Wedding Shoes – Flats




The age old question…what do you want, comfort or style for your wedding shoes?  Why not both?

I have selected some absolutely beautiful  wedding shoes – flats – to share with you.  As I mentioned in precious posts, my second daughter, Maggie and I wore high, high heels for our big days.  But daughter, Kathleen, MAY have been a little smarter…



She chose adorable edgy BLUE shoes, and then changed to the cutest little Ked high tops for the reception.  The fact that she wears a perfect size 6 would make any shoe look cute, however.  And boy did she dance the night away.

I do believe the top photo is my favorite of these flats.  I love all the lace.  When purchasing your shoes make sure they match the “White” color you have chosen for your gown.  Very few wedding gowns are stark white today.  It is just too harsh.  If you have chosen an ivory shade, for example, don’t select a pure white shoe.  It will make your dress look dingy.


Kate Spade buzzfeed

Feeling a little beachy, or planning a casual summer wedding?  Then maybe these fancy flip flops are for you!  Cute and comfortable.  If your jewelry is either white gold or platinum, though, you may want to rethink that gold bow…  Little things like the mixture of metallic colors can throw your overall look off.  And you’ve spent too much time and money to do that!



Want to add a little pizazz into your wedding attire?  Add colored shoes!  Both my daughters wore blue shoes.  I love pictures with the bride showing off her colored shoes…have you noticed from my blog headers?  🙂




Hannah Colt photos

And above, my own daughter, Kathleen’s reception Keds!


‘Shoes For the Bride’ !



So let’s talk ‘Shoes for the Bride’ again… I won’t pretend to be indifferent…I LOVE SHOES!  Wedding shoes are one of my favorite bridal topics.  There are so many choices.  But before you fall in love with a shoe, take a look and STUDY the chart below.  You may seriously reconsider your choice.  Will you dance the night away?  Even if you don’t, you’ll still be on your feet for hours and want a degree for comfort.



I am one to talk…I wore sky high heels at my own wedding, and truly do not remember my feel hurting.  My daughter, Maggie, wore gorgeous light blue heels and never complained herself.  My next bride, KK, on the other hand, may be wiser than we.  She has chosen delightful, darling flats.  But when your feet are a delicate size 6, you can wear anything and it will look feminine.


I’ve included some beautiful shoes in this post.  I know that if I had it to do all over again – not to worry my dear husband, 🙂  I would wear something a little more flashy than what I chose 31 years ago.  I would definitely consider one of the gems above, or even a colored shoe…


The chart above gives a nice description of different heel options, but after that decision is made, you still must chooses color, fabric, and whether you desire a bit of “bling” or not.  I say, YES!  Go for the bling!  You’ll never wear these particular shoes again (although I DID!).  Make them spectacular!


You may even like something like the shoes above.  This bride, I’m guessing, had a summer wedding, and took to heart the ‘summer color’ theme.  I love it!   This photo may appear on my blog header one day!


Image #1

Image #2 and #3

Image #4

Image #5

Bridesmaids’ Shoes


I have four daughters.  When daughter number two became engaged, she of course asked her three sisters to be bridesmaids.  Lots of drama in the house with a bride and three bridesmaids in residence.  You may think the bridesmaids’ dress was the main topic of conversation…well, you’d be wrong.  It was the shoes!  There were four very different ideas, well FIVE if you count mine…  So I ask you, “Must The Bridesmaids Shoes Match?”

In the photo above, from the, all the bridesmaids are wearing different shoes, but they are the same shade of red.  I happen to love this.  It flows, but allows for individual tastes, comfort, and age appropriateness. The bridesmaids and shoes can also be a way for the bride to express her color scheme or theme.  The picture below, from, shows how a bride used her attendants shoes to create a unique color scheme and tone for her wedding.  I like how the bouquets match the maids’ shoes.  I’m guessing that this tone was carried throughout the decorating and floral arrangements.  The black of the bridesmaids’ dresses, (once a social taboo), provides the perfect backdrop for the vivid shoe and flower color.





The photo above, merle, takes shoe color in a whole different direction.  It appears the dresses are the same style, but different colors with shoes to match.  The bouquets are the same for each lady.  The theme goes back to my era, where a “rainbow” color scheme was popular, and shoes were purchased in a stock white fabric and dyed to match the dresses.

And what did my daughters finally decide?  Well, a gold tone was the color of choice, so half the girls wore flats, and the other half heels.  Maggie left it to the desecration of her attendants.  In the photo below, you can see that two of my daughters opted for heels, and the oldest, flats.
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Let’s Talk Wedding Shoes!



Second to your wedding dress and veil, the bride’s wedding shoes make the greatest statement.  You can go for comfort, or style…or somewhere in-between.  I think you may notice there’s a theme in this blog post… I like colored shoes.  I like a bit of flare.

I wore plain white pumps.  No embellishment, no sparkle, no flash.  Maybe that’s why I so like the panache of a little color.  (Do you know how hard it is to find white shoes in the winter?  – We were married in January, and I put off getting my shoes till the last minute!  I purchased them at South Coast Plaza, Orange County, California – in the third week of December.



click on the link below to see this wedding shoe for $ 22.99 from amazon.

V-Luxury Womens 32-LARISA39 Round Toe Flat Ballerina Ballet Shoes


The crowds, unbelievable.  I knew Kenny truly loved me when he offered to drive me and stuck by my side the entire trip…except  when I tried the shoes on, of course!  He hated shopping then, as he does now…somethings never change!  🙂

If I had been smarter, I would have purchased my shoes at the bridal salon where I got my dress.  If I recall correctly, however, they were too “flashy” for me at the time.  NOW look what I think is beautiful!


KK has the cutest idea for her wedding shoes.  I wish I could share it with you, I will after the wedding…but can’t yet.  She is incorporating comfort AND style.  She has a bit of a shoe obsession…

Wedding-Shoes-Evin Krehbiel

There is no need to buy your shoes at a bridal salon.  There are so many options out there on the internet.  But be cautious…if you order something from an on-line store overseas…you may be out of luck if you need to return them.  I ordered a bridesmaid dress from such a retailer.  Even though they said they had a “return policy”- they didn’t.  They would not accept my return – and the dress was faulty – they wanted to “remake” it, plus have me order five more…really?!?




Image #1

Image #2


Image #4