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So…You think you have your wedding covered, as best you can, on social media?  You’ve posted your preferred “hashtag” # for instagram and twitter.  You may have even made a cute to sign to ask all guests to turn off their cell phones.  I suggest one step further…Print out an short – (you really want your guests to read it), blurb on social media wedding etiquette.  It could be placed on the table where your guests pick up their place cards and get their table assignments.  Make it cute, and slightly humorous, if possible – don’t want to offend anyone.

Below is an except on a “Social Media Wedding Tips/Survey” from David’s Bridal.  Some thought provoking ideas to incorporate into your “social media manual” if you choose to use one.


“According to David’s Bridal survey, 44% of brides believe digital rules are important in setting the tone for their guests. Only 14% of brides are taking cues from some celebs and are asking that there be absolutely NO social media posting.

Here are some other findings from the survey.

Don’t Spoil the Surprise: 62% of brides believe the bridesmaids should not post any photos of the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony. And I personally agree with this one. If the groom can’t see the bride before the ceremony, why should anyone else.

Wait Your Turn:  58% of brides believe the bride and groom should be the first to post a photo from the wedding.

Viral Video Stars: 32% of brides are saying “I don’t” to any video content on YouTube from my wedding, which means no chance of a viral video.

#BestWeddingEver: 26% of brides want you to use their specially-created hashtag should you post anything about the wedding.Have you thought of a hashtag for your wedding yet?

Sharing is Caring: Only 22% think the bride and groom should be the only ones to post photos from the wedding.

And check this out. A majority (56%) of brides will update their profile with their new name within a day of the wedding, and 10% will actually do it as the wedding is happening! I know I am guilty of stalking a bride’s page to see when the name change takes place.”





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“Handwritten Thank You Notes”








So many things have changed since Kenny and I married thirty-one years ago.  At that time, it was de rigor for the bride and groom to send a handwritten thank-you note for each gift.  Is it still so today?  In my opinion, yes it is.  But it is a personal choice.  With the advent of printing ease, and technology, there are so many more options – many deemed perfectly acceptable.



The card above is a unique approach.  It is personalized with the bride and groom’s picture, but it is a pre-printed card to be sent to all gift-givers without mention of their specific gift.  Do you like this style?  Would you, as a wedding guest, be happy with such a response?  I would prefer a handwritten thank you card, but if this is not possible for a busy couple, I would like at least like to know that my gift was received.  I have been to a few weddings lately and for a few, have received no gift confirmation.  This makes for an awkward situation.  Does one ask if the gift was received?  I never have the guts…




If you do choose to write personalized thank you notes, it’s a good idea to order them when you order your wedding invitations.  That way, as the wedding gifts begin to arrive, you have the option to write them asap.  Get a head start!

I came upon a cute “thank you” idea recently.  The bride and groom took “selfies” with as many  wedding gifts as possible, and then texted the pictures to the gift givers.  I love this idea.  (I have it under good authority that this couple also sent handwritten thank you notes as well).

Whatever you decide to do…let your guests know their gift was received.  🙂



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Wedding Pictures and New Apps


Ahhh, the wedding pictures.  A source of great joy, nostalgia, and stress.  We live in a new age of technology – duh! – and some of your best pictures, or more natural ones at least, may just be caught by a guest with a smart phone.

Remember the days when your guests probably brought along a camera to your wedding, and MAYBE 6 to 12 months later you saw prints?  And THEN, you had to beg, borrow, or steal the negative to make copies of those pictures you liked.  No more.  It’s now the age of instant gratification.

And yes, there IS an app for that!  “Wedpics”  is an app available for the iPhone and Android.  The bride creates her free app, provides her guests with her wedding ID via text/email/FB to send her pictures and then the moments are “Captured”!


You can enjoy your pictures or video in real-time photo feed!  Your guests can include comments and good wishers.  The bride can also choose to share with her guests, or have a private album.  The guest invites are unlimited!

Another option is to give your guests a hashtag (#  :-), and assign the photos to instagram and twitter.  Maggie used this options – not sure what Kk will do, but in six months when she gets married…who knows what the latest thing will be!

And remember, as much as you would like it to be the case, in today’s day and age, you will not have control over what is posted on social media.  By the time the reception rolls around, pictures of your wedding will be up on Facebook, instagram, snap chap, maybe even a video or two on YouTube…  Maybe the celebs have the right idea… ban all smart phones from the festivities.  Be a good sport…there really is little other choice.




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New Guestbook Ideas


So you want to remember all the guests who attended your wedding?  Easier to do these days as everyone has a smart phone with a camera.  In fact, your wedding may make it’s debut on social media even before you do!  But that’s a whole other blog…check back tomorrow for that one.

When Kenny and I got married 31 years ago, we had the standard white guestbook.  Maggie and Rob had the same.  KK and Tyler, however, are going to have something more innovative.  I have been doing my research.  There are a lot of new guestbook ideas out there!  I have become quite the pininterest addict,, and ran across the CUTEST ideas for recording the attendance of your wedding guests, all from  The photo above is my favorite.  I love the concept of having pictures, via poloroid photos – (you young ones may not know what they are!).  Down side… the photos of this type fade. Lovely idea, though.


The wooden state of California above, serves three purposes.  Guests are invited to sign sections of wood on the state model, providing the wedding couple with a  lasting keepsake of their guests.  Secondly, it appears to tie in to a “Western” type theme.   Note the lovely succulents around it, and third, it can be a piece of art for the couple’s new home.

Another novel idea, and a practical one to boot, is the photo below.  A bride can purchases a desk calendar, then ask her guests to sign their name on their birthdate!  Not only is it innovative, but the new couple now has a complete record of friends and family’s birthdays.



The idea below is interesting, but not as generic.  But hey, if you’re a music buff, I can’t think of anything much nicer than a lovely instrument with all your wedding guests’ autographs!




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