Things You Might Not Have Thought of For Your Wedding Day

Here are a few things you should think of before your wedding day …

  1. Try on your dress a week before the wedding! There may be a missing snap, a strap may need to be sewn, there could be a little makeup transferred from you to the dress the last time you tried it on (that can be easily removed if done properly and you have time!)


Hannah Colt Photos

2. Consider more than one pair of shoes for your big day.  Slippers to pad around in while getting ready, ceremony shoes, and dancin’ shoes!  One of my daughters chose the Keds below.  She danced all night and her feet never hurt!


3. Schedule a meet with both your DJ and your photographer two weeks before your wedding.  That way you can select your music, and inform your photographer of “Must Have Shots”.


Patty Cloherty Photos –

Alright, I’ll admit the above photo is a candid taken by the groom’s aunt.  But some things can’t be staged.  Loved the look my son-in-law is giving my daughter…


Hannah Colt Photos

But perhaps you dream of a photo such as the one above…plan it out!

4. Get your ring STEAM cleaned.  No jewelry sparkles more than with a good stream clean.  I took time to do so on my wedding day, and I’m glad I did – although probably should have done it the day before…


Photo creds: Photographer from Honeymoon in Jamaica

5. If you’re leaving the country for your honeymoon, locate your passport at least a week before your wedding.  If you have to get an emergency one, you’ll have time.  For more on that disaster potential, read bout my own story… The Lost Passport   That link is only part of the story…if you’d like to find out how it ends, you’ll have to go on a mini-scavenger hunt on this blog to find part II…  🙂



Weddings And Dogs

Weddings and Dogs …do those two things go well together? Well, it depends on you, AND your pets. Some people adore their dogs, I happen to be one of them, and want them to be part of their big day. Transporting can be difficult if you don’t have the right carrier, read Pet Carrier Verdict’s review because I hear from brides and grooms that Pet Carrier Verdict has some great tips for any pet lovers that want their adorable pets to be a feature of their special day. Other brides and grooms don’t even own a pet. Remember, with weddings, there is not right or wrong (provided you consider each other’s and your guests’ feelings). It’s your day, so do it up how YOU want!



I love how the bride and groom dressed their dogs up in matching attire in the photo above. It makes it even cuter that the bulldogs have such serious faces.


My preference for dog breeds is evident based on the above and below photos. I LOVE dachshunds! I have had six in my lifetime, and I do believe our current dog, (a rescue of all things), is my favorite. He is such a good boy. But no…he did not play a role in either of my daughters’ weddings. 🙂


But what about honoring your dogs without actually being present? We attended a family wedding last summer, and the bride and groom did just that. Along with a FABULOUS candy bar, they had take away bags for…YOUR dog! Very thoughtful, and imaginative.

However, you need to make sure you remember it’s your day (just as much as your 4 legged friends) so make sure you write a list of things you need to remember. Have a look here: for a list of things that people commonly forget.


Our own little dachshund, Buddy, sure enjoyed the treat I brought home for him!


And to make it even more special, a photo of the couple’s two dogs was front and center. I have met these two, both rescues, and you will be hard put to find kinder dogs. We took Buddy to Thanksgiving with us last year, and he was introduced to them. I was worried. Buddy is a peanut, and a scardy cat to boot. They were gentle and accepting. In no time at all, Buddy was barking at all new-comers as if it were HIS house…


And remember…”Love is a Four Legged Word” The little guy below certainly agrees!