Your Wedding Venue’s Powder Room

Your Wedding Venue’s Powder Room…Is it important to decorate the venue’s powder room?

The photos below are from a wedding I recently coordinated.  The bride and her mother had a generous powder room at their venue to work with.  Is it always necessary to decorate to such a degree?  No, of course not, but it sure did look pretty, and fit perfectly with the season.

One thing I would definitely recommend, however, is a basket in both the women’s  and the men’s rooms filled with the fragrant pinecones above.  The are relatively inexpensive, have a natural, fresh scent, and can mask less than delightful odors.

Another thoughtful, useful item to place in both powder rooms is a convenience basket with toiletries.  Should the baskets have different items for the men and women?  Absolutely!  I have included photos of a couple examples below, and if you’d like to read a blog post from this blog on “how to” and what to include, just click on the link: Men’s Room Basket .

Or for women: Ladies Room Baskets


Above two photos: craftywedding

And don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray if you plan to have a daytime and/or outside wedding. Your guests will be very appreciative of your thoughtfulness.  Consider having several baskets scattered around the reception site, and place them on tables, or hang them from low tree limbs.  People tend to look up, rather than down.

Have little room to decorate, place baskets?  No worries!  Just a simple bouquet can brighten and grace a space.  I love the bouquet above.  It sets just the right tone to create a festive air.  And if there is little shelf space, just take in a chair and place the toiletry basket on that.

Remember, there is no right or wrong with weddings, but you can never take a misstep thinking of others.



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