Things You Might Not Have Thought of For Your Wedding Day

Here are a few things you should think of before your wedding day …

  1. Try on your dress a week before the wedding! There may be a missing snap, a strap may need to be sewn, there could be a little makeup transferred from you to the dress the last time you tried it on (that can be easily removed if done properly and you have time!)


Hannah Colt Photos

2. Consider more than one pair of shoes for your big day.  Slippers to pad around in while getting ready, ceremony shoes, and dancin’ shoes!  One of my daughters chose the Keds below.  She danced all night and her feet never hurt!


3. Schedule a meet with both your DJ and your photographer two weeks before your wedding.  That way you can select your music, and inform your photographer of “Must Have Shots”.


Patty Cloherty Photos –

Alright, I’ll admit the above photo is a candid taken by the groom’s aunt.  But some things can’t be staged.  Loved the look my son-in-law is giving my daughter…


Hannah Colt Photos

But perhaps you dream of a photo such as the one above…plan it out!

4. Get your ring STEAM cleaned.  No jewelry sparkles more than with a good stream clean.  I took time to do so on my wedding day, and I’m glad I did – although probably should have done it the day before…


Photo creds: Photographer from Honeymoon in Jamaica

5. If you’re leaving the country for your honeymoon, locate your passport at least a week before your wedding.  If you have to get an emergency one, you’ll have time.  For more on that disaster potential, read bout my own story… The Lost Passport   That link is only part of the story…if you’d like to find out how it ends, you’ll have to go on a mini-scavenger hunt on this blog to find part II…  🙂



Do You Have These Wedding Shots?

When you have your final meeting with your wedding photographer, whether you’re getting a Wedding Photographer by Fame Park Studios or asking your friend to do it for you as a favor to save money, you may want to make sure these shots are scheduled. (A step back for a moment…make sure you have pre-wedding meeting with your wedding photographer to discuss photos that are a MUST for you 🙂 )


A romantic profile of the bride, preferably with your headpiece.


Dramatic pose. Drama doesn’t need to be outdoors, but the venue is an easy way to achieve a stunning pose. Ever wonder how my daughter, Kathleen’s veil had such a perfect lift? It wasn’t windy that day…maybe someday soon I’ll tell… 🙂 Photos #1 and #2 Hannah Colt


Bridesmaids, on their own…and a photo of their hairstyle is always a good choice. That’s my youngest, Julia, and the photo was taken by yours truly.


The wedding cake – especially if it’s a super special one the the one above, (Mary P Karnes photo)

photo 2-60

This photo, of daughter, Maggie’s wedding cake, was taken by the lovely Patty Cloherty, aunt of my son-in-law Rob. A beautiful cake, and beautiful photo.


Groom’s boutonniere – No, they may not be as important as the bride’s bouquet, but they are still quite meaningful. Don’t forget a photo! (Mary P Karnes photos)


Special signs, personal touches that make your wedding yours (Mary P Karnes)


The bouquet – Yes, everyone gets a shot of their bouquet, but discuss ways to make your photo unique. I think KK’s wedding photographer, (photo Hannah Colt), achieved her goal in the pictures above.


Post ceremony joy – Don’t forget some more casual shots, of those, (your bridesmaids), who have supported you though out your wedding journey. (Mary P Karnes)


Wedding party – Especially your parents. You will treasure these photos in the years to come…


And finally…maybe this was not on your mind, but it’s a good one choice…the church or wedding venue before anyone is there… (Last 2 Photos – Patty Cloherty)




Wedding Vendors List




Ah…the wedding vendors list… So you’ve booked your ceremony site, the venue, ordered your dress, picked out your colors. What’s next?  Choose your florist, then get your DJ, photographer, and photo-booth.  But everything does not have to be done yesterday.

I had a quick conversation with some friends of one of my kids this summer.  The couple got engaged in June, 2014, with a wedding date of August 2015.  In one week, they had booked the venue, DJ, and photographer – all companies acquired from a wedding expo.  None included personal references.  Yes it is important to get vendors scheduled as soon as possible, but not at the expense of quality.  I’m not knocking wedding expos.  If one has the tenacity, and strength, much info can be gathered.  All may be fine with this couple’s choices, but the unknown is still present.  Nothing beats personal references.




Another cautionary tale regarding photos, especially from the photographer and photo booth.  The images the photographer takes of you and your guests belong to him/her.  If you don’t want them to be their property, that needs to be negotiated in your contract.  At least try to acquire some sort of approval over what is published.  Once again, read the fine print.




And when you get around to the florist…review that contract carefully as well.  Make sure the EXACT type of flowers you desire are notated.  Double check that the correct number of corsages and boutonnieres are ordered, as well are the proper color.  Ask that each flower grouping is tagged with the recipient’s name.  We did not ask for this service with Maggie’s wedding, and not only was I not present when the flowers arrived and were dispensed, I had forgotten what was ordered for whom!  It may seem like a little thing…but it will make your wedding day flow more smoothly.

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