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Will you have a Sweetheart Table, or head table?  So what’s a Sweetheart Table?  Well, YOU may know the answer to that question, but to be honest, until I started planning weddings, I didn’t.   A Sweetheart Table is a special table just for the bride and groom.  The official definition of a Sweetheart Table, according to the wedding gurus at the knot, www.theknot.com, is as follows:

“A sweetheart table is a small table set up for just the bride and groom at the wedding reception. The happy couple sits together, facing their guests, with their wedding attendants and families at tables in close proximity. The advantage is that you get to spend time together and enable your wedding party to sit with family and friends. If you’re not comfortable with being the focal point at the wedding reception, you can have a head table. Your head table can be similar to the other reception tables or it can be a dais table (elevated), to stand out. The head table can consist of all the wedding attendants or include the parents, siblings, grandparents and anyone else who is very close to the bride and groom.”




Maggie and Rob had a head table, as did Kenny and I.  I don’t think the newlyweds or Kenny and I would change our choice, but the Sweetheart Table offers perks too.  KK and Tyler have chosen to have a Sweetheart Table.  One thing their wedding coordinator told them, “Commit to taking a moment at the reception to be alone.  Enjoy the happiness around you,  enjoy the music, the dancing, the ambiance.  It’s over so quickly”.  I think a Sweetheart Table allows a couple to do this. Otherwise, your wedding table will effectively be no different to all those loud dinners you’re going to have with your kids in the future on your glass dining table and 6 chairs, in your big semi-detached house. Of course your guests will visit you at your own private little oasis, but hopefully you’ll have a couple of those “Special Moments”…







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Wedding Favors – Wow!!



Ok…I love these!  If you choose favors, it’s best to give something that will be used.  Who doesn’t need an extra wine stopper or corkscrew?  This favor is not only something your guests can and WILL enjoy, but it can be personalized as well.  It meets all a bride’s ‘take-away’ bucket list.  We all love our names emblazed on things.  Kenny and I had our names all other everything at our wedding… sad, but true…  :- )  

Check out the picture below.  This is innovative, useful – (Yum! – your name and wedding date are one them!), and relatively inexpensive.  In a previous post, “Will You Have Extras At Your Wedding?”  I mentioned late night snacks.  This fills that criteria.  Not only are these popcorn containers pretty and cute, they look like they could be a DIY project.  Print out the papers a couple of weeks in advance, pop the corn a day or two ahead of time, store it in airtight containers, and package them up.  Remember to ask a reliable person deliver the bundles to the reception.






What about an altruistic favor?  These replantable tree saplings fit the bill.  You can also personalize them with your name, wedding date, or anything you’d like to have immortalized… and you would be helping the planet.  This could be prepared ahead of time, and would need no refrigeration.  Just remember to keep them moist.


It’s funny…I never liked succulents when I was growing up in California…but now…it seems like home.  I think these are charming, thoughtful, low maintenance gifts.  A simple tag can personalize them, with either your name or your name and wedding date.

I’m not sure what KK and Tyler will choose for their favors.  But rest assured it will be novel, useful and lovely.  It’s how they roll.



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Wedding With Flair…

75 Ways To Make Your Wedding Unique

Our all-time favorite ways to inject the wedding with a shot of personality

Photos by Yunhee Kim
Hillary Quinn has written a delightful article on making your wedding standout.  I have included the first 10 ideas from her article, but if you’d like to read about all 75, click on the link below…  Next time, I’ll tell you about the special touches we are going to include at KK and Tyler’s wedding…

1. Choose barware that fits your theme: Serving hard lemonade in Mason jars at an outdoor country wedding adds charm to the cocktail hour. Jars, Candle Soylutions; candlesoylutions.com. Straws, Party City; partycity.com. Coastres, Wallies;wallies.com
2. Collect photos of family and friends (easier with small weddings), and place them in frames with each guest’s table assignment.
3. Give a custom flourish to all your printed material with your own logo—an image that’s meaningful to you and your spouse, like a hobby or place. See loveletterslogos.com for ideas.
4. Surprise guests with a handwritten note in each place card (“Tom, thanks for flying in from Colorado!”). Got a giant guest list? Try a lipstick-smooch mark and a “Glad you’re here today!”
5. Depending on your style, tie the napkins with satin ribbons, metallic cording, braided leather laces, even pieces of twine.
6. At informal receptions, top cocktail tables with white butcher paper; supply markers and glitter pens. Tell guests to have a go at it!
7. Give each reception table a name (for example, “Richmond Avenue”) that relates to your courtship. Have a tent card on the table with a short explanation: “We had our first apartment here—a 6th-floor, 300-square-foot walk-up!”
8. Got a travel theme? Go the extra mile and use leather luggage tags (baekgaardltd.com) to hold the escort or place cards.
9. Traditional guest books often end up stashed in a closet; instead, choose a coffee-table book (rizzoliusa.com) covering a subject you love and that you’ll want to display at home; guests can write on the photos or in the margins.
10. Another guest-book idea: Leave a glass bowl with cards and pens beside it, with a note asking guests to contribute a favorite memory of you or your husband.




Wedding Extras Ideas



Will you have “extras” at your wedding?  What do I mean by this? “Extras” are the something “More” all brides are looking to provide their guests – the goal to make their wedding memorable.  This is an area where there are boundless options.  It ranges from something as simple as a water bottle with the bride and groom’s names, to extravagant goodie “Boxes” pictured above.

In the next few blog posts, we’ll explore a few of the ideas out there.  KK and Tyler’s reception venue, “The Pavilions at Crystal Lake,” offers multiple food options for guests.

Pre-wedding, they offer a variety of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages…flavored water, bottled water, cold cider, hot coffee, hot cider, hot chocolate, iced tea, and lemonade.  This option is offered if you are holding your wedding on site in the gazebo.  We are not.  KK and Tyler will be married at St. Augustine’s in Glastonbury.

During Cocktail Hour, you can opt for “Culinary” Extras.  This include “Sweet and Savory Baked Potato Bar,”  “Build Your Own Taco Bar,” Build Your Own Slider Bar,” “Smothered Mac and Cheese Bar,” “Philly Cheese Steak Station,” “Salt Block Small Plates,” and “Oyster and Clam Raw Bar.”  Of course all these choices come with an up-charge for each…I maintain after a few of these options, would you be interested in the regular Cocktail Hour fare?  Would you even want dinner?

Post Dinner, AFTER the wedding cake…options: Pie Station, Cupcake Station,  Sundae Bar, (Ben and Jerry’s!), and Honey Glazed Homemade Donuts.  Really?!?  And if you think your guests will STILL be hungry after all this food, you could pre-order the S’Mores Bar, Cider Station, Cupcake Truck, Pizza Bar ,Warm Pretzel Station, or CHICKEN AND WAFFLE STATION.  Really?!?

One extra I would consider, but is not offered by the Connecticut Wedding Group, owner and operator, of KK’s venue, is an Espresso Coffee Truck.  I love the idea…

More tomorrow about “Take Aways”, favors, and  bonus gifts…





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