If You Choose To Wear A Veil…

photo 5-11If You Choose To Wear a Veil… and a “blusher” (a blusher is the netting that goes over your face)…You need to consider what your coiffeur will look like once your veil is removed.  Will you remove your headpiece?  The headpiece is the part of the veil that the netting is attached to.  If you’re a royal bride, you’ll wear a tiara.  If you’re a regular bride – maybe a crown of orange blossoms.  If you’re an American bride, anything goes.  My daughter, Maggie, is in the photo above.  She is wearing her own veil, (cathedral length), and my headpiece.  Her vision was to always take the veil and headpiece off for the reception.  It would be too cumbersome to wear all night.  She needed to make sure her hairstyle was up to the formality of the event.  And it was.  Her hair style was spectacular, but she wanted some sort of adornment in her hair.  She visited etsy.com, a wonderful website where individuals can shop from independent venders.  You can find anything on etsy.com, and the vendors are everyday people who have something special to share.

Maggie purchased a lovely hair adornment for her hair to be showcased.  Pease note the photos below, which show the adornment.  Note, if you choose a hair ornament, buy it early enough so you can have a dry run with your hairdresser.



photo-313I chose to wear silk flowers to be showcased after I took MY veil off 30 years ago.  They were pretty, and looked nice in my hair. But I made a mistake with my veil.  The netting that went over my face was thick, and created a visual issue for me, and for my guests view of me.  And it was hot!  My photo is below.  Compare it to my daughter’s, following photo.  Note how fine and delicate my daughter’s veil is…a much better choice than mine.


photo 3-33But please notice…the headpieces are the same…  I love tradition!

In my next two posts — please check back to read all about the different fabric options you will have for your veil…AND the lovely invitation my daughter, KK, chose from etsy.com!!

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Photos:  Patty Cloherty

Alternative To The Wedding Veil


I had no idea…and I mean NO IDEA… of the vast options available for the bride who wants something different from the traditional wedding veil!

Today begins a series of those options.  I found so much great material about alternatives to the veil, I couldn’t share it all in just one post.


www.weddingwindow.com (photo #1)


www.pininterst.com  (photo #2)






madisonplus.com (photo #3)

The most common alternative seems to be some sort of netting covering the eyes, like the three photos above.  Commonly called a “Blusher,” word on the street is that it’s making a come-back.  Coincidently, “blusher” is the name of the short “mini” veil the traditional  bride wears over her face these days, while a much longer, more intricate fabric of gauze trails behind her.  While I am a traditionalist, and I think “veil” equals “bride,” I must admit the smaller, more tailored style allows focus to be on the bride’s beautiful hair, make-up and dress.








thebridalwishlist.blogspot.com (photo #4)

Photo number 4 is merely an embellished headband, but what a gorgeous one it is!  It’s dramatic, and gives the bride a regal image.  While not quite a tiara, it lends the feel of one with all the rhinestones.  The same goes for the gorgeous headpiece decoration below.  This is my favorite, and I think it would be even more striking on a brunette…But then I am slightly biased…  🙂  Even if you choose a traditional veil, consider one of these pretty pieces after you removed your veil for the reception.  Along with your while bridal gown, one of these sparkers will set you apart from your attendants.  And what about those attendants?  Do you wish for them to hear a headpiece of some sort?  It was de rigor in days of old, one reason being Catholic women had to have their heads covering during Mass, and other Christians followed suit.  Then it became a style thing.  I like it…




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Traditional Veil or Mantilla?


Will you wear a traditional veil or a mantilla?  What is a mantilla?, you ask, even though you’ve probably seen them on brides.  According to Wikipedia:

“A mantilla is a lace or silk veil or shawl worn over the head and shoulders, often over a high comb called a peineta, popular with women in Spain. It is now particularly associated as a pious religious practice among women in the Roman Catholic Church.”  

Below, you can see a picture of a “peineta.”  Also from Wikipedia.


“A peineta,” states Wikipedia,  “similar in appearance to a large comb, is used to hold up a mantilla. This ornamental comb, usually in tortoiseshell color, originated in the 19th century. It consists of a convex body and a set of prongs and is often used in conjunction with the mantilla. It adds the illusion of extra height to the wearer and also holds the hair in place when worn during weddings, processions and dances. It is a consistent element of some regional costumes of Valencia and Andalusia and it is also often found in costumes used in the Moorish and Gypsy influenced music and dance called Flamenco.”


31KvguvvONL._AC_SR98,95_Darice 35745, Knife and Server Set, Faux Crystal (The cake knife and server are perfect for the traditional cutting got the wedding cake.  Only $ 6.38 from amazon.  Click on the link for details!)


The bridal mantilla, at least in the United States, has morphed from the traditional Spanish one.  We do not use the “peineta.”  The bride’s mantilla is placed gently on her head with no other adornment.  It’s a very beautiful look, though.  When I was ten years old, I was a “Candle Lighter” in my cousin Linda’s wedding.  She was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen – until I saw Maggie.  🙂  Linda wore a mantilla very similar to the top photo.  She was my absolute vision of what a bride should look like.  For YEARS I insisted, to anyone who would listen, that when it was MY turn to be the bride, I too would wear a mantilla.  That was until my mother got ahold of me.  “You MUST have a veil to cover your face,”(what we call a blusher today).  My mom never asked much of me, the wedding was Kenny and my own to do as we wished.  So this request was honored.  And frankly, I’m glad.  While I adore the look of the mantilla, my personal romantic taste goes to the veil covered bride.  When Kenny lifted my veil to kiss me, it was magic.


The photo above is just exquisite.  Another downside to the mantilla, however, is that it is rarely worn with a headpiece.  I think a headpiece adds an extra touch of panache.


But then ones one need extra sparkle if a mantilla like the one above is chosen?  That’s a whole lotta lace – gorgeous.



The next photo has almost a Greto Garbo feel to it.  I like its old world charm.  Just remember, when choosing your wedding attire, you have to love it.  If you don’t… keep looking…



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