Name Change For New Brides

Name Change For New Brides: —

Tradition states women take their husband’s last name when they marry — will YOU?  Social Norms change, and it is no longer the only way.  Some brides keep their maiden name, some hyphenate their maiden name with their new married name but most still carry their husband’s.


Other cultures, an example is the lovely Indian woman above, are steeped in tradition, and rarely deviate from what is expected.  We as Americans, have always been able to step outside the box.

When I was married 32 year ago, I just started using my married name.  I did not have to file court papers, which some women go to the extreme to do today.  I DID have to physically make the trip to the DMV to change my driver’s license, get a new passport, send away for a new teaching certificate, however.

Now…there are companies who will do this for you.  Brilliant, really.  Hey…there’s even a “Groupon” package!  I think it would be a very worthwhile expense to purchase such a package, even if you DON’T find a Groupon for it (there are lots of companies out there clamoring to perform this service for a fee for you!  Just google).  What exactly is it?  To quote Groupon’s “In A Nutshell” description: “Name change service helps clients quickly and efficiently change their names after marriage – a perfect engagement shower or wedding gift.”


What are some other traditions that American Brides love to follow?  The bridal veil for one.  If you’d like to read a couple of former blog posts about choosing to wear a veil at YOUR wedding, click not the following links. Wedding Veils , Alternatives to Wedding Veils


And let’s not forget the time honored tradition of the groom carrying his bride over the threshold of their new home.   With the vast number of couples living together before they marry, this too may become a thing of the past…  When old traditions fall away, new ones come into being…  🙂



And the last photo…Just because I love the dress!  It’s a new style, by the way.  Not really white…more gray…

Wedding Family Traditions


With the birth of each child,  my husband presented me a piece of jewelry in the baby’s birthstone.  It is my intention to give this jewelry to each girl on her wedding day.

Maggie, my second daughter, was born in April.  Her birthstone is diamond.  My gift from her father on the day of her birth was the diamond tennis bracelet – lying on it’s side in the picture to the right (wish Maggie had photographed it flat so the stones would sparkle…).

I really don’t know what I envisioned when I thought of presenting it to her, but the way it happened was not on my radar…

Well — let’s go back a little.  There was that glitch in the wedding prep that I still have yet to divulge, the morning of the wedding.  Although the wedding started right on time, I was discombobulated from the unplanned event.  I had the bracelet in it’s satin pouch ready on my desk to present to Maggie….and forgot it.  (Remember, the female bridal party was at the Hilton taking pictures.  Other family members were at our home).


I called my husband, and asked him, ever so sweetly, to please bring the bracelet to St Paul’s.  He did.

We, the six bridesmaid, the bride, and I, arrived at the church at 2:50 PM.  We had been instructed to wait inside the limo until 2:59 PM.  I dashed out of the limo, (don’t forget it’s raining), ran into the church, texted my Kenny, hugged a few friends, and he met me with the bracelet.  I ran back to the limo, crawled in, duck-walked in the low ceiling of the car to the back, and put the bracelet on Maggie’s wrist without shedding a tear.  No…it was not my vision, but the joy of the moment was perfect…

Photos: Pretty bridesmaids in the limo…  🙂