Wedding Dance Introduction



Weddings have become so much more polish since I married 31 years ago.  One trend, that I love, is the introduction for the bride and groom’s first dance, a tribute if you will.  I’m sure by now you’ve all see the glitzy performances  bridal parties have choreographed for their opening dance.  All one has to do is go to and you can find any number of them.

The two beautiful women above have a unique story – and a lovely one.  They are twins, and believe it or not, nieces of a young man I went to school with in California – although we just recently made the connection.  No, I didn’t attend the wedding, but I sure heard about it.  The special introduction dance Mallory performed for her sister, Greer, was the talk of Glastonbury!



A little back story…Mallory,, is a talented actress and dancer (trained at a studio opened and operated by her mother where my own Tess and Julia attended – YES…it IS a small world…).  As a gift of love, Mallory wanted to make an extra special introduction to her twin’s first dance with her new husband.  In Mallory’s own words, “…I wanted to be able to convey my love for my sister and my  dear friend turned brother-in-law-to-be.”



The DJ made the wedding party introductions, and Mallory had just enough time while the newlyweds were being introduced to run off stage and slip on her dance shoes.  Again, quoting Mallory, “As the applause for the entrance of Greer and Kevin reached it’s height, “One and Only” by Adele began to play. I slowly took the dance floor and did my best to dance the story of my love for Greer and Kevin and their love for each other…. As the musical swelled towards the chorus, I danced towards the newlyweds, took their hands, lead them out onto the floor and motioned to them that it was time for their first dance as husband and wife.  They began to dance and, I waltzed one circle around the couple and off the floor, leaving my twin with her new other half. 🙂

The DJ invited up the wedding party and parents to dance around the couple for the final section of the song. It was a lovely moment because the wedding party has been friends since “forever” as we all like to say- it brought us all right back to our childhoods together.”
I intended to paraphrase Mallory, but I just could not write her story as well as she.  I had to quote her verbatim. The Cunninghams have set a high bar indeed with their wedding…



Please enjoy the beautiful photos above.

Photo credits: Jessica Osber Photography


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Wedding Vendors List




Ah…the wedding vendors list… So you’ve booked your ceremony site, the venue, ordered your dress, picked out your colors. What’s next?  Choose your florist, then get your DJ, photographer, and photo-booth.  But everything does not have to be done yesterday.

I had a quick conversation with some friends of one of my kids this summer.  The couple got engaged in June, 2014, with a wedding date of August 2015.  In one week, they had booked the venue, DJ, and photographer – all companies acquired from a wedding expo.  None included personal references.  Yes it is important to get vendors scheduled as soon as possible, but not at the expense of quality.  I’m not knocking wedding expos.  If one has the tenacity, and strength, much info can be gathered.  All may be fine with this couple’s choices, but the unknown is still present.  Nothing beats personal references.




Another cautionary tale regarding photos, especially from the photographer and photo booth.  The images the photographer takes of you and your guests belong to him/her.  If you don’t want them to be their property, that needs to be negotiated in your contract.  At least try to acquire some sort of approval over what is published.  Once again, read the fine print.




And when you get around to the florist…review that contract carefully as well.  Make sure the EXACT type of flowers you desire are notated.  Double check that the correct number of corsages and boutonnieres are ordered, as well are the proper color.  Ask that each flower grouping is tagged with the recipient’s name.  We did not ask for this service with Maggie’s wedding, and not only was I not present when the flowers arrived and were dispensed, I had forgotten what was ordered for whom!  It may seem like a little thing…but it will make your wedding day flow more smoothly.

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Wedding Contract…


You just got engaged!  There are few things in life that make one as giddy as that golden period just following your engagement.  And yes…you do need to get the ball rolling.  Book the church, venue, look at dresses.  But don’t let your excitement carry you away.


When you decide on your venue, read all the fine print before you sign the wedding contract.  Yes, I know, it’s pages and pages of gobbley goop.  But even if you’re not an attorney, you just may catch something that makes you uncomfortable.  And believe it or not, most companies are ok with your crossing out offensive language, (and I’m not taking swear words here —)  :-), and making amendments.  When I signed KK’s contract, the wedding planner said I was one of only about 2 % who read it entirely.  Consider asking for the contract in advance of your meeting – sometimes they are available on line on the company’s website.  Then you can read it through at your leisure  You may be surprised by “hidden” items.  For example, if we didn’t choose one of their “preferred” bakers for the wedding cake, we had an up-charge of $3.00 per slice!  Took care of THAT quickly…


Also be mindful of any language that addresses photos/media.  KK’s contract gave the company control of any photos taken by staff at her reception. They then had authority to post the pictures on THEIR Facebook page, UNLESS noted otherwise. We noted otherwise.  Always better to have control than not.

When making that initial deposit, it’s not a bad idea to use a credit card.  Then if something goes awry, you have your bank backing you up.  I am a big fan of American Express.  I have never make a dispute against a vender where they did not find in my favor.

Remember, the vendors work for you.  You are the boss.  Their job is to please you…without being a Bridezilla.  Sometimes…it’s a fine line.  🙂

Next time…photography, wedding dress, floral contracts.



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Wedding Hairstyles


chignon – Above photo – Love the two-tone color look!

How will you wear your hair for your wedding?  Best advice… pick out a wedding hair style in advance, and be realistic – yes it may be beautiful in a picture, but is your hair long and thick enough?  More food for thought…if you usually wear your hear down, are you sure you want an undo?  Just as you do not want your makeup to deviate too much for your everyday look, you don’t want your hair to either.    Next, make your appointment early so you can book your favorite stylist.  When your veil comes in, make a “Dry-Run appointment”.  Take your mother or maid of honor with you in case she is required on the big day to attach your veil/headpiece.  Maybe take a video on your phone on to remember how your stylist attaches it.  Be certain to protect your fragile veil with plenty of protective wrap.  And don’t forget that if may also need a steam, as well as your dress, before your wedding day.  It’s not really something you want to “iron” at the last minute!


Will you wear flowers or some sort of other adornment for the reception?  I kept my veil on during our entire reception.  What a pain.  I highly recommend removing it.  But I also think an embellishment of some sort is flattering.   If you choose to wear flowers, silk holds up better than fresh.

I am happy to announce…KK will very probably be wearing my headpiece!  It goes beautifully with her dress and veil..fingers crossed!




I really like how this veil is attached under the bride’s undo.  Only thing to consider, she really can’t incorporate a “blusher”, (the veil covering a bride’s face), with this look.  But maybe that is not important to this bride.  Without a veil covering her hair, one surely has the ability to admire her beautiful hair.


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