DIY Wedding Florals

DIY Wedding Florals…We are almost entering “Engagement Season”!  ‘What is engagement season?’ You may ask.  Well, on the calendar, it’s Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day.  It’s the time period most engagements are made.  If you get engaged this fall, you just may want to get married next.  Looking for some fun DIY fall arrangements for your wedding?  Look no further!  Please enjoy a post written by a delightful FTD associate.  And her ideas… spot on! Do you have that, “Wish I could do that feeling?” Well, you’re in luck.  Alexandria has included a wonderful tutorial!  Enjoy!
“Fall weddings capture the season in its most beautiful form. From jewel-toned color schemes to bountiful tables of delicious food, the cool weather does not get in the way of a couple’s love and celebration of it.”

Above: just one of the beautiful arrangements you can order from FTD for your fall floral pleasure.  Click on the link for more info.

“If you are embracing fall elements in your wedding, try including a chic succulent pumpkin display. Trendy succulents have been everywhere in summer weddings, but why not include them in your fall wedding?

To help you get started, FTD has a DIY pumpkin succulent tutorial that walks you through each step. Not only will these pumpkins look stunning on your wedding tablescape, but they can double as wedding favors when the night is done.
Let’s get started!”

Succulents are especially dear to my heart.  Growing up in Southern California, I never appreciated their beauty as I do now.  I just know that if I were getting married today, I’d have oodles of them at my wedding!

Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces


photo 5-10

Let’s face it…weddings are expensive, and they always seem to cost more than we expect, OR budget… One way to save is by making Do it Yourself Wedding Centerpieces.

In the top photo, the mother of the groom made these delightful centerpieces for the Rehearsal Dinner.  She started with mason jars, then created a mercury glass mirror effect to give the jars an antique look and feel. If you’d like to have the recipe/directions,  click on the following link:,  They were beautiful, and added a gently refined air to the tables…AND “It was a nice way to repurpose used glass jars, vases and volitives,” to quote Debbie, mother of the groom.  The picture below showcases the finished product in more detail.


Consider using items you already have on hand at home.  For my daughter’s bridal shower, the groom’s mother, the ever creative Debbie, used my collection of teapots as vases for our flower arrangements.  Please note the photo below.

photo 2-54

 Our Bridal Shower buffet table also boasts some “teapot” arrangements.  If you decide to use teapots, or other some such decorative containers, it’s advisable to use a floral frog to hold the blooms in place.  Remember to keep plenty of water in the pots, and it’s not a bad idea to put a protective coaster on precious wood tables to avoid water stains.  And keep the teapot lids close by, or use in the display (see above).  It would be easy to misplace the small items in all the flurry/and inevitable refuse of a party.

photo 4-18

Debbie also created this beautiful table using items we had around our homes. The white tablecloth is only paper, but she jazzed it up by covering it with white tulle.  This made for easy clean up, and no worries if we had a spill.  And of course the beautiful serving dishes and specialty china added an elegant flare.


The above photo once more highlights Debbie’s creativeness on a shoestring.  She repurposed the purple paper these fresh blooms were wrapped in to make the lovely bow on her crystal vase!
Photo credits: Debbie Stauble Photos.