Blue Jewelry For Your Wedding?

I wrote a post about Blue Wedding Shoes, (if you’d like to read it, just click on the link), but how about blue jewelry for your wedding?  We all know the old saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”  It seems to be one of the traditions that most brides are still adhering to.  Lots of brides are choosing blue wedding shoes, both my daughters did.  I love this idea!  But how about blue jewelry?  Love, love the ring below.

East-West London Blue Topaz Fashion Ring - Flat View - 103762 - Thumbnail #fashionring

White gold, diamond, platinum and sapphire bands

Want to go with a gemstone that is a little more traditional?  The above photo with all the sapphires makes my heart swoon!  I love rings that I can stack.

Beading Tutorial Emerald Earrings Jewelry Tutorial Bead | Etsy

If you choose to go necklace free, then these earrings are for you.  I’m not a fan of BOTH necklaces AND earrings, unless are very understated.  You want your guests, to focus on you, not your jewelry.  Remember, your jewelry should compliment you and your style, not dominate it.

More rings above.  I do think I prefer the sapphires mixed with diamonds…


Stack 'em up! Love the classic combination of diamond and sapphire bands with an Art Deco engagement ring. Click to see more eternity bands.

If I had it to do over again, I’d choose a wedding band with colored stones.  I love the combination above.  Remember, as with all things in your wedding, there is not right or wrong, unless you hurt feelings.  Your wedding day is all about your choices and your taste.  So have fun with it!  Take a step on the wild side if you want.  No matter what you’re choosing, from food to venue, if you like it, and your fiance does, go for it!  Hopefully, this is a once in a life time event.  Don’t have second thoughts!

Pearls For Your Wedding?

Pearls for your wedding?  Pearls are definitely classic bridal jewelry.  There is nothing more traditional or classic.  I love pearls I have collected so many strands throughout my life that I was able to gift each of my four daughters a strand and still have two left  for myself.  Below is my favorite necklace.  It’s an old-fashioned design of graduated pearls.  You can’t see it in this image, but they have a subtle rose glow.  An old fashioned saying is: “If you wish to impress someone, wear your pink pearls.”  Did I wear pearls on my wedding day?  Yes I did.  I wore the strand I received for my 18th birthday, which I have since gifted my oldest daughter and a second necklace composed of a pendent set with diamonds.  It included a pear shaped pearl dangling from it.  Kathleen received this as well for her 30th birthday and will gift it to her daughter, Lily, to wear on her wedding day.

The necklace below is a compromise between the traditional and a little more contemporary style.  I love it.  And the best of all?  It’s costume jewelry and won’t break the bank.

Don’t fancy wearing a pearl necklace or even a necklace at all?  What about a bracelet?  The one below is exquisite!  It would go perfectly with a gown that was a little more simple.  Do you have an elaborate dress?  Then perhaps you may wish to choose a piece of jewelry that is not so intricate.

What if you, or your groom wish to purchase pearls?  Do you know what you should look for and what to be wary of?  Above is a comprehensive chart that can get you on your way.  When considering price look for pearl size, color, shape, surface and luster.

Think pearls are always of a whitish hue?  You would be wrong!  Check out all the beautiful colors in the chart above.  Are they my favorite?  No, but then it’s a very personal choice isn’t it?  Enjoy!

The Wedding Bracelet


The Wedding Bracelet …

With the birth of each child,  my husband presented me a piece of jewelry in the baby’s birthstone.  It is my intention to give this jewelry to each girl on her wedding day.

Maggie, my second daughter, was born in April.  Her birthstone is diamond.  My gift from her father on the day of her birth was the diamond tennis bracelet – lying on it’s side in the picture to the right (wish Maggie had photographed it flat so the stones would sparkle…).

I really don’t know what I envisioned when I thought of presenting it to her, but the way it happened was not on my radar…

Well — let’s go back a little.  There was that glitch in the wedding prep that I still have yet to divulge, the morning of the wedding.  (Since originally writing this blog post, I have divulged the secret… If you’d like to read about it, click on the following links). Last Year’s Wedding BlooperWedding Secret Part II  , Wedding Secret Part III . Although the wedding started right on time, I was discombobulated from the unplanned event.  I had the bracelet in it’s satin pouch ready on my desk to present to Maggie….and forgot it.  (Remember, the female bridal party was at the Hilton taking pictures.  Other family members were at our home).


I called my husband, and asked him, ever so sweetly, to please bring the bracelet to St Paul’s.  He did.

We, the six bridesmaid, the bride, and I, arrived at the church at 2:50 PM.  We had been instructed to wait inside the limo until 2:59 PM.  I dashed out of the limo, (don’t forget it’s raining), ran into the church, texted my Kenny, hugged a few friends, and he met me with the bracelet.  I ran back to the limo, crawled in, duck-walked in the low ceiling of the car to the back, and put the bracelet on Maggie’s wrist without shedding a tear.  No…it was not my vision, but the joy of the moment was perfect…

Photos: Pretty bridesmaids in the limo…  🙂

Wedding Earrings

Wedding Earrings !

beda1af99b332269537b26f7937965d4-2 –

Have you given much thought to your earrings? I’m sure you will eventually…but don’t wait till the last minute.  They are more important that you may think… The earrings above demand a formal venue, and a dress that is not over the top.  Otherwise, they will be lost, or your look will be ‘overdone’.  I like the pearl and rhinestone combo.


Hannah Colt photos

Next up are earrings that my daughters wore.  Both Kathleen and Maggie wore the above earrings.  I think, like my headpiece, it has become a tradition.  I would be so honored if my younger two daughters would continue.

il_570xN.860201413_2spa –

Maybe you’ll choose a colored stone in your earrings to match your wedding color scheme?  These are lovely and lend an air of sophistication, and are quite striking.  Perhaps you just want to embrace a beach-like feel?  These do the trick!


Found on

Don’t forget your bridesmaids.  Some brides care if their attendants jewelry match, some don’t.  But if you do…consider jewelry as your bride’s gift to them.  Then out of obligation they will wear the gift, and MATCH!  🙂  (As you are probably are aware, rose gold is the new platinum — and much cheaper!)


Dangly earrings not for you?  Perhaps you desire a bit of bling, but not too much.  The above earrings are perfect then.  They are respectfully dazzling, but still in the style of a stud.


Found on

And this last pair…just because I think they are so beautiful.  I am more of an understated type of gal, but these are exquisite.  (And while obviously not diamonds, these “faux” earrings are not cheap – $400.00  retail!) However, if earrings of this dazzle are worn, I think a bride should give considerable consideration to wearing no necklace.  Remember, less is often more — in decoration as well…