The Promised Wedding Blooper


Ah… The Promised Wedding Blooper … I do believe it’s going to become a Karnes Family Tradition… Someone will loose something the day of  wedding.  If you’ll remember, last year at Maggie’s wedding, her passport was lost.  If you would like to read about all the high jinx, click on the following link. The Lost Passport


This year, for Kathleen’s wedding, it was my turn. When you’re planning your wedding, one doesn’t always think of gratuities.  Yes, if you read all the bridal books, advice wedding blogs, etc., you will be forewarned of the “tips.”  But what I was surprised about is the expected percentage.  The recommend percentages were well over 20%.  And if your DJ alone is in excess of $2,000, it adds up.  People to remember: your on-site coordinator, service staff, photo-booth operators, DJ, photographer, limo driver, clergy, hair dresser, manicurist, make-up artist, bus driver…you get the picture.


I meticulously added everything up, tried to be fair and generous, and went to the bank.  With a heavy heart, I get all the cash and divided it into envelopes with the recipients’ names.   I filed the envelopes away, and went about the business of “the day before the wedding” preparations.  The big day finally arrived!!  First stop, the nail salon.  I went to retrieve my gratuity envelopes…and COULDN’T FIND THEM!  No time to look, we went to get our nails done, and I had to tip with other cash.


A quick trip back home before the hair appointment to trash my house trying to find the envelopes.  Now remember, I had extended family staying with us.  Kenny’s family is warm and understanding.  But I didn’t want to appear as crazy as I was feeling.  Maybe their presence calmed me down…???  Had our hair done, (if you’d like to read about our wedding hair experience click on the link Wedding Hair), with no tip envelopes, another mad dash home to look yet AGAIN… And thanks be to God…they were found.  I had changed purses…ladies, you know…

Photo #1 My four girls

Photo #2 KK and Maggie

Photo #3 My four girls again

Photo #4 The wedding party  All photos: Mary P Karnes

Wedding Disasters


Wedding Disasters – the stuff of little girls’ and grown women’s nightmares.

The recent storm, “Blizzard Colbie” that slammed the Northeast last week, highlighted the fact that a bride can not plan for every possible disaster – tiny or catastrophic.  One does the best she can – but sometimes…life just happens.  I think the bride above is planning for the worst case scenario – either that, or she is very very hungry and is not considering skipping a meal.  Really…the bib is good idea, but not sure I’d have the guts to wear it.  Wonder if she’ll wear it at the dinner reception…



The above picture is of Hurricane Sandy – what a devastating storm.  The weather can always play a factor in a bride’s day, it rained on Maggie and Rob’s wedding day, but Hurricane Sandy was an extreme weather event.  Who can plan for that??



Pets can also play a part in potential disaster, note the photo above.  My only question…Why is this dog at the reception unleashed?  Looks a might ‘staged’ to me.  I HAVE heard of a true story where a cat got his mistress’ veil and tore it to scraps — wait…that was Beverly Cleary’s teen novel, “Fifteen.”  Loved that book… But it could happen… A situation like that is when one is called up on to improvise.  In “Fifteen” the super crafty “mother of the bride” shortened the veil, and guess what…it was JUST the modern flair that the bride had wanted all along…

I highly recommend assembling a “Bride’s Emergency Kit” for possible MINOR disasters.  If you’d like some tips on items to include, you can click on the following link and read my blog post on the subject.

You can hope and plan for the best, but if something minor occurs to upset your big day…remember, it will make a great story in years to come…  🙂

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Image #1

Image #2 hurricane Sandy

Image #3