Must Your Centerpieces Match?

Must your centerpieces match?  I always thought so, being more or a “Matchy-Match typer of person” (limited originality from me!), …but then when we attended Jennifer and Fred’s wedding last Sunday, it became apparent to me that, no they don’t.  Look at all the variety of arrangements in the following photos.  Yes, they color scheme was the same, shades of blue, and the flowers all hydrangeas, but they were all different.


IMG_9620-2Look at the photo on the right.  This display was on one of the food station tables.  It’s so eclectic.  I would have never thought of putting these two items together, but it works.  And do you know what the  green “Vase” is in the picture above?  I didn’t, and when I commented on it, a friend told me – was told it’s an ocean buoy!  Beautiful!  And it fit in perfect with the wedding’s nautical theme.





The guest tables all had centerpieces like the following photos below.  The were similar, but different – sometimes subtlety.  Some sported just blue hydrangeas, some blue and white.  The all had the beautiful blue vases, but not all the shapes were the same.  And while all had a “Starfish” somewhere on the table, the location varied of that too.  One centerpiece even had the sea creature in the blooms.


Some vases were dressed with twine, others, a wire cage housed the arrangement.  The blue and white theme was always upheld, however.  And the bridesmaid dresses…well let’s just say they were my favorite shade of blue.  Next post will return to daughter KK and Tyler’s day, but I’m not done with this wedding.  Too many lovely ideas to share!







All photos: Mary P Karnes








Wedding Flowers


Wedding flowers and music —  two of the most important presentations to be made at any wedding.  Janice, mother of the groom, picked up the baton of theses two curial factors and ran with them!

First the flowers…through the process of writing a blog, I have viewed many, many pictures of wedding flowers.  I haven’t seen any prettier than the ones Janice and KK chose.  In the photo above, you see KK and Tyler at the alter, actually saying their vows.  To KK’s left, you see the exquisite alter flowers.


The new Mr and Mrs… walking down the aisle as man and wife.  This photo shows KK’s bouquets off to a good advantage.  I love how it doesn’t overwhelm her — she’s a little woman.  The flowers are varied and give the bouquet a multi-level dimension.


The bridesmaids bouquets are modeled by my own Tess and Julia, sisters of the bride.  I love the variety of all the flowers, but yet how they work so well together.  There was just enough peach in the bouquets to make them pop.


This photo is so KK and Tyler – relaxed, happy, and so were their attendants.  Their exuberance is definitely highlighted in this shot.  And when it comes to giving photo creds…they belong to me, with the exception of the top photo, (which was captured by one of KK’s girlfriends), on my tiny iPhone.  Hasn’t technology advanced?  Wow…is all I can say!


The last picture above – life long best friends…KK and  her “little” sister, Matron of Honor, Maggie.  I love this picture, just like the girls…And yes, I love the flowers you chose, Janice and KK – job well done.  The music, wow!  Janice hired a string trio to play all the wedding music, and the most beautiful cantor to sing all the responses in the Mass.  I was so happy for the couple, I had no tears, but the sweetness of the music…well that made my eyes well…



Corsages and Boutonnieres



Corsages and Boutonnieres …the all important flowers…  My third daughter, Tess, attended her high school ‘Senior Ball’ last night.  It is much less formal that Junior Prom.  Most of the girls wear a short dress, the guys a sport coat.  I love this.  Tess’ dress is actually something she can wear again.  They all looked quite dapper, quite chic! But some things don’t change…the time honored tradition of corsages and boutonnières.  Ladies, do you know how to pin on a gentleman’s boutonniere?  This is an important skill to learn, especially if your groomsmen will be wearing them at your wedding.  Although you, the bride, will certainly not be pinning them on!  You will just have the knowledge to instruct.


In the photo above, you see Tess pinning on her date, Shane’s, boutonniere.  According to my expert – our local florist – 🙂  – place the blossom on the left lapel of the young man’s jacket, and from behind the lapel, inset one pin through the flower’s stem and into the lapel.  Repeat with a second pin, crossing the first.  This should securely hold the boutonniere in place.



What about that corsage?  In the above photo, Tess’ corsage is showcased.  Its gorgeous!  Shane did a fantastic job, not only with the color and flower selection, but notice the lovely bracelet the blooms are attached to.  It’s much prettier, and I’m sure much more comfortable, that the elastic bands I wore to my own events —  DECADES ago —  I wouldn’t be surprised it the flowers can be removed, preserved, and the bracelet worn again…

Corsages with a keepsake bracelet might be a nice gift from the bride to the important women in her life.  Instead of just a bloom that dries and is gone, the bride’s honored guests would have a momento of her special day.

Photo #1 and #2 Amy Mack

Photo #3 Mary P Karnes

Make Your Bouquet YOURS



How will you make your bouquet YOURS?  When you start to think about this, and do a little research, there are actually many ways.  The above photo, with the remnants of a wedding veil, MUST have a story…my guess is that the bride is honoring a beloved family member who was unable to attend her wedding – maybe a mother or grandmother?

A bride’s bouquet is a beautiful way to add a sentimental wisp of whimsy to your wedding.


How about the lavender and white bouquet above?  I love the pearl necklace woven through the blossoms.  I’m sure it has some special meaning, belonged to someone dear to the bride.



The white ball of flowers above is embellished with vintage rhinestone broaches.  Broaches?  You know…the pins older ladies used to wear.  Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England, is a serial broach wearer. 🙂

The image of the white bouquet offers the best of both worlds.  Not only it does sport gorgeous blooms, but it showcases a “flower” rhinestone broach.


I have an inkling that butterflies have a place in this bride’s heart — her bouquet above is very whimsical.  And what about my own darling daughter, Kathleen, aka, “KK”?  What will she do to “make her bouquet her own”?  Well, I’ll spill a little secret…  My father is quite the artist, of many medias.  One project took his fancy.  He made all different types of jewelry fobs out of abalone shell.  One piece was of a butterfly that he gifted to my mother.  KK will incorporate this lovely moment into her bouquet.  It will be big enough to be seen, but not as large as the butterflies above.  It will hold a place of honor while still being subtle.  I think it will be very special.
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