Edible…Wedding Bouquets?

The concept for “Edible Bouquets” is not new.  Isn’t there even a chain store that specializes in such things?  But Edible…Wedding Bouquets? That’s a new one for me.  What do you think of the idea below?  Cotton candy as a wedding prop instead of flowers?  Novel, yes, attractive (in my humble opinion…no).  But it does create a cute scenario for a photo op.


Seriously??  A PIZZA bouquet?  This bride must know the way to her groom’s heart!  I think sometimes people are searching for something new to do to make their weddings stand out, but they run the risk of doing something silly….like this!  🙂  I bet this bouquet wouldn’t make it to the reception’s end.


Ok…the bouquet below is kinda cute.  And the upside, it could be a delicious late night treat for the bride and groom after the wedding!


Ditto the bouquet below.  But there is nothing particularly special about a bunch of donuts together.  Is there?  The burlap wrapper doesn’t help.


While not a bouquet the bride or her attendants would carry, the creation below would make a very colorful/pretty centerpiece.  And just think, each person could take a section home as a favor!  I bet not many of these pretty centerpieces would be left at the end of the reception!


Perhaps the lovely apple centerpiece wouldn’t be such a big hit with the guests but I rather like this one.  And while labor may be the same to create this time of decoration as a floral one, I imagine the supply costs would be less expensive.  And who knows?  I bet it could be a great “do ahead” DIY project for the bride and her family.  Anything to save a few dollars for the shocking cost of weddings these days!



Pearls For Your Wedding?

Pearls for your wedding?  Pearls are definitely classic bridal jewelry.  There is nothing more traditional or classic.  I love pearls I have collected so many strands throughout my life that I was able to gift each of my four daughters a strand and still have two left  for myself.  Below is my favorite necklace.  It’s an old-fashioned design of graduated pearls.  You can’t see it in this image, but they have a subtle rose glow.  An old fashioned saying is: “If you wish to impress someone, wear your pink pearls.”  Did I wear pearls on my wedding day?  Yes I did.  I wore the strand I received for my 18th birthday, which I have since gifted my oldest daughter and a second necklace composed of a pendent set with diamonds.  It included a pear shaped pearl dangling from it.  Kathleen received this as well for her 30th birthday and will gift it to her daughter, Lily, to wear on her wedding day.

The necklace below is a compromise between the traditional and a little more contemporary style.  I love it.  And the best of all?  It’s costume jewelry and won’t break the bank.


Don’t fancy wearing a pearl necklace or even a necklace at all?  What about a bracelet?  The one below is exquisite!  It would go perfectly with a gown that was a little more simple.  Do you have an elaborate dress?  Then perhaps you may wish to choose a piece of jewelry that is not so intricate.



What if you, or your groom wish to purchase pearls?  Do you know what you should look for and what to be wary of?  Above is a comprehensive chart that can get you on your way.  When considering price look for pearl size, color, shape, surface and luster.


Think pearls are always of a whitish hue?  You would be wrong!  Check out all the beautiful colors in the chart above.  Are they my favorite?  No, but then it’s a very personal choice isn’t it?  Enjoy!

Your Wedding Venue’s Powder Room

Your Wedding Venue’s Powder Room…Is it important to decorate the venue’s powder room?

The photos below are from a wedding I recently coordinated.  The bride and her mother had a generous powder room at their venue to work with.  Is it always necessary to decorate to such a degree?  No, of course not, but it sure did look pretty, and fit perfectly with the season.

One thing I would definitely recommend, however, is a basket in both the women’s  and the men’s rooms filled with the fragrant pinecones above.  The are relatively inexpensive, have a natural, fresh scent, and can mask less than delightful odors.

Another thoughtful, useful item to place in both powder rooms is a convenience basket with toiletries.  Should the baskets have different items for the men and women?  Absolutely!  I have included photos of a couple examples below, and if you’d like to read a blog post from this blog on “how to” and what to include, just click on the link: Men’s Room Basket .

Or for women: Ladies Room Baskets


Above two photos: craftywedding

And don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray if you plan to have a daytime and/or outside wedding. Your guests will be very appreciative of your thoughtfulness.  Consider having several baskets scattered around the reception site, and place them on tables, or hang them from low tree limbs.  People tend to look up, rather than down.

Have little room to decorate, place baskets?  No worries!  Just a simple bouquet can brighten and grace a space.  I love the bouquet above.  It sets just the right tone to create a festive air.  And if there is little shelf space, just take in a chair and place the toiletry basket on that.

Remember, there is no right or wrong with weddings, but you can never take a misstep thinking of others.



Cookies For Your Special Event?

Cookies for your special event?

Many brides these days are choosing to have alternative desserts at their weddings. While a wedding cake is still my favorite, (click here to see some crazy beautiful cakes from a pervious blog), I think gourmet cookies are the next great thing!

Cookies are already the ‘go to’ for tea parties, like the gorgeous ones above, and birthday parties, but they are riding a new wave of popularity for multiple functions.

The cookies above are perfect, obviously, 🙂 for a grad party.  Or what about the flower and mermaid cookies below for a little girl’s birthday party?

Cookies can be made by special order for every event, as long as you’re lucky enough to find an artist/baker to create your order and you give him/her enough advance notice.  Seriously…check-out the adorable ones below.

And it’s not just little girls who love cookies!  I love these baby shower works of art above.  I’m not sure I could eat these, they are just too beautiful.  This raises a good point.  Cookies this cute can also serve as decoration for your events.

Not sure what to give that ‘hard to buy for’ father or uncle?  Cookies made for his favorite hobby could be just the thing!

Obviously, not every bakery has an artist who can create such works of art.  It takes skill, patience and natural talent.  My long time friend is just such a baker.  She can make almost any cookie for any event – just give her some time to obtain the cutters.  If you’re in Southern California, great, “Bunny’s Cookies” are easy to get.  If not, she ships!  Her contact info is: bunyportillo@icloud

Even the icing bags below are pretty!  If you’re ready to ride the wave of the latest trend in wedding dessert, give gourmet cookies a try.  They’re sure to be a hit with your guests.