What Will You Do With Your Flowers After the Wedding? Part Two

If you choose to go with real flowers for a bridal bouquet, you may feel like you’re not getting the most out of your beautiful flowers. Many brides choose to preserve their bouquets (Check out our post on it here), but most of the time they’re put away somewhere for safe keeping, only to be discovered again when doing a deep clean or moving houses.

If you’re looking for another option, something that can become a permanent fixture in your home, consider having your flowers pressed and arranged in a frame!

For anywhere from $84-$196 on Etsy, you can have your bridal bouquet pressed and arranged in a large frame, perfect for hanging in your bedroom or anywhere else around your home.

Check out this vendor here

Or, If you’re a crafty person with an eye for design, you can press and create your own, or create a beautifully sentimental gift for a close friend/family member who is getting married (with their permission, of course).

Check out this vendor here 

If framing your flowers isn’t really your taste, consider a bespoke piece of jewelry made with your flowers. You can purchase a wedding flower preservation kit from Etsy starting at $56, And have everything you need to send your pressed flowers off after your wedding.


If you’re looking for a gift that’s out of the box, this also makes a wonderful bridal shower gift! I love the idea of creating something totally new out of your wedding flowers, especially if it’s something you can see everyday or even wear!

Whatever you decide to do with your flowers, make sure you have something to remember them by, even if they’re preserved only through photographs.

Is Social Media Changing the Way People Shop for Engagement Rings?

When we think of engagement ring shopping, we typically think of going to the local jewelry store and spending hours browsing the diamond rings in the display case. This method probably isn’t going anywhere soon, but now, thanks to social media, shopping for engagement rings is more accessible than ever.

In the age of social media, almost every business has their own Instagram account. A handful of businesses are even run solely online, making social media an essential part of their marketing. This means you don’t have to be a millionaire to purchase a bespoke engagement ring from a jeweler half-way across the world.

While I think diamonds are still #1 when it comes to gemstones for engagement rings, people have more options than ever to consider. Stones like moissanite and morganite are popping up more frequently, and even lab-grown synthetic diamonds which are more common/affordable thanks to rapid technological advancements.


Oddly enough, I’ve found Instagram to be a very convenient platform for online shopping. Due to their algorithm and method of “suggesting” content similar to what you are clicking on, you can turn your Instagram account into your own personal shopping mall, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re engaging with content like engagement rings or weddings, you can customize your explore page to feature similar content, exposing you to brands and accounts you may have never found otherwise.

This is actually how I found the brand, The True Gem Company.

A video of one of their insanely sparkly moissanite rings showed up on my feed, and I couldn’t resist getting a closer look. Before I found their account, I had no idea what moissanite even was. After browsing through their posts, I saw why so many people love this company and the stones their local artisans create—their rings are to die for!


Another website I found thanks to social media, is called Brilliant Earth. I’ve noticed that after I search for a particular brand or item on Google, I will find advertisements for similar products on social media sites, specifically Facebook. In this case, I was pleased that my targeted advertisements were actually relevant.

This company only uses ethically sourced gemstones in their jewelry, a trend that other jewelry companies are starting to follow. Through their website, you can create your own diamond or gemstone engagement ring or even create a one-of-a-kind custom ring. There is even an option where you can see what the ring looks on your OWN finger, with their virtual try on feature. You can “drop a hint” to someone special through the website, and it will send them the ring you select, with your ring size. If you’re not ready to pull the plug just yet, they have showrooms in major cities like LA, Boston, and Washington, D.C.


This way of shopping is not for everyone, especially when it comes to a big purchase like an engagement ring. I still recommend browsing engagement rings online and on social media, even just for design inspiration. You may find something you love, for much less than your local jewelry store!

What Will You Do With Your Flowers After the Wedding?

What will you do with your flowers after your wedding’s over?  They are so beautiful AND expensive. Well, there are three options:

  1. Send them home with family and friends at the end of the night.

Love the lush eucalyptus greenery with peonies/ garden for a table runner/ wedding centerpiece, especially with white candles interspersed


2. Donate them to a nursing home or your local church. This is a lovely idea, but be advised it creates its own set of complications. Many venues insist you completely vacate their site the night of the event. Who will pick up the blooms?

3. Consider “Flower Sharing”. What is this? You may ask.  Well, read below and find out.  Description taken directly from one company’s website.  I have never used this company, so can not vouch for them. Sounds like a great option, however!


First Event:

Discover & pick your Bloomerent Florist
Want traditional, tall centerpieces or low, rustic centerpieces with lush greenery? We have the right florist for you. Browse our florists’ past work and reviews to find your favorite florist.
Consult with your florist to get a quote
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Book your florist
Make it official with your florist! Pay your florist directly, just like usual.
We’ll list your flowers on Bloomerent.com
We’ll take it from here! While you enjoy the rest of your planning, we’ll list your centerpieces on our website to be reused. When they are, we’ll send you 10% back to say thank you for sharing and your florist will return to pick up the flowers after your event.

Second Event:

Choose to reuse fresh floral centerpieces

Want to save 40-60% off traditional pricing? Enter your event date and location to see which flowers are available to reuse in your area.
Connect with the florist
Now that you’ve decided which flowers you want to reuse, you work with the florist who’s creating them for all of your additional floral needs. Want to make minor changes, like adding a new flower or pop of color? Let your florist know.
Book your florist
Pay your florist directly and save 40-60% off your reused centerpieces. The exact amount is dependent on your florist and logistics. Your florist will deliver and set up your flowers as usual.


Would you want any of these terrific arrangements to just be ‘thrown out?’

outdoor simple greenery wedding backdrop #wedding #outdoorweddings #weddingideas #weddings


rustic barn wedding venue ideas for a farm wedding


Simple reception centerpieces with a big impact. Tall blue delphinium arrangements with curly willow branches, greenery runner, candles and small accent designs. Floral: Wildflowers LLC Photo: Eden Ingle Photography


I would never suggest “sharing your bouquet” however.  That you should definitely keep! If you’d like to learn how to preserve your bouquet… click HERE !

Sunflowers are the perfect summer flower: They're large like their namesake, are beautifully bright, and, perhaps best of all, are in season during the warmer months. Why wouldn't you want to add them to your wedding bouquet? #Wedding #Sunflower #Bouquets #WeddingFlowers #Inspiration #Summer #Yellow | Martha Stewart Weddigns - 20 Sunflower Bouquets That Will Brighten Up Your Wedding Day


The Bundtini!

The Bundtini… there’s a new wedding trend in town, and you’re going to love it!  This heads up is from my lovely niece who is getting married in November.  I’m not saying this is her choice…there are so many options to choose from…

So…what is a “Bundtini”?  It’s a mini bundt cake.  Just like cupcakes, you can serve them to your guests in varying flavors and icings.  And just like the traditional, “cutting cake,” the bride and groom can have a larger “Bundt Cake” to “cut”.  This makes for a great photo opp, and gives the wedding couple a touch of tradition that their parents and grandparents may have had.

Would you like to freeze your “Cutting Bundt Cake”?  Well click on the link following and you will be directed to a previous blog post to read how to preserve your cake.  Preserving Your Wedding Cake


i love the mini-cake above.  My mouth is watering just looking at it.

Maybe Petite Cakes and Melonie can team up for this for us.


I honestly think if I saw the extravagant display above, I’d have to indulge in more than one “bundtini”… how about you?

This will be my wedding cake...no questions asked. I'm obesessed :)

The bride from the wedding above was wise to choose different colored cakes.  It lends quite the festive air.




And remember, you can dress up your “Bundt Cutting Cake” with flowers or a cake topper like the one above.

Bundtini Bar - Nothing Bundt Cake


Always a good idea to share with your guests what delicacies they’re enjoying.  This chalkboard sign above does the trick while being relatively inexpensive.  And remember, if you’re thoughtful enough to have gluten-free or vegan options, make sure your guests know which cakes they are.  Wise to set those items a little away from the other goodies.

Will you decide to freeze your cake topper?  Then you better know how to defrost it!  Click on the following link to read the blog post How to defrost your wedding cake