The “Cutting” Wedding Cake

Ahhh, the cutting wedding cake …is the wave of the future?  Perhaps, for some.  For my daughters, the answer was no.  Both wanted the full-blown large traditional wedding cake.  Did we have a few extra desserts?  Yes, but the dessert focal point was the cake.  For the weddings I coordinated this summer, most brides chose to have only a “Cutting” Cake, and then SCRUMPTIOUS extra desserts.


Love the cake above.  Not only would it be the perfect cake for a couple to partake in the traditional ceremonial cake cutting, but it makes for lovely photos also.

imageMary P. Karnes photos

Above, the “cutting” wedding cake from The Airport Hanger Wedding.  Click on the link, if you’d like to read about a truly unique wedding.  The additional desserts were plentiful, and I think the guests liked the variety.  But what about saving the top tier or a potion of your wedding cake for your first anniversary?  Tradition has it that a couple is to eat at least a bite of their wedding cake on their first anniversary.  If you’d like to freeze a portion of your cake, click on the following link, and read a previous blog post on how to do so.  How To Preserve Your Wedding Cake


Mary P. Karnes photos

Another cute little cutting cake is pictured above.  Flowers are a good choice for a topper on these petite cakes.  More traditional toppers are designed for a full sized cake, and would dwarf the smaller version.  One of my favorite cakes of the smaller variety is pictured below.  A tiny cake need not be plain!


Cupcakes anyone?  Lots of brides choose to have cupcakes instead of a traditional cake. Looks like the bride who picked the ‘cake’ below decided to incorporate both a cake AND cupcakes. Don’t think you’ll save a lot of money using this style.  Cupcakes can be VERY expensive.  Still interested in wedding cupcakes?  Click on the link, Wedding Cupcakes and read about them in a previous blog post.


Defrosting the Top Of Your Wedding Cake

How To Be A Good Wedding Host

I wrote a couple of posts about being a good wedding guest…how about one about being a good host?  I was reading an article from she and it raised some good points.  I have taken a few topics from the article and will give you my perspective on the issues and perhaps some personal antidotes…

Please be sensitive to guests’ special needs, whether it be dietary or physical.  I’m working with a bride who’s wedding is approaching.  She has already assigned a special chair for an elderly guest on the end of an aisle.  It’s that type of thoughtfulness that your guests will remember.


Sadly, meal requests are often overlooked.  My aunt attended a wedding recently and was horrified to learn that the mother of the groom’s special meal was forgotten – she has a peanut allergy!  Not only insensitive, but deadly!  As the bride or hosts of the wedding, if you see that a guest has a special meal request, make a note of it in your wedding diary, and remember to remind the catering staff the week of the wedding.  Or better yet, have your wedding coordinator make that reminder call for you!


This came to me from my oldest daughter, who is entering the wedding frenzy era of her life.  Said my oldest, “I wish the bride and groom wouldn’t choose foods that aren’t notorious for sticking in your teeth!” “What exactly do you mean,” KK, I asked.  “Well, think how glue-like spinach is to your teeth, or how crackers with seeds seem to find their way into an unseemly spot!  Really!”  You know what, I agree!  Let’s avoid those foods!

Woman with lettuce in teeth, close up

“Cocktail Hour” is too long.


Ok, I know the above photo is the ideal place for a wedding reception cocktail hour.  But even it could get a little old if guests are waiting TOO long for the bridal couple to make their grand entrance.  Try to keep your “Cocktail Hour Photo Session” as short as possible.  Get as many individual shots as you can BEFORE the wedding.  This way the cocktail hour picture session can be reserved for the  bride and groom together, with their families, and attendants.


Keep Your Reception Fresh

There are many ways to keep your reception fresh.  If you’re engaged, and beginning the planning stages of your wedding…do your homework.  Read blogs, (especially this one!  🙂  ), go on, take notes of things you like at others’ weddings.  There is a reason certain styles and trends are “happenin’ “.  They work, are fun, well received, and thus repeated by brides at their own weddings.


Let’s face it.  Much of wedding reception enjoyment centers around food and drink.  So take a step out there.  Try something new.  And the wedding trend for 2016 is “original” food choices. Brides all over are trying “fun themed” cocktail food items, and even serving fancy Hors d’ oeuvres as their main course.


I just love the idea.  If you’d like to read more about it from a precious blog post, click on the link: Wedding Trends 2016  Not only are brides going the “Cocktail Hour” fare for their meals, they are finding new and creative ways to present it.  Take a look at the photo below, cute, huh?  And easy to eat as well.



One can also get creative with the bar.  Just a simple thing like the chocolate liquor cups above can lend a festive air to the end of the evening.  And it serves a duel purpose…another dessert!


The bride above is doing a good job of keeping HER reception fresh.  She has opted for a “Tea Length Gown”  very vintage, 50’s.  But if you have the ankles to pull it off, and it’s a daytime affair, why not?


And one of my favorite new options making a dramatic rise is the “Two-in-One” Wedding Dress!  I love this style.  A bride can have her fairy tale image of the big ball gown to walk down the isle, and then a completely different look for the reception — all in one dress!  If you’d like to read more about this trend taking the wedding world by storm, click on the link Two in One Wedding Dress




Food Truck Wedding?


A Food Truck Wedding? I was talking to a friend yesterday about her sister’s wedding. It was a GRAND affair, but the best party to be had, was the post-wedding party the next day on her family’s property catered by…FOOD TRUCKS!


If you’re lucky enough to have property for such an event, give some serious thought to an outdoor wedding. This creates issues, however. Where will your caterer set up shop? If you’re expecting 100 guests or more, your caterer will need a professional kitchen for heating and refrigeration.


Sound too complicated? Call in the food trucks! They are all the rage now, and what better way to have a variety than to hire multiple trucks? That way, you can have a little something for everyone. And if you want food trucks that supply cold food and drinks, some may even use a mobile freezer to bring your guests their ice cream for a hot Summer’s wedding! No muss, no fuss. All you’d have to clean up would be your guests’ refuse. An easy fix…just use lovely disposable service ware, and have multiple recycle/trash containers spread around.

Some food trucks can only travel short distances, as they may not be trusted to last a long drive, but don’t let this put you off or stop you from choosing some from further away – you could use a relocation company to ship the trucks to you. If the food is good enough, it’s worth getting them there! You can get a quote from one of the best vehicle shipping companies to see how it will fit into your budget.


I love the photo of the elegant tables above. So many options if you have the luxury of orchestrating the venue to your exact specifications, not someone else’s. But keep in mind…you must have a tent company on speed dial in case the weather looks dicey. For our daughter, Maggie’s, wedding, we ordered a tent two days before the event. I’m glad we did, as it rained buckets on her day — good luck they say. It rained on my wedding day too…and we’ve been happily married for 10 years — 32 in all —ha ha. 🙂 My husband’s joke… Really — 32 happy years.


I think the food item I’d relish most would be the variety of desserts. I know I’ve said in previous posts that all you need for dessert is the wedding cake…but if you’re going the food truck route, the more the merrier!


And one more MAJOR consideration…if you’re having an outdoor affair, and lots, of people — plan for the inevitable…You’ll need “port-a-potties”! You’re in luck, though. There are some unbelievable options these day. Just look at the two photos below!