Wedding On a TIME Budget

You just got engaged!  What’s the date?  People ask. Do you have a wedding on a Time Budget?

Well, if you want a big, grand affair, you better allow at least a year of preparation; if you want a Saturday night, at the venue of your choice, you should allow at least 18 months!

Some do not want to wait that long.  That is one reason Maggie and Rob, KK and Tyler chose to be married on a Friday night.  There are more options on Friday.

But what if you don’t want to wait even a year?

Well, you don’t have to…you just have to be flexible, open to compromise, and keep what’s really important in perspective…joining for life with the love of your life.

I was talking to a friend of long acquaintance the other day.  She shared her wedding story, and what a story it was!  The wedding was put together with a limited timeframe.  An outdoor ceremony was presided over by a justice of the peace at a remodeled abbey.  A family brunch followed.  It was heart-felt and meaningful.  It was not a matter of concern…at that moment in time… that the bride’s condo had just burned down due to a neighbor’s faulty fan hookup…or that the bride had to wedge  her size “10’s” into size nine shoes…or even that the bride, (a district sales rep for the famous West Coast candy company, “See’s”), was robbed of her candy stock by her two dogs – who became sick, in a most undignified fashion, in front of visiting wedding guests… the important fact… the bride and groom’s dearer friends and family were present, the focus on what was truly important – their joyful union.

I hope you enjoyed the painting/photos.  A brief description is below.
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Image #1 – Painting by Marcia Hackelman Van Dyke, Olympia, WA – an old college acquaintance.

Image #2 – Maggie and Rob’s wedding with friends, photo creds, wedding guests

Image #3 – KK, my next “bride to be”

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