Seven Ways to Surprise Your Groom

Seven Ways to Surprise Your Groom …  Remember, it’s not just about you, this is your groom’s wedding too!

How about gifting your groom with a “Groom’s Cake”?



What is a “Groom’s Cake”? You may ask.  Well, if you’d like to read more about it, click on the link “Groom’s Cake” and you will be directed to an earlier blog post that will inform you!  🙂  Just a little bit of a teaser…it’s usually a novelty cake that has special significance to the groom.


Feeling particularly romantic?  Write a special note to your groom that he can open right before the wedding ceremony.  But be sure to entrust it to someone reliable — maybe a female member of the wedding party or a relative.  Sometimes the groomsmen are not to be fully trusted…

And if you’re not feeling creative, there is always  The photo above if from an store- front.  I have long been a supporter of for economical, creative products.


If you’re a VERY indulgent bride, you may want to schedule a cigar station, some even sport a cigar roller.  While considered by some in the wedding world to be passe, it is still done.  A word of caution, however, this CAN break up the party, separating the men from the rest of the wedding guests.  Always a bit of a kill-joy.


How about splurging for an exotic car for your “Get Away”?  While pricey, it’s sure to be a hit with your groom if he likes cars, and what man doesn’t ?


Mary P Karnes photos

A sentimental touch would be to have a hanky made for your husband to be out of your wedding dress. Easy to acquire the material, if you’re having any hemming done to your dress.  The above photo is a hanky made from my daughter’s dress.  She gifted her father and grandmother these special mementos.  Thinking back, I think her husband would have liked one also…


Don’t forget to schedule a few “alone” moments with your new husband to relish this monumental occasion.  You’ll be glad you did.


And finally, number seven on the “Surprise” list… yes you’ll have decided the song you’ll dance to as your first as man and wife.  But how about a fun, unexpected song from your courting days?  Sure to earn a smile from your groom!

Men’s Powder Room Wedding Basket

I have posted a blog about “Powder Room Baskets” for the ladies – but never the men!  If  you’d like to read my post about the ladies’ baskets, click on the link: Powder Room Baskets  The gentlemen deserve “Men’s Poser Room Wedding Baskets” in their restroom as well as the ladies!


flickr photo sharing

Whatever you choose to place IN your powder room baskets, I highly suggest you buy single dose packets in bulk.  They can be purchased relatively inexpensively at locations such as Costco, Sam’s Club, or BJ’s Wholesale Stores.

Providing such amenities for  your guests gives a nice, gracious touch to your wedding.  Items you may want to include are:

  • Advil/pain reliever
  • individually wrapped mints
  • floss
  • tums
  • spray on deodorant
  • sanitizing gel
  • kleenex
  • bug spray (I recommend having several containers of this around your venue if you’re venturing outside)
  • bandaids
  • lint roller
  • “tide to go” stain remover
  • eye drops
  • room deodorizer
  • packaged combs
  • wisps
  • cough drops
  • men’s after shave??
  • static guard


DIY Crafts Ideas Magazine

How might you announce your generous bounty?  The sign below is quite cute.  It would work well in both men’s and ladies powder  rooms.



Wedding Party

Looking for a cute way to display your “Baskets”?  Well, your convenience items don’t have to be in baskets at all!  I love these baseball inspired containers.  I’m sure they’d be fairly simple to make, or you could order them on-line at  Be careful of putting too much on your plate.  While DIY projects are fun and creative – you just may not have enough hours in the day to make them.


You can always purchase some adorable glass jars such as the ones below to house your complimentary items.  The glass gives guests easy viewing.  Powder Room baskets are one item for your wedding that is a no-brianer.  The cost is low, but the enjoyment of your guests, high.


Outrageous Wedding Bouquets



Most brides have a wedding budget.  She must pick what means the most to her.  Maybe it’s music.  Maybe it’s entertainment.  And maybe…it’s flowers.  Will you choose an outrageous wedding bouquet? Some brides will.  Bouquets cost anywhere from $150.00 (modest), to well over $ 1,000 –  depending on location, (the exact same wedding flowers in Beverly Hills will cost more than those in Bismarck, North Dakota), and types of blooms.   Always, ALWYAS choose flowers in season.  You will spend far less if you do so.


Perhaps flowers are your thing.  If you choose to make your bouquet your focal point instead of say, your dress, then be outrageous!  Spending an additional $ 300 on your bridal flowers is much less than an additional $ 3,000 on a blowout dress!


Photos # 1, 2, 3 belle the magazine

When designing your bouquet, or directing your florist to do so, there are a few things to keep in mind. One, is your dress elaborate?  Will an over the top bouquet over-shadow your dress?


chic vintage brides

Are you a petite bride, or is your figure more statuesque?  While the bouquet like the one above is fabulous, it would overwhelm the tiny bride.  As a side note… I LOVE the red bouquet.  I’ve always been a fan of a dramatic splash of color against the bride’s white gown. As a bride today, that would be my choice.


If you just HAVE to have a dramatic bouquet, then maybe the one above is for you.  While I do favor bright colors against a light background, if your flowers are over-large, then perhaps subtle colors are the way to go.  And the gentle tapering of the bouquet makes is more manageable.


style me pretty

Not sure which I like better, the chair above, or the flowers – a lovely picture.  Don’t forget to ask your photographer to create some artistic photos around your flowers.



Wedding Photos – Make the Most of Your Weather

Wedding Photos – One thing you can’t plan for is the weather.  Sure, if you get married in December/January in cold weather country, you can be pretty sure it will be chilly.  But what about rain?  Let’s face it — if you want your favorite venue on a Saturday night, you better book it about 18 months in advance.


Can you really predict if it will rain or not that far out?  Well, the answer is obvious. No, you can’t.  You can’t control Mother Nature, so don’t sweat it.  Worrying and stressing WILL NOT CHANGE THE WEATHER.  Neither will prayers.  Maybe someone else is praying just as hard FOR rain…  🙂

So plan ahead like the beautiful couple above did.  They purchased matching umbrella’s and got a delightful photo – that just may be their favorite.  I know it would be mine.  Many thanks for my long time friend, Bunny, for allowing me to share this lovely photo of her son and daughter-in-law.


Planning a winter wedding, and pretty sure it will be cold?  You can choose a fabulous cape, (in your wedding colors), like my cousin’s daughter-in-law.  I LOVE this!  It has such a nostalgic vibe and the red color is magnificent against the bride’s white and the groom’s black.


Will you luck out and have perfect weather on your day?  Then take advantage and get all the outdoor shots you can.  My oldest daughter had the ideal summer day.  The sky was clear, and it wasn’t too hot, but warm enough for a temperate evening.  So they took advantage of their good fortune and had some great evening out-door shots. Photo creds:  Hannah Colt


Did it rain on your day?  Then maybe you’ll get a few shots in a location you might not have considered had it been sunny.  Above is my second daughter and her groom.  They took some photos under the classic, beautiful portico at their venue due to a drizzle.