Fall Wedding


Ah…the Fall Wedding.  There IS a reason why autumn is currently the most popular time to get married.  Why if you want your number one venue ON A SATURDAY in the fall…book it at least 18 months in advance.  Fall is beautiful.  It gives the bride an instant theme.  Even if  you are not lucky enough to life in a “Four Season” part of the country, you can manufacture an autumn feel.

Now I might have thought of a pumpkin color scheme for the bridesmaids’ dresses, but probably wouldn’t have chosen it for the bride’s dress.  I kind of like it, though…how about you?


And look at the cake above – gorgeous!  In fact this cake would fit in with any wedding style that had a peach, burnt orange color.


So many escort card/seating card choices with a fall wedding.  I love the apples above. Kenny and I actually went to a wedding where they used just these mini apples to direct us to our table.  And it wasn’t even a fall wedding!


The two bouquets above, and below are simply gorgeous.  Not sure which is my favorite.  I do think, though, that both have a less formal air than the tradition bridal bouquet.  Maybe that was the bride’s vision?



A Fall Wedding can lend itself to a country/casual air, take the invitation above.  I would imagine much of it is possible as a DIY project, which could greatly take the pinch out of the bride’s budget.  OR…look at the photo below.  This fall table setting has a very formal air.  I have mixed thoughts about the tall vases in the photo below as table decor. Yes, they are dramatic, and make quite a statement.  BUT…they make visibility around the room a challenge, as well as one for the photographer.  And in my opinion, from the weddings I have attended with them, chatting to your seat mates is NOT easier…


Let’s not forget the delicious fare you can serve your guests at a fall themed wedding.  Everyone’s autumn favorites are sure to be a hit.  Just look at the delightful table below groaning with tasty treats!


But probably the best reason to schedule your wedding in the fall…the GORGEOUS photo opps!  What more do you need in the way of decoration than nature’s own!  Neither KK or Maggie had a fall wedding.  It fit in better with their schedules to plan late spring, early summer for them.  And yes, there IS something to be said for starting your life together in the tender pale green of budding new life…


Both my girls used the “theknot” planner above. It was the best out there…and there were a lot of wedding etiquette/planning books.  Click on the link below, if interested, and check it out from amazon!
The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer [binder edition]: Worksheets, Checklists, Etiquette, Calendars, and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


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Photo Opportunity


I love this picture of KK and Tyler.  I had never seen it until recently.  It was taken prior to KK’s senior ball – where else, my Glastonbury Friends…but by “The Fountain.”  For those of you who don’t live in town, the “Fountain” is an institution.  It is the town residents’ favorite photo opportunity.   EVERYONE goes there to take pictures for Junior Prom and Senior Ball – the attendees, the parents,  siblings.  It is quite the spring social event.  You see a few brides there on a Saturday afternoon – but not as many as I would think.  As with everything else… time is always a factor.  I have mentioned “The Fountain” in a pervious blog, but didn’t include pictures.  The photo below is an evening view in spring or early summer.  The one following,  a picture taken on Main Street, Glastonbury.  You can see the rock wall entrance to the park where the fountain is located.




When booking your photographer, it’s a good idea to discuss before hand where your would like your formal photos taken.  If you get married in a “Four Season” part of the country, keep in mind the changing foliage if you plan outdoor pictures.  Also consider other weather related senarios -…for example, while the fountain is one of the most iconic photo spots in Glastonbury, the water is shut off at the end of fall through winter.  It’s not as special without the delicate spray.  Have ideas for all weather possibilities.  What if it rains?  Have some indoor options in your bag of tricks.  It rained on Maggie’s wedding day – supposed to be good luck, but boy did it change our photo plans.  KK and Tyler have many options for wedding pictures.  There is a darling gazebo at their reception site, as well as the signature “Crystal Lake.”  If it rains, well, they can head to the covered deck and use the lake as a backdrop. The photo below showcases Crystal Lake.  The view…from the covered deck.


I am closing in on the final selection of KK and Tyler’s photo package…lots to consider…remember…when you sign that contract, you’re locked in.   You can always add on, but as the coordinator told me, “Once you pick a package, you can go up, but not down-size.”


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Summer Wedding Ideas



So you’ve decided to have a summer wedding?  There are so many options, from attendants attire to refreshments to decorations.


Signature cool beverages can add a delicious way to stay cool as well as a wedding color theme to enhance your decor.




You can also tie in your summer theme with some beachy items to use as place cards.


Please enjoy a few excepts from www.tastycatering.com on some inspiring summer wedding ideas…

Summer Wedding Favor and More Ideas –www.tastycatering.com

  • Put a variety of flip flops in a basket so that guests in uncomfortable shoes have something into which they can change by the time dancing starts.
  • Hang up your flip flop offerings on a string between two trees.
  • Give out sunglasses at the outdoor ceremony as a wedding favor.
  • Personalize the sunglasses with your names on one side and the wedding date on the other.
  • Provide a basket of bug spray, especially if your reception will take place near a pond or lake.
  • Keep a basket of sunscreen for guests to use during your ceremony and reception so they don’t get too much sun.
  • Include small bags on your sweets or candy table so that guests can fill a bag to take with them before leaving at the end of the night.
  • Summer Outdoor Wedding Entertainment Ideas

    • Personalize a bags set (also called “cornhole”), or several sets, as bags is a popular outdoor game.
    • Provide Bocce ball, horseshoes and other casual outdoor games for simple summer weddings.
    • Provide bubbles for the kids, and/or host a bubble send-off, where guests blow bubbles as you two leave the reception.
    • Turn your send-off into a sparkler send-off, where guests light up the path from the tent to your decorated car.
    • Host a bonfire, perfect for a s’mores bar idea in the summer wedding menu ideas.
    • Let lit-up paper lanterns go into the sky at the end of the night, a celebration of guests’ well wishes for you.
    • Provide an outdoor photo booth with plenty of props and signs for visitors to hold and wear as they get their photos snapped.
    • images-113


Would you like to order your own outdoor paper lanterns?  Click on the link below to order from amazon!

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Next time…what if you want a Fall wedding???



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Wedding Cupcakes??


Will you have a wedding cake…a fake cake…or wedding cupcakes?  We all know what a wedding cake looks like – no surprises there.  It’s a beautiful, but very traditional choice.  You can’t miss.  Everyone loves the pageantry of the bride and groom cutting the cake, feeding each other – and don’t forget the all important pictures.

What’s a “fake cake”, you may ask.  You can look for a future post on that one…



Cupcakes are a big deal now.  There are bakeries that sell nothing but cupcakes, there are cooking shows devoted to cupcake bake-offs.  The advantages to cupcakes over a conventional cake are many.  The bride can have many more flavor and frosting choices – something for everyone!  There are even vegan options available.


In the photos above, there is a nice combination of “Traditional Wedding Cake” and cupcakes.  The top layer is a cake for the bridal couple to preserve for their first anniversary, and the lower levels are for the guests’ enjoyment.  I personally love this “Hybrid” option.  In the pink cake above, the fresh flowers decorating the delightful concoction make it look like a traditional wedding cake.

If you choose the hybrid option, your price point may be reduced from a traditional wedding cake, thus freeing up some funds for other dessert options.  Most caters offer dessert choices on their menu, and not all guests are cake eaters.  A dessert bar is very popular on the wedding circuit.  KK has never really liked cake.  I’m sure she’ll be paying close attention to our caterer’s dessert offerings… And let’s not forget the ease of eating a cupcake…and it can be done on the move…or the dance floor…  🙂


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