Mother of the Bride Hairstyles

Ah… Mother of the Bride Hairstyles …

Of COURSE all eyes will be on the bride, as well they should be…  But do we, mothers of the bride, give enough thought to our own appearance as that of our daughters?


Remember, you will be featured in all those family photos too, and you’ll want to look your best.  Chances are better than 50/50 that you won’t have the long hair of your youth to play with. Consider stepping out of your comfort zone 3-4 months ahead of the wedding, and booking a “trial” hair appointment with someone new.


Maybe he/she can do something special/different  like the photo above.  And if you don’t like the new effort, well then just have your regular stylist take care of you on the wedding day.  You’re only out the cost of a blow out.



Another option, and I did this at both my daughters’weddings, is to place some sort of ornament in your hair like the one above.  Mine wasn’t as much of a statement piece as this, but it was pretty and gave me some flair.


This is my favorite hair style of the four shown.  In fact I’m taking it to my stylist to show her when the next daughter is married! I’ll even have a few bangs cut to mimic it.  I like the softness the hair feathering the model’s face achieves.  It’s elegant while still being special.


And how did I wear my hair for my girls’ weddings? Sadly, the way I always do, but some would say that’s not a bad idea.  You look like “you”, then, in pictures. I danced so hard at the reception in the photo above, my hair fell down, but at least it didn’t rain, as it did on daughter number two’s day.  My hair definitely lost some body due to that.  Four words — ‘high humidity hair spray!’ ?

Photos #1-4

Photo #5 Hannah Colt

One Last ‘Mother of the Bride’ Blooper


I do believe I promised you one last ‘Mother of the Bride’ blooper… 🙂

But before I begin, please learn from my ‘close to disaster experience’.  I booked my two younger daughters’ wedding hair appointments about 10 weeks before the wedding at my regular salon along, with mine.  They did all our hair last year for daughter, Maggie’s wedding.  They did a great job. I won’t mention the salon this year, as my experience wasn’t as happy.

What happened?  Well, I called two weeks before the wedding to confirm all appointments, (bride, Kathleen, and Matron-of-Honor, Maggie, went to ‘The Strand’ in Glastonbury and had wonderful results).  Guess what?  Our three appointments had been moved from 10:00 AM, to 2:00 PM.  The wedding was at 4:30.  Not nearly enough time to have our hair done, dress, and get to the hotel for pre-wedding photos.  Was this the first time I checked on the appointments?  No.  I also called 4 weeks prior to the event.  At that time, our appointments were STILL at 10:00 AM.  I just couldn’t understand how this could happen!!!  I made my panic known, and was accommodated, kind of… they double booked Julia and me.  It all worked out, but I as not happy.

When we arrived at the salon, I do believe I discovered the reason our appointment was moved.  There was another wedding party there.  They had a party of 6-8, and I guess their big group trumped our smaller one.  I was not happy and discussed the situation with one of the owners.  She of course, denied it, stating they had booked “…A LONG time ago”.  Not before I had, I’m sure… All I know for certain, is my end of the situation…when I booked it, and the two confirmation calls I made.  Let’s just say, I probably will be booking my next cut with “The Strand.”  The take away for you, dear readers, keep checking-in with your vendors.  And maybe tip better…could THAT be the reason I was bumped?  Am I not the best tipper??  🙂

I hate to say it, but I have hit my word count for today, but I PROMISE next time to tell you about my final “Mother of the Bride” blooper…



Wedding Hair


The bride’s and her wedding attendants’ wedding hair… yes…it’s a big deal.  I was listening to a popular radio show the other morning.  This particular station does listener “Phone Taps” – more commonly known as phone pranks.  The prank that morning was being performed on a bride by one of her bridesmaids.  This bride requested NONE of her bridesmaids had so much as a trim 10 months prior to her wedding.  So the bridesmaid told the bride, “Don’t hate me, Jennifer, but I got a pixie cut.”  The bride went ballistic!


In the top photo, you see my daughter, Kathleen, and her groom, Tyler. Yes, KK is holding a fishing pole.  They both love to fish, and wanted to capture their hobby in their wedding photos.  But for the sake of this blog, please focus on her hair.  She chose to wear HER hair down.  The bridesmaids were instructed to wear theirs up.  I think it makes for a nice contrast from bride to attendants.  The next photo showcases my own youngest daughter, Julia.  I love her look.


My second daughter, Matron of Honor, Maggie is in the next photo.  I liked how her stylist put her hair up, but still left some soft tendrils around her face.  Of course, you really can’t see that from the view I’ve provided, but you’ll have to take my word for it.  🙂


And last up is the lovely Alyssa, the groom’s cousin.  Even though Alyssa’s hair isn’t as long as Julia and Maggie’s, her stylist made her undo look beautiful and full.  There were two other bridesmaids in our wedding party.  One wouldn’t let me take her picture, (read daughter number 3, Tess)  🙂  and the other hadn’t arrived at the time of this photo shoot, but their hair was every bit as lovely.

Top Photo: Hannah Colt

Photos# 2,3,4 – Mary P Karnes

Wedding Hairstyles


chignon – Above photo – Love the two-tone color look!

How will you wear your hair for your wedding?  Best advice… pick out a wedding hair style in advance, and be realistic – yes it may be beautiful in a picture, but is your hair long and thick enough?  More food for thought…if you usually wear your hear down, are you sure you want an undo?  Just as you do not want your makeup to deviate too much for your everyday look, you don’t want your hair to either.    Next, make your appointment early so you can book your favorite stylist.  When your veil comes in, make a “Dry-Run appointment”.  Take your mother or maid of honor with you in case she is required on the big day to attach your veil/headpiece.  Maybe take a video on your phone on to remember how your stylist attaches it.  Be certain to protect your fragile veil with plenty of protective wrap.  And don’t forget that if may also need a steam, as well as your dress, before your wedding day.  It’s not really something you want to “iron” at the last minute!


Will you wear flowers or some sort of other adornment for the reception?  I kept my veil on during our entire reception.  What a pain.  I highly recommend removing it.  But I also think an embellishment of some sort is flattering.   If you choose to wear flowers, silk holds up better than fresh.

I am happy to announce…KK will very probably be wearing my headpiece!  It goes beautifully with her dress and veil..fingers crossed!




I really like how this veil is attached under the bride’s undo.  Only thing to consider, she really can’t incorporate a “blusher”, (the veil covering a bride’s face), with this look.  But maybe that is not important to this bride.  Without a veil covering her hair, one surely has the ability to admire her beautiful hair.


Image #1

Image #2

Image #3