An Observation of Small Town Life

Nothing defines small town New England and modern technology as well as this little snippet…

Last year about this time, one of my high school girls was discussing Maggie and Rob’s upcoming wedding with one of her teachers. There was cause for concern…If you will recall, when we booked the wedding on a Friday, there was always the fear that we would have a hard winter, lots of snow days, and thus our two youngest girls, still in high school, would have finals on the wedding day. Guess what? Worst case scenario – we had finals on the day of the wedding! ¬†ūüôĀ ¬†Glad KK and Tyler’s wedding is in July this year, or we may be facing the same issue given the winter we’ve had!

Anyway… The teacher asked my daughter, Who is your sister marrying?”

“Rob Stauble,” she replied.

“Oh, Rob! ¬†One of my favorite students! ¬†He gave a great speech at graduation!” He exclaimed.

Meanwhile, a fellow student, who has a brother in Rob’s class, overheard the conversation and texted her brother and asked him. “Guess who’s getting married?!?” After received the news flash, ¬†the brother immediately texted Rob “Congrats!” ¬†Rob in turn texted ¬†Tess and asked if she knew his classmate’s little sister.

“Yes,” was her reply. “I’m in class with her now!” ¬†All this is the space of two minutes‚Ķ

Please enjoy the pictures belo of our quintessential little New England town!  Keep scrolling!  Photo Creds: Glastonbury website


 Connecticut River РGlastonbury

                                                                                                       Lovely trail in Glastonbury

Below: ¬†St Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, Venue of Rob and Maggie’s wedding

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Bridesmaids’ Shoes


I have four daughters. ¬†When daughter number two became engaged, she of course asked her three sisters to be bridesmaids. ¬†Lots of drama in the house with a bride and three bridesmaids in residence. ¬†You may think the bridesmaids’ dress was the main topic of conversation‚Ķwell, you’d be wrong. ¬†It was the shoes! ¬†There were four very different ideas, well FIVE if you count mine‚Ķ ¬†So I ask you, “Must The Bridesmaids Shoes Match?”

In the photo above, from¬†the, all the bridesmaids are wearing different shoes, but they are the same shade of red. ¬†I happen to love this. ¬†It flows, but allows for individual tastes, comfort, and age appropriateness. The bridesmaids and shoes can also be a way for the bride to express her color scheme or theme. ¬†The picture below, from¬†,¬†shows how a bride used her attendants shoes to create a unique color scheme and tone for her wedding. ¬†I like how the bouquets match the maids’ shoes. ¬†I’m guessing that this tone was carried throughout the decorating and floral arrangements. ¬†The black of the bridesmaids’ dresses, (once a social taboo), provides the perfect backdrop for the vivid shoe and flower color.





The photo above,¬†merle, takes shoe color in a whole different direction. ¬†It appears the dresses are the same style, but different colors with shoes to match. ¬†The bouquets are the same for each lady. ¬†The theme goes back to my era, where a “rainbow” color scheme was popular, and shoes were purchased in a stock white fabric and dyed to match the dresses.

And what did my daughters finally decide?  Well, a gold tone was the color of choice, so half the girls wore flats, and the other half heels.  Maggie left it to the desecration of her attendants.  In the photo below, you can see that two of my daughters opted for heels, and the oldest, flats.
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Wedding Dress Bustles



What is a wedding dress bustle, and do you need one? ¬†A bustle is a way of drawing up your train so you can walk freely around your reception without being a hazard to yourself and others. ¬†There are six main types. ¬†Not only must you consider the aesthetics of the bustle, but the size of your train, your dress style and the weight of your dress fabric. ¬†My daughter wanted and “American” bustle, but due to the heaviness of her fabric needed a “French” Bustle.

The six main types of bustles are: Over Bustle, Tufted Bustle, French Bustle, Pick-up Bustle, American Bustle and French Pick-up Bustle.  

The¬†Over Bustle, also known as a Ballroom Bustle, hides the train, and makes the wedding gown look just like a ballroom gown. ¬†Hooks or buttons are attached at the gown’s waistline, then hooks are attached on the train to button onto waist loops. ¬†After it’s all buttoned up, the dress is one length.


The Tufted Bustle sports jeweled hooks around the waist of the dress.  The train has loops attached to hook onto the bejeweled hooks.  These hooks are exposed to add additional bling.  The over-all look is a layered one.


The¬†French Bustle¬†was what my daughter sported. ¬†It is an under bustle. A mother of the bride, bridesmaid, wedding coordinator, tucks the train underneath the skirt of the dress and ties numbered ribbons together. ¬†For example: ribbon one to second ribbon number one, and so forth. ¬†A word of advice: ¬†Practice creating the bustle BEFORE the wedding. ¬†And remember to bring your reading glasses if you need them! ¬†My cousin and I were in charge of assembling my daughter’s bustle, and neither had our glasses. ¬†Disaster was avoided when one of my daughters came to lend a hand. ¬†ūüėČ ¬†Below is a picture highlighting Maggie’s French Bustled dress, dancing with her father.


Next time, I will discuss and picture the remaining three bustles.

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Much of this information was gleaned from Bronwyn Timmons from www.e-How

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