Wedding Day Emergency Kit


So when the big day FINALLY arrives, you want to be prepared for any minor problem, OR, Heaven forbid…major disaster.  You need a wedding day emergency kit!

I suggest assigning a trust-worthy female member of the wedding party to be in change of “the bag”.  Maggie is going to be in charge of “the kit” at KK’s wedding.  She is very organized and is good under pressure. She will doubtless be more composed than the “trusty female” who STARTED tending “the bag” at HER wedding. That was I. I packed so much, I couldn’t find a simple bobby pin.  So word of caution… Don’t overpack. KK took over from me when she observed my fumbling mess.. And things were smoother from them on out. If you do choose to have emergency provisions, the following is a list which  should include:


Bride’s personal make-up items for touch-up

Fashion tape for last minute adjustments


Mini sewing kit

Advil, or other pain reliever


Immodium – please God—no!

Tampon –again- No!!




Castile soap and or baking soda for MINOR spills

Static guard

Wrinkle releaser

Wisp/ mouth wash

Safety pins

Earring backs

Emery board

Encourage the “keeper of the bag” to familiarize herself with the provisions prior to the wedding.  In the event an item is needed, she can whip it out in seconds!


A Christmas Wedding?


Would you ever consider a Christmas wedding?  What are the advantages?  Well, believe it or not, quite a few. First of all, if you are going to be filing your tax return as a married couple, you have tax benefits that are greater than filing individually.  I know, not very romantic.

But consider this…you have a built in theme!  Notice the picture above.  All the red is striking and your color scheme is pulled together from the beginning. You have a theme everyone loves and so many ideas to choose from, from songs, to wedding favors, (think Christmas tree ornaments!), to signature cocktails (spiked eggnog…yummy!).  Your church and reception venue most probably will have decorate for the season, making your job easier, and much less expensive.  And red is such a festive/celebratory color.  It just makes people happy…ok…I am biased.  Red was the color we chose at OUR wedding 31 years ago…  🙂



And if you have out of town family you are inviting for the wedding, they may be more inclined to make the trip if they can spend Christmas with you as well.

The downsides…yes, there are some…you may miss out on anniversary gifts.  Maybe that’s why so many brides choose to get married in June – it’s six months away from Christmas.  A woman has something to look forward to…  Your husband may not budget in a Christmas gift AND an anniversary gift in the same month.



If you do decide on a Christmas wedding be conscience of mailing those “Save The Dates” extra early to your guests so not make other plans for the holidays.  And when those wedding invitations go out, allow extra mailing time as well.  You do not want your invites to get lost in the Christmas card mail.



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Conventional Wedding Registry



So what is my opinion of the conventional wedding registry?  Well…as a wedding guest, I love the idea.  I can purchase a gift for the bride and groom that I know they want.  I am assured that duplicates will not be made.

As a bride, I had a conventional gift registry.  If you’re about my age, I bet you did too.  What I loved as a bride, and still do to this day, is that I received items that I would probably not purchase myself.   But am so glad that I have them.  Our crystal is a perfect example.  Kenny and I have a complete set of Waterford crystal from water glasses to liqueur glasses, and all the bar ware in-between.


I can’t think of a time when we would have splurged on such extravagance.  There were always times when we were saving for a house, planning for a baby, saving for college.  We use our crystal almost every day.  Our wedding china, not so much.  But it is wonderful to have, and makes “special occasions” special.


When Kenny and I got married, my parents gave us a wooden sculpture that my father had made – among other things, my dad is an artist.  Sadly, I am not an artist, but continued the tradition my parents started.  So now, we give our children something from our home for their wedding gift.  We gave Maggie and Rob crystal candlesticks that one of my dear friends and bridesmaid gave us.  KK and Tyler will also receive one of our wedding presents for THEIR wedding gift. I’m not telling yet what it is…but have something lovely in mind…


My thoughts on the “Alternative Wedding Registries”…such as a Registry for Honeymoons, or Home Down-payments?…I’m not a fan…but it’s not my decision to make.  KK and Tyler…??  They will have a conventional wedding registry.  I like how they are “getting the word out ” about their registry.  It’s listed on their “the knot” website.  If fact that website tells their wedding story.  But THAT is a blog for another day…


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Wedding Registry Alternatives




As a bride or as a wedding guest…what do you thing about wedding registries? I as a wedding guest, AND as a Mother of the Bride, have mixed emotions. But if nudged to make a choice, I give them a positive nod. Please enjoy a reprint of an article from about wedding registry alternatives. Definitely food for thought…


Wedding Registry Alternatives

wedding cakeKnack is a wedding registry that allows couples to register for the gifts that are most meaningful to them instead of choosing from limited items at a big box store. You can register for gifts from all your favorite websites and just click to add them to your registry. Knack does have a catalog that can be helpful in providing ideas for items and you can also create listing for your honeymoon, cooking classes or contributions towards expenses.

wedding cakeHoneyfund started 8 years ago when a couple dreaming of a honeymoon in Fiji but struggled to pay for the adventure. Instead of the traditional registry, they created a simple registry page where their guests, family and friends could contribute cash as a wedding gift. Since then, over 218,000 couples have used the site to do the same.

wedding cakeUpon Our Star is where couples go to create a ‘wish registry’. Whether they wish for a dream home, a dream honeymoon or dream of paying for their child’s education, the site helps the couple fund their dreams with the help of their wedding guests. Once their wedding date has passed, the happy couple can collect for the dreams in the form of cash. There are bank fees associated with the payout but according to the company, is not for profit but for administration fees.

wedding cakeMerci Registry is a site that combines a little of everything, allowing couples to register for items anywhere on the web, from Etsy to Home Depot, as well as for cash donations for larger purchases. This site allows customization for a very pretty site that they can make their own and being their wedding wishes. There is a one-time set up fee of $29.95 but there are no additional hidden fees.

wedding cakeI Do Foundation is great for couples that enjoy celebrating generously with their friends and family. Couples can choose to encourage their guests to donate to their favorite or selected charity or create a gift registry including items from select department stores that have agreed to donate up to 6% of registry spending to the couple’s selected charity.

wedding cakeHatch My House is a free registry where wedding guests can help the happy couple pay for a home that they’ve designed themselves. First, couples use the site to build a virtual house; they can choose the style, color and setting. The couple then indicates whether they’re saving for a down payment, renovation or home decor. Guests then donate in the form of virtual purchases, such as a window for $75 or a door for $125. It’s a fun way for friends and family to contribute without feeling tacky.

wedding registries alternatives From

So what do you think about these other options? If you’re looking to get something a little different and special, take a look at these canon cameras to see how you can help the happy couple capture their most precious married moments. Next time I’ll give my honest opinion…and what KK and Tyler have opted to do…



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