Fatal Family Ties… A Book Review

July 20, 2021…that’s when one of my favorite cozy mystery series is going to release its next installment. That’s right…Lucy is back, and she’s at it again, solving murders and tracking down ancestral mysteries. Is there a better combination? Read below for a quick blurb from amazon on this exciting new installment from the very talented S.C. Perkins.

“Lucy is just about to tuck into a plate of tacos at her favorite Austin joint, Big Flaco’s, when she gets an unexpected visit from her former—and least-favorite—co-worker. Camilla Braithwaite hasn’t gotten much friendlier since the last time Lucy saw her, but that doesn’t stop her from asking a favor. In her hand is a newspaper feature on an ancestor, a civil war corporal—and a liar, according to the article. Charles Braithwaite is depicted as a phony and a deserter, and Camilla wants Lucy’s help clearing his name.

Lucy would prefer to spend her free time with her new beau, special agent Ben Turner, but takes the case, making no promises that Camilla will like the outcome of her investigation. Camilla leads Lucy to the Texas History Museum, where their first clue is a triptych painting, passed down in the Braithwaite family for generations, one panel of which has disappeared. But before Lucy can get much further, a member of the Braithwaite family is murdered in his own bed, and another panel of the painting found missing.

There are no shortage of suspects among the Braithwaite clan—including Camilla herself. This case will take Lucy to Houston and back again as she works to find the truth, and catch an elusive killer.”

Fatal Family Ties: An Ancestry Detective Mystery by [S. C. Perkins]

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I loved this book, and was lucky enough to read an advanced copy…the only downside? I’m going to have to wait until the next book in the series comes out. I think this may be Perkins’ best yet. Perkins’ writing and her characters just keep getting better! Below, the lovely S.C. Perkins.

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