Save The Date


The “Save the Date” card is now de rigor for the wedding ensemble.  And when you think about it, it makes sense.  As busy as everyone’s lives are, the more advance notice a bride can give her guests, the better.

So add one more decision to the bucket of “To Do’s.”  You have to decide on which type of “Save the Date” you want to send.  This sets the tone of your wedding, really.  If you’re planning a relaxed affair, your “Save the Date” should reflect that.  If it will be formal, give your guests a heads up so they can plan proper attire.

Do you want to give your guests a chuckle, or do you want your “Save the Date” to be functional?

The top photo is from  You can insert your photos into this calendar magnet.

If you want to take a more economical route, send a postcard like the one below.  It’s cute and gets all the info out, while saving on design and postage.

You may choose to be more formal like the “Save the Date” above.  But be warned, cards such as these can be pricey, as well as labor intensive.  Do you REALLY want to address invitations TWICE?

A final option, and a great one, I think, is the “e-Save-the-Date.” is a wonderful site for e-invitations of all kind.  You can be as fancy or as simple as you like.  My daughter, Maggie and son-in-law, Robert, used it, and attached a picture taken by the talented Matt Stauble of

  What I love about e-save the dates is that you know right away if the card made it to your guests via your on-line dashboard.  No more wondering if it was accidentally stuck in a magazine via “snail mail.”  You can also request physical addresses at the time you send out your e-card for the wedding invitations.  And don’t forget, no postage, no addressing envelopes, and very competitive pricing.  The photo below is from their e-save the date.

Which did option did my daughter, Kathleen and son-in-law, Tyler choose?  Next time…

Food Inspired Centerpieces

Food Inspired Centerpieces ?


According to “The Knot” Webinar that I participated in last week – there is another trend on the wedding radar!  And it’s — are you ready for this?  Food inspired centerpieces!  While I think the above photo has an interesting look…I’m not sure I’d like it on the head table at my wedding, or at that of my daughters’ either.  I think sometimes people want to be different, and don’t know how to do it, so they take a step out there, and sometimes that step is just a little too far.


Ok…I could see incorporating some gorgeous macaroons as a focal point/centerpiece like the ones above at a wedding, or better yet, a shower.  I just love the colors.  They scream spring, and the covered teacups lend a festive air.


Ditto the above photo.  I think this table setting would be perfection for a bridesmaids’ luncheon. The  palate mixture of the pink flowers and tangerines is lovely.  Good enough to eat!  Maybe “The Knot” DOES know what they’re talking about…


And this bouquet of cupcakes?  I love it!  I see this as a gorgeous small table, (say 4-8), centerpiece at a bridal shower.  Then have them do double duty as prizes for games played at said shower!  I know I’d love to win such a gift.


And the lavish display of apples?  Perfect for a casual outdoor wedding or bridal brunch.  I think overall, there is a niche for food as a focal point or centerpiece, but it is best placed in a casual or outdoor setting.  Back to nature and all that…  If you choose to go this route at a wedding event, make sure you get some good patterns from a site like pinterest or google images.

Printed Wedding Dresses

Printed Wedding Dress ?   Yes, according to “The Knot’s” recent webinar targeting 2016 hottest wedding trends, printed wedding dresses are the hot ticket.  But then…if you’re getting married in 2016, you better already have your dress.  Shall it be a continuing trend for 2017?  Only time will tell. I’m not sure what the draw is to a printed wedding dress.  Although the photo below is GORGEOUS!  But maybe as a bridesmaid’s dress, not a wedding gown?


It doesn’t say “Bride” to me, and this isn’t a World War II rationing era, where you just may want or NEED to wear your wedding dress again.  But it’s the latest rage.  Or are designers TRYING to make us think so?


Instagram, Lady Kitty Spencer

Looks like the South Africa wedding where Lady Kitty Spencer, (niece of Diana, Princess of Wales), was a bridesmaid this year was ahead of the curve.  The bride in the center of the above photo is wearing a printed gown.  But except for being in the middle of the picture, what defines her as the bride?  No white gown, no veil.  Is this the point?  I enjoyed being the center of attending and HOPEFULLY standing out at my own wedding. And I truly believe most brides do.


The bride above would surely stand out, however, in this bold print, especially if her maids were dressed in a solid pale color.


Maybe if you want to choose a printed gown, your pick could be something like THIS photo.  The bride’s gown is white, but its floral flare is three-dimmential.  I rather like it!  Not sure if I’d have the guts to wear it, or that I’d support, whole heartedly, the choice for one of my daughters, but it IS stunning!

While lovely, I don’t think this trend will have a big impact.  Sometimes…women just put their feet down.

All New Wedding Registry Ideas

All New Wedding Registry Ideas!

– According to, “With or, you can register things like a dinner out, a night of hotel, or surf lessons to enjoy during the honeymoon (and you can fill out your own descriptions and get all cute and specific about it). Your friends and family feel like they’re gifting you a meaningful experience rather than just a gravy boat (even though they are essentially just giving you cash).”


I think this is quite a lovely idea. How many of us have just written a check and slipped it into a pretty wedding card, to be delivered at the wedding reception?  Most of us, I’m sure. Well, now we can have the convenience of writing a check, but a little thrill of knowing where our “gift” is going.  I had a meeting with a new bride for my wedding planning company last week, and she showed me her registry for the honeymoon.  The guests had the opportunity of purchasing a special night out, 1/15 of their airfare, a glass-bottomed boat excursion, you get the idea.  (The above photo is my daughter, Maggie and son-in-law, Robert on THEIR honeymoon.  They didn’t choose this new registry style, but then they needed many household items).

What about a ‘Home Down Payment’ fund for your first home or a ‘College Fund’ for your future children?  These are some of the other types of registries out there on the great world wide web!



Maybe a gift card registry is more to your liking?  A word of caution here… more times than not, my funds have NOT been loaded on the card when I purchase it, EVEN when I am given a confirmation receipt… makes one wonder…


Do you have everything you could possibly need?  Maybe a charitable donation suggestion in your name is the way to go.  That way, everyone wins!