Outrageous Wedding Bouquets



Most brides have a wedding budget.  She must pick what means the most to her.  Maybe it’s music.  Maybe it’s entertainment.  And maybe…it’s flowers.  Will you choose an outrageous wedding bouquet? Some brides will.  Bouquets cost anywhere from $150.00 (modest), to well over $ 1,000 –  depending on location, (the exact same wedding flowers in Beverly Hills will cost more than those in Bismarck, North Dakota), and types of blooms.   Always, ALWYAS choose flowers in season.  You will spend far less if you do so.


Perhaps flowers are your thing.  If you choose to make your bouquet your focal point instead of say, your dress, then be outrageous!  Spending an additional $ 300 on your bridal flowers is much less than an additional $ 3,000 on a blowout dress!


Photos # 1, 2, 3 belle the magazine

When designing your bouquet, or directing your florist to do so, there are a few things to keep in mind. One, is your dress elaborate?  Will an over the top bouquet over-shadow your dress?


chic vintage brides

Are you a petite bride, or is your figure more statuesque?  While the bouquet like the one above is fabulous, it would overwhelm the tiny bride.  As a side note… I LOVE the red bouquet.  I’ve always been a fan of a dramatic splash of color against the bride’s white gown. As a bride today, that would be my choice.



If you just HAVE to have a dramatic bouquet, then maybe the one above is for you.  While I do favor bright colors against a light background, if your flowers are over-large, then perhaps subtle colors are the way to go.  And the gentle tapering of the bouquet makes is more manageable.


style me pretty

Not sure which I like better, the chair above, or the flowers – a lovely picture.  Don’t forget to ask your photographer to create some artistic photos around your flowers.



Unusual Use of Wedding Flowers!

Flowers are the MOST important decorating feature of your wedding.  How you use them is up to you. Remember…no one says you have to be conventional about it!  Love, love how these hydrangeas are arranged in the photo below.  Quite striking!  I sometimes forget that these flowers are from a tree/shrub.  These arrangements punctuates that fact.


mimosa flowers.com

What about taking a conventional flower like the yellow sunflower…and dying it pink?  I’m not sure how one would accomplish this, but I sure like the effect!  I think sometimes this lovely flower is not used because its natural yellow is so strong – but this pink shade would be very versatile.



The bride below is exquisite.  Her choice of floral headpiece is perfect for a casual/outdoor wedding.  The downside, she wouldn’t be able to save it for HER daughter to wear…  Both my two older daughters wore my bridal headpiece.  If you’d like to read about that, click on the link: My Wedding Headpiece  and you’ll be directed to that blog post.  🙂


bridal musings.com

Unsure how to decorate your guests’ chairs, or designate an isle?  Try something like the mason jar flower pots!  Not only are they perfect for a casual wedding, but the water filled vessels will keep the blooms fresh throughout your entire wedding.



The garland below is so festive!  It’s the greenery that makes this look.  The actual flowers are just adornments, but their bright spacing among the greenery makes the garland pop.



And really…could you find anything more spectacular that this wall of flowers?  I think it would make the perfect photography backdrop.  Just image how perfect the bride’s dress would look in from of all those gorgeous flowers. Remember…your flowers don’t need to be real….your decoration options using flowers is endless.






DIY Boutonnieres




I think these DIY Boutonnieres are some of the prettiest I have ever seen.  If you want something a little different for your groomsmen/honored gentlemen, try some of these delightful DIY Boutonnieres.


Found on colincowieweddings.com

Wine corks have long been used for many more purposes than the intended sealing of wine bottles.  I love how someone designed the boutonnieres above using a cork as its base. And each could be unique as well, because no two corks are the same, — well neither are flowers!



Would you like something that would last forever?  Well consider these gorgeous felt flowers.  I love them, but frankly, I’d have a difficult time making them…and I bet they’d cost a fortune to have a seamstress create…maybe you have a super talented friend or relative?



And you know I have a fondness for succulents.  I love this style of flower.  Very masculine, and unique.


Found on confettidaydreams.com

Planning a country wedding with a casual flair?  Then these boutonnierers are for you!  They appear to be time consuming to create, but they ARE one of a kind.


Found on projectwedding.com

Or maybe you desire something understated, but sparkly – say for a formal evening event?  Then the above adornment is perfect. Some of your groomsmen may scoff at its delicateness, but it’s pretty and surely wouldn’t be cumbersome on the dance floor.


Found on colincowieweddings.com

The above button boutonnierer is adorable, but I doubt it would hold much appeal for men. Not so the one below.  I imagine it would be a big hit among your male attendants.


Found on uniqueeventdesign.blogspot.com

Whatever you chose, it would be thoughtful to allow your groom to have some imput into this decision.  Afterall, most of the choices are yous…  🙂











Elevated Wedding Flowers



Found on modwedding.com

Elevated Wedding Flowers … What’s old is new again, right?  Their style comes and goes in waves.  The once trendy, and some still think ‘over the top’ style of elevated wedding flowers – centerpieces – has come back into vogue.  I think they’re lovely, even if others have panned them as ‘too much’ (think Marla Maples’ wedding to Donald Trump – which WAS a little gauche – no politics here, just an observation).


Found on funnyweddingmedia.com

But there are several advantages to the elevated centerpiece.  They’re beautiful, and you can still see the person seated across from you.  Your florist can also employ many different blooms, as these arrangements tend to be very large.  The downside, they can be costly.  In the 90’s when this stye was all the rage, brides tried to out do each other. Flowers were a great platform  to make a bold statement.


Found on funnyweddingmedia.com

Don’t discount the pluses of these giant centerpieces because you are afraid of presenting a gaudy image.  They can be done tastefully.  If you choose this style, just make sure your florist is on the same page as you.  Tell her you want beauty and grace, not “Dallas” – remember that television show?  🙂


Found on bellethemagazine.com

You wedding flowers are a key part of your decor.  Make sure you get exactly what you want. Your florist is there to please you.


Found on colincowieweddings.com





Found on bellethemagazine.com



Found on projectwedding.com
Of all these lovely photos, the one above is my favorite.  Can you sense a theme here?  I do love succulents.  I think the addition to this arrangement adds an air of approachability.  The greenery on the guest plate inserts a nice touch as well.  And the bride chose to have some lower blooms on the table in addition.  Too much?