Wedding Printed “Extras”



Wedding Printed “Extras” …do you need them?

In today’s age of technology – we rarely rely on printed material. Think about it. Many of us read books and magazine on a tablet, get our directions from Siri, or our car’s GPS. Who gets a paper newspaper anymore? Our news is obtained from the internet.

So do we really need printed invitations, maps, wedding programs? My opinion…yes. Let’s face it, lots can go wrong at a wedding. It’s best to trouble shoot BEFORE there’s a problem. And one place to start is to make sure your guests have a back-up plan to get where they need to get! ūüôā For both my daughters’ weddings, we debated printing maps, and ultimately decided against it. But then when I see the cute map above, and how it gives the guests a great visual of all the wedding festivities, I think I’d reconsider for future weddings. (I have two more daughters to marry off!) Siri and GPS are not fool-proof. It’s a good idea to check the cell service in the area around your wedding/reception. A friend suggested I could see about getting some bespoke maps or other printed materials done from somewhere like IPW1 for a future wedding.

What about wedding programs? I’m a big proponent of them. The top photo is of daughter, Maggie’s. Her wedding was more formal than daughter, Kathleen’s. And you can see it in the different program styles – KK’s is below. I wrote two blog posts about Wedding Programs. If you’d like to read them, just click on the links! Wedding Programs II


What about printed invitations and printed “Save the Dates”? I think yes to the invitations, no to “Save the Dates” (email is just fine for those – easy, and you can see right away if they’ve been read). It’s lovely to have a permanent keepsake. In today’s world, we are too streamlined. Our pictures are on our phones or computers, our addresses and calendars as well. Let’s enjoy the tactical pleasure of some paper every once in awhile!

And of course…you’ll want to frame your wedding invitation!


Wedding Programs


If you choose to have wedding programs, keep in mind that they can be as different as weddings and brides themselves. ¬†For example, look at the front and back of my daughter Maggie’s program, and then at my next bride’s, Kathleen’s. ¬†Night and Day. ¬†Maggie’s were much more formal, going along with her wedding style, whereas KK’s were more casual both in color and printing.










And KK’s programs served a dual purpose — yes, I had them made into fans. ¬†Although we had such lovely weather, and were not over warm at the church. ¬†How many to order? ¬†Well, we had several left over at Maggie’s wedding, so I ordered one per couple for Kathleen’s. ¬†We had plenty.

After searching the internet for the best program design and for the best deal, I chose a style from¬† We used this internet marketplace for many wedding items, and I was never disappointed. ¬†Purchased items ranged from ‘after ceremony headpieces’, (both girls), to invitations, wedding programs, and favors. The internet proprietors were professional and prompt, while still lending a personal touch.




I think I like having wedding programs from the girls’ weddings more for myself than for the guests. ¬†They are terrific keepsakes. ¬†Definitely something for the scrapbook‚Ķ and yes, I’m still a fan of the scrapbook. ¬†Both girls enjoyed looking at the one I toiled away on for my own wedding‚Ķ It was worth their admiration if for no other reason‚Ķ ¬†ūüôā

Wedding Program Ideas


Wedding program ideas – there are some fabulous ones available. ¬†Wedding Programs have become de rigor for formal weddings these days. ¬†My daughter, Maggie, had a beautiful one – very formal. ¬†I’m thinking of something a little more fun for my next bride, daughter Kathleen.

I think the program above is adorable. ¬†Not only is it functional, but it’s entertaining to look at.


What about the next program? ¬†It follows the new trend of the “duel purpose” program. ¬†It gives all the vital information of the wedding principals, songs, and order of events‚ĶAND provides a pocket for a tissue‚Ķaaaahhh!! ¬†ūüôā


The same is true for the next program.  Upon your departure, will your guests throw birdseed, rice, or confetti?  Choose the wedding program above, and the confetti is already included!  No need to add a separate step and ask a trusted friend/family member to distribute the confetti!  Guests will already have it in their program.  The confetti makes it pretty, too!


Planning a summer wedding? ¬†Think guests may be a little warm as they wait for your arrival or enjoy the ceremony? ¬†The ‘Wedding Program Fan’ is the perfect answer! ¬†Not only does it display all you’ll ever want to know about the wedding you’re witnessing, but if can be a functional fan as well! ¬†I think I may want to talk my daughter, Kathleen, into this option. ¬†She’s planning a summer wedding, and we could lighten this program up a little with bright colors on the ink and ribbon.


As entertaining as you think your wedding is – potentially guests could be bored. ¬†No problem! ¬†They can whip out their wedding program and do this crossword puzzle! ¬†The downside, each guest would need a pencil. ¬†And don’t forget the super creative person who’d have to design the puzzle and fashion it to highlight the bride and groom.

My personal thoughts? ¬†Spend the few extra bucks and provide a wedding program for your guests. ¬†You’ll be glad you did…