If You Choose To Wear A Veil…

photo 5-11If You Choose To Wear a Veil… and a “blusher” (a blusher is the netting that goes over your face)…You need to consider what your coiffeur will look like once your veil is removed.  Will you remove your headpiece?  The headpiece is the part of the veil that the netting is attached to.  If you’re a royal bride, you’ll wear a tiara.  If you’re a regular bride – maybe a crown of orange blossoms.  If you’re an American bride, anything goes.  My daughter, Maggie, is in the photo above.  She is wearing her own veil, (cathedral length), and my headpiece.  Her vision was to always take the veil and headpiece off for the reception.  It would be too cumbersome to wear all night.  She needed to make sure her hairstyle was up to the formality of the event.  And it was.  Her hair style was spectacular, but she wanted some sort of adornment in her hair.  She visited etsy.com, a wonderful website where individuals can shop from independent venders.  You can find anything on etsy.com, and the vendors are everyday people who have something special to share.

Maggie purchased a lovely hair adornment for her hair to be showcased.  Pease note the photos below, which show the adornment.  Note, if you choose a hair ornament, buy it early enough so you can have a dry run with your hairdresser.



photo-313I chose to wear silk flowers to be showcased after I took MY veil off 30 years ago.  They were pretty, and looked nice in my hair. But I made a mistake with my veil.  The netting that went over my face was thick, and created a visual issue for me, and for my guests view of me.  And it was hot!  My photo is below.  Compare it to my daughter’s, following photo.  Note how fine and delicate my daughter’s veil is…a much better choice than mine.


photo 3-33But please notice…the headpieces are the same…  I love tradition!

In my next two posts — please check back to read all about the different fabric options you will have for your veil…AND the lovely invitation my daughter, KK, chose from etsy.com!!

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Photos:  Patty Cloherty

Wedding Veil Alternatives – Part II


What about a headband instead of a wedding veil?  The above photo offers some beautiful choices.  From the ornamental white flower to the slim regal headband to it’s right, you can achieve a glamourous look.  It gives a 1920’s feel, doesn’t it?


I think the bejeweled wide blue satin band above is exquisite.  It would be most flattering with short hair or an updo.  And just think…it could be your “Something Blue.”


Feathers??  Feathers have made a recent fashion come-back.  According to www.queensofvintage.com, “…Nowadays, thanks to recent designer  collections, the feather has once again taken centre stage, and has for years now been enjoying a re-invention. The modern plumage however, is not just an added adornment to simple hats and dresses. Designers have used this beautifully versatile item to create stunning dresses (Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi), earrings, purses (Christopher Bailey for Burberry) and waistcoats to name but a few.”  But with wedding attire?  I wouldn’t, but then I am just one opinion…


And what about a wedding “hat.”  I like the look, but think it’s more in keeping with a second marriage, or an older bride.  It just doesn’t say “blushing bride” to me.  It’s also much less formal, and just wouldn’t go with a long ball gown, if that’s the look you’re going for.  But if you’re having an informal affair, and are wearing a day suit, a hat like the these would be just the ticket.












I envy the British.  Hats for the ladies are de rigor for weddings, and important social events.  I love the look.  But then…it’s one less fashion accessory for the ladies of the US to worry about…

Here’s hoping KK wears a veil on HER wedding day!


Image #1 www.farrellandchase.com

Image #2 www.mrs2be.ie

Image #3 rocknrollbride.blogspot.com

Image #4 averyshinypenny.wordpress.com

Image #5 www.greatdaybridal.com

Image #6 www.weddingaccents.com
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Alternative To The Wedding Veil


I had no idea…and I mean NO IDEA… of the vast options available for the bride who wants something different from the traditional wedding veil!

Today begins a series of those options.  I found so much great material about alternatives to the veil, I couldn’t share it all in just one post.


www.weddingwindow.com (photo #1)


www.pininterst.com  (photo #2)






madisonplus.com (photo #3)

The most common alternative seems to be some sort of netting covering the eyes, like the three photos above.  Commonly called a “Blusher,” word on the street is that it’s making a come-back.  Coincidently, “blusher” is the name of the short “mini” veil the traditional  bride wears over her face these days, while a much longer, more intricate fabric of gauze trails behind her.  While I am a traditionalist, and I think “veil” equals “bride,” I must admit the smaller, more tailored style allows focus to be on the bride’s beautiful hair, make-up and dress.








thebridalwishlist.blogspot.com (photo #4)

Photo number 4 is merely an embellished headband, but what a gorgeous one it is!  It’s dramatic, and gives the bride a regal image.  While not quite a tiara, it lends the feel of one with all the rhinestones.  The same goes for the gorgeous headpiece decoration below.  This is my favorite, and I think it would be even more striking on a brunette…But then I am slightly biased…  🙂  Even if you choose a traditional veil, consider one of these pretty pieces after you removed your veil for the reception.  Along with your while bridal gown, one of these sparkers will set you apart from your attendants.  And what about those attendants?  Do you wish for them to hear a headpiece of some sort?  It was de rigor in days of old, one reason being Catholic women had to have their heads covering during Mass, and other Christians followed suit.  Then it became a style thing.  I like it…




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Wedding Headpiece

This photo is of my headpiece and veil.  They are 30 years old now.  I had them preserved, along with my dress, by my local dry cleaner.  I opened my “Memory Keepsake Box” when Maggie got engaged, and coincidentally close to Kenny’s and my 30 year anniversary.  I was pleased at how well the dress and veil held up.

All four of our daughters are now taller than I.  I do not hold onto hopes that one of them will wear my dress.  Dresses can be hemmed, but not much can be done when when they are too short.

The veil/headpiece is another story.  I would love it if someday one of the girls wore some component of my “Veil.”

This creates a problem.  My dress and veil were pure white.  It is the fashion now to wear an ivory shade.  White is very harsh, and the off-white hue is much more flattering to most skin tones.

So what would one do to transform the pure white netting to a darker shade?  I have read that it can be easily done by brewing weak tea and staining the gauze.  It’s a scary proposition.  If I ever do it, I’m going to go to my local fabric store and buy some white netting, and experiment. Or better yet, find a company that would do it for me.  Maybe the type of company that sells “dyed to match shoes”?

Another option is to use just the headpiece with an ivory netting.  We’ll see…I have four weddings to hope…

Update: Yea!  Maggie decided to wear my Wedding Headpiece!  And I have it on good authority that KK will as well.  Each girl will have her own veil to better match the colors of her dresses – but the headpiece…that will be mine.  Dare I hope my youngest two daughters will also wear it?  I can only hope…  🙂



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Image: #1 Mary P Karnes photos

Image #2 Patty Cloherty photos
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