Below, we have a photo of Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding to Philip of Greece. ¬†The then Princess ¬†Elizabeth had her heart set on wearing her Grandmother’s Fringe Tiara. ¬†But as she was putting the finishing touches on her wedding ensemble, including the tiara, the tiara frame broke. Who would have known? ¬†The royal jeweler was called in, and it was repaired, rather imperfectly. ¬†If you look closely at the tiara, you’ll see it’s slightly off kilter.

useful results

What about the wedding of Prince Charles to the Lady Diana Spencer?  When saying her vows, she flubbed his many names and said them out of order.  Oh well, what are you going to do?  It mattered not.  They were still married.


On a more serious note, what to do when there is a medical crisis at a wedding? ¬†I have had to call an ambulance only once at one of my weddings. ¬†It was for a vendor, which raises a crisis situation all it’s own. ¬†Who covers when a vendor is unable to fulfill his duties? ¬†This is something you may want to look for in the contract the vendor asks you to sign. Is a contingency provision outlined in case of a medical or natural disaster?

The biggest, unexpected problem I have at weddings is with deluxe portable-potties. ¬†There always seem to be some sort of issue… water not turning off, smells, power not turning on. ¬†Be prepared if you have a venue which requires porta-potties, and know whom to call if service is needed.


Weather is your great unknown. ¬†All you can do is prepare for the worst case scenario. ¬†You can’t change the weather by sheer worrying. ¬†Your take-away for this? ¬†Worry about what you can change, and prepare for, not about what you can’t.


More… “How To Be A Good Wedding Host”

I have written quite a few blog posts on being a good ‘Wedding Guest’, but thought it was time for another post on “How to Be a Good Wedding Host”. ¬†It is not hard. ¬†I don’t think I have worked with a bride yet who hasn’t been thoughtful and considerate of her guests’ comfort. ¬†But sometimes, it’s a good idea to check-in with some on-line resources, (such as this blog! ¬†ūüôā ¬†), and you may run across something you haven’t thought of yet.

The next five photos are mine from a lovely “Camp” wedding I was the ‘Day of Event’ Planner for. ¬†The bride and groom thought of everything. ¬†Above, the female guests are invited to choose a pair of flip flops in case their party shoes began to pinch when it came time for the dancing to begin.

It was a lovely warm day, but as day turned to night, it DID get a little chilly.  Not to worry!  The wedding hosts had a basket at the ready with shawls to borrow if needed.

And why would I post the photo above?  Because the bride and groom at this wedding thought of everything.  They had an elderly grandfather, (we should all be so lucky!), and wanted to insure that he had an exceptionally comfortable seat with the dark chair above.

Serving ice cold drinks in the late summer heat?  How about a cozy to keep that beverage cold, and your hands comfortable?

With an outside wedding, you just might encounter a pesky mosquito or two.  Never fear, the wedding couple had bug spray conveniently located for their guests.  I love the novelty of it hanging in the tree.

This photo was from a wedding last summer.  When guests walked into the wedding venue area, they were greeted with a cocktail to keep them cool as they waited for the lovely couple to make their appearance.

And finally… you may not always have this option, but if you anticipate a hot day for your outdoor wedding, try to choose a time of day when it will not be as hot, and place your guests’ chairs in the shade it there is any.

Feel free to send me ideas you have used for your own wedding to make your guests comfortable!