10 Things To Do On Your Wedding Day


I was researching a list of “The Ten Most Important Things To Do On Your Wedding Day” and found some great lists — which I will share with you soon in a post.  But then I thought, “HEY!”  I have some good ideas myself!  So here is my list of 10 Things To Do On Your Wedding Day … All Photo Creds: Hannah Colt

  1. Take a picture with your mother…or your grandmother, or a special aunt, or a sister.  There is a certain tenderness captured when a bride has a photo with her female role model…ditto one with your dad, or a special “father figure”image
  2. Thank your planner — and I don’t mean your professional one, (if you’re lucky enough to have one), I mean the family member who made it happen.image
  3. Close your eyes, breath, take a moment to soak it in.  You won’t have a day like this again…ever.  Even if you remarry, you’ll only have one first wedding.  image
  4. Tell your new husband you love him.  You only get a first for that on your wedding day, too.image
  5. Remember those not there… Whether not with us in this world, or just far away…image
  6. Greet all  your guests image
  7. Sign your own guest book
  8. Eat!!  Hard to do, you’re excited, everyone wants to talk to you, but EAT! image
  9. Don’t drink…at all.  You will enjoy your wedding much more, and remember it if you do not.  I chose to not drink at either of my daughters’ weddings, and it was a good call.  I think I was a better hostess.
  10. Accept that something will go wrong, because it will.  Don’t let it ruin your day. image

Don’t Forget 10 Things POST Ceremony

Don’t Forget 10 Things Post Ceremony …

Linda Dipropeazio, from the article, “10 Things Brides Forget To Do After Their Wedding Ceremony” from she finds.com makes a great list of things a bride often forgets to do…and I’ve added personal narrative to her worthy catalog.

Don’t Forget To…

  1.  Hydrate…that being said, you’ll have to use the ladies room.  Don’t put this off.  It’s awkward, but needs to be done!


www.roadsideamerica.com   How about this “His and Hers Fancy Outhouse”?  

2)  Retouch your make-up.  Lots of photos will be taken – from your photographer to every wedding guest with a  smart phone — and that’s EVERYONE!  I suggest tasking a reliable female guest, (think your mother), with putting a few touch-up items in her “Mother of the Bride” essential kit.  Click on the following link to see what I put in my kit.  Mother of the Bride Kit


Above the fantastic bag my friends, Tammy and Nancy, gave me for my birthday…

3)  Spend some alone time with your groom and soak in the specialness of your day…and each other.  I think a “sweetheart table” is good for this purpose.  My second daughter, Maggie, and her husband, Robert, chose to NOT have a sweetheart table.  They did take a moment away from all the hustle an bustle after dinner though.


Above, KK and Tyler’s “Sweetheart Table”

4) Eat Something!  Both caters at our daughters’ weddings were top notch at providing fare for the wedding party and family during cocktail hour.   We were taking pictures, while the guests enjoyed food and drink.  They made sure we did too!


Family and Groomsmen enjoying cocktail Hour between Photo calls at KK and Tyler’s wedding.

5)  Either Wear Comfortable Shoes all Day, or stick a change in that wonderful “Mother of the Bride Kit” you packed!  Remember, you want to dance all night!


Hannah Colt Photos

Above you’ll see the shoes KK changed into after her wedding ceremony.  A smart move.  She had her dress hemmed for flats, so there was no worries that her dress would drag if she changed into these cuties (of course when your shoe size is a diminutive size 6, anything’s cute…).  Maggie and I both wore our heels all night at our weddings.  And if our feel hurt, neither of us remembers…

Oh my!  It looks as if I am out of time and room…I promise to finish the list of the remanding items next time…really!  🙂





Advice to My Daughter


Advice to my daughter…

On your wedding day, my daughter Kathleen, you will inherit the platinum art deco engagement ring of your great-grandmother.  Tradition dictates that it goes to the first born daughter of each new generation.  While not of great monetary value, it is great of sentiment.

I was so concerned, during my tenure with the ring, of protecting it for the next generation, that I rarely wore it.  Yes it is old and fragile, being just twelve years shy of it’s century mark, but wear it.

I will pass the ring on to you on your wedding day, as it was to me from my mother, but while I do so with a glad heart, I also feel a mild sense of loss.  I really don’t know the ring, and never made it mine.  Make it yours, wear it, enjoy it, and all the while, take good care.  It was your dear Great-Grams, after all…In the photo above, my Grandmother, KK’s Great-Gram, is pictured with my mother.  Mom is about three. Below is “Great-Gram” in her later years.  Our youngest, little Julia her name-sake, is kissing her.  My Dad is holding little Julia.


And start a new tradition…I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Grammie will share the beautiful abalone butterfly Gramps made for her, which you will attach in your bridal bouquet.  Hopefully, future generations will follow suit…


My Dad took the picture above of my mother well before I was born.  Mom was quite a fisherwoman!  She is a true natural honey blond – she is where KK get’s her coloring…well from her dad too.   I can’t take all the credit.  🙂


And above…the beautiful butterfly carving from abalone shell made by my father for my mother.  To be showcased in a bridal bouquet… what a romantic start for a lovely piece.

Photos # 1 Unknown

Photo # 2 Mary P Karnes

Photo # 3  Bill Paredes Photos

Photo # 3  Mary P Karnes