Bridal Shower Buffet Table


It’s no secret that I am no fan of the kitchen.  I’m not a bad cook, just find it…boring.  So what does a smart woman do when faced with a ‘ Bridal Shower Buffet Table ‘ ?  Surround herself with good cooks!  Janice, mother of the groom, brought to the shower the most delightful, creative item. She lined real clay pots with a cupcake liner, filled them with delicious homemade hummus, celery and carrot sticks.  They were a hit!   I wish I had a picture, but they were gobbled up so fast, I didn’t get a chance.  We also served tea sandwiches, cookies, nuts, fruit, iced tea, sangria…(yum! – made by my friend, Debbie, the night before – apparently it’s better if it “marinates” over night), “Spa Water” and cupcakes.


“Spa Water”? you say…well that was my contribution to the menu.  And I must admit…it was well received.  When the girls and I go to Ojai, CA and visit my parents, if we are lucky, we also visit the “Ojai Valley Inn and Spa” (click on the link if you want to view a slice of decadent heaven!).  It was there that we partook of what we dubbed “Spa Water”.  It’s very easy to make, ridiculously so, even I’ll do it, and so refreshing.  Take a cucumber, slice it thinly, pour water into a pitcher, add the cucumber slices, refrigerate overnight.  That’s it.  Delicious!


I’m sure you’ve noticed the pictures of our “Buffet” table.  It had a fishing/spring /tea party theme – quite an undertaking.  It was all sentimentally inspired.  KK and Tyler were engaged in the spring — on a lake, (hence the fishing net), and the teapot — in the next photo — because KK has always liked a good tea party, ever since she was a a little girl…


Thank you to Debbie, for her skill in decorating, and incorporating the themes and creating KK’s “Vision” on our buffet table!
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Photos: Mary P. Karnes

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