Shoes for the Bride AND the Bridesmaids!

Shoes for the bride AND her bridesmaids. Think your footwear is not a big deal?  That your dress will cover your feet anyway?  You’d be wrong.  With today’s hot wedding pictures of “the bride and her shoes”, you want to make sure you’re adequately shod.  But what about comfort?  That is also important.

Worry no more!  There’s a wonderful new option in town.  For great quality, flattering style and reasonable prices, you must check out fibs & clo.  What I especially like about this company is not just the “cuteness” of the shoes, or the reasonable prices, but the way the company stands behind their product.  In today’s age of on-line purchases, you need to be sure of what you’re ordering, what the return policies are AND the quality.  Fibi & Clo is a company you can count on.

Not a bride yet, or ever?  Well, you can still enjoy these great sandals.  Order with confidence that you’ll get great quality, style and customer service. What more can you ask?

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Still want to wear your high heels and get some epic bridal shoe photos? You can!  Grab your fantasy shoe, get your dream pics, and then switch to the equally, although different, dancin’ sandals from fibi & clo

The photo above is one of my favorites featuring colored wedding shoes.  angel marino photos

fibi & clo New York

Are Weddings Getting Out Of Hand?

Are weddings getting out of hand?  I remember my wedding 33 years ago. For the time, it was a big, generous wedding…a sit down dinner with a band for over 200. But as I see my own daughters marry, work as an event planner and witness others’ nuptials, I see a new trend.  I love all the creative, lavish ideas, don’t get me wrong!  But weddings today are much more “splashy”. If I remember correctly, she found her band on Headliner. There was a great range of acts on there so she told me.

I was struck recently by the contrast of weddings of days gone by and today’s “standard”.  What  struck a cord?…you may ask… Well, the age old job of ‘cleaning the basement.’  I ran across so many of my wedding keepsakes, and the contrast between my special items, and those of my daughters’ gave me pause.

Below, my weddings shoes.  Granted, they were the most expensive shoes, at that time, that I had ever purchased.  But they are simple, and yes…I wore them for years after.  Because, hey!  Why let a perfectly good pair of white pumps sit dormant in the spring and summer!

My daughters’ shoes follow.  While I do think perhaps they were a little extravagant, I love them, and wouldn’t change a thing.  Seriously, how cute are they?!?!  Maggie’s are the top photo followed by KK’s. Kathleen has her little sisters playing handmaiden and buckling her wedding shoes.  What else are bridesmaids supposed to do – especially little sisters!

And one pair of wedding shoes was not enough for our KK.  🙂  She needed a pair of “dancing’ shoes”!  Actually, a good choice.  She was comfortable all night.

Photo creds: Hannah Colt

What about guest books?  In my day, you were living large if you had a book and a feathered pen.  The photo below is of my 33 year old pen. And yes!  Our names are engraved in tiny letters on the stand, JUST IN CASE, you forgot our names when you signed our book!

Below is an adorable “guest book” idea.  I worked this wedding, held at an old-fashioned airport hanger.  The groom was a pilot, their guest book, a wooden prop!  Love, love this!

And have you noticed the cake toppers lately?  Works of art.  Behold…blelow is MY 33 year old cake topper…

Really… It should have bothered me that the bride was a blond, and I am most decidedly a brunette!  But…it didn’t   🙂  My daughters had exquisite cake toppers, both gifted to them by their generous mothers-in-law.  As the wedding cake is often a focal point of your reception, a special cake topper is money well spent.  Please note the girls’ cakes below:

Hannah Colt photos

Patty Cloherty Photos

So what’s my final take on whether weddings are “getting out of hand”?  Perhaps on some levels…but not on items that count in my book.  Go for the creative guest book, the gorgeous cake topper, and especially the special shoes!

Traditional or Funky Wedding Shoes?


Update…Just in…according to the London Publication, “The Daily Mail”, 


  • “Princess Beatrice was among a host of royal guests who attended a lavish wedding in London on Saturday 
  • The 28-year-old princess was joined by the King of the Netherlands and King Constantine II of Greece 
  • They had all gathered to celebrate the wedding of Filippos Lemos and Marianna Goulandris near Hyde Park”

Why I note this is because the socialite bride wore these outlandish shoes below, Saturday, February , 2017, the topic of my post.  Would you choose them?  I know they’re all the rage, but I think they look more like something a lady of the evening may choose…but then, that’s just one girl’s opinion.  Continue reading for more shoe options…  🙂


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Ahhh…your shoes…traditional or funky wedding shoes?  If you’re like my daughters, all four, you may have a passion.  This means not only do you LOVE shoes, but that they are a very important part of your wedding ensemble.   If you’re getting married in the winter, perhaps a Valentine’s Day wedding, red just may be your shoe color – even if it’s not one of your wedding colors!

The shoes above are more probably paired with a pair of skinny jeans, but as I love to say, “There is no right or wrong when it comes to your wedding, as long as YOU like it!”  And as always, you must consider others’ feelings and sensibilities.  But shoes, who’s feelings are you going to hurt…unless a pair of killer heels will make you tower over your groom, and that makes HIM uncomfortable.  The shoes below…to die for.

Feeling a little strappy?  Look no further than the shoes below.  I can just see a delightful professional photo of the bride delicately lifting her wedding skirts and revealing these knock-outs!

Have a crazy vibe but still want a more traditional style?  The next pair is for you.  You have your classic pump, with a little – make that A LOT, of bling!

The next pair are not among my favorites.  With that much silver, you’d have to make sure your wedding jewelry matched. Even if you take a step out there, keep it together.

Of all the shoes on this post, the one below is my favorite.

Ah, the bow…I love bows.  My own wedding dress had the most delightful BIG bow on the back.  It was my favorite thing about my dress.  Had I seen these shoes all those years ago, I would have chosen them.

And red WAS my wedding color! Below is a photo of the back of my dress, (bow is obscured by my veil, but you might be able to catch a glimpse), being escorted down the aisle by my beloved father.

Shoe photos:

Colored Wedding Shoes – Ramp Up Your Look!


You COULD wear plain old white or ivory shoes as I did, OR you could take your wedding look to the next level with colored wedding shoes!  I LOVE this.  I imagine you can tell, as most of my blog headers feature a bride with fancy shoes.  If I were a new bride today, a shoes photo would be a must.  I ADORE the red shoes above.  My wedding colors were red and black.  These shoes would have been just perfect for me. I was a conventional bride, however, and wore white.  Wish I could have a redo!



A second choice would be the fabulous royal blue above.  I don’t like to see brides’ toes, though, so I don’t think I’d choose this particular shoe.

840c6ceff8350805dfdedb4a762dcef3 $29.99

Not sure you want a colored shoe, or even a heel for that matter?  But you DO want something over the top?  Consider the shoes in the snap above.  They are ultra festive, look relatively comfortable and believe it or not, retail for $ 29.99!  I’m not advertising them, but do want you to know that there are deals out there.  You just have to look.



I’m IN LOVE with these light blue shoes.  I do not image they are a deal. Ok…maybe THESE are the shoes I’d pick if I’d have a do over…  🙂  The color may be muted, but the rhinestones on the back rev it up!


Really want to step out, (no pun intended), of the box?  What about  patterned footwear like the ones above?  I’m not a huge fan, but to each his own.


And seriously…I think this may be my most loved idea of any.  How adorable to match up the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen’s shoes like this?  It’s not only cute, but extremely photo worthy!