The NON-Flower Bridal Bouquet

What?  The NON-Flower Bridal Bouquet ?  Believe it or not, this is becoming a huge trend.  And in some cases, it’s less expensive that the traditional bouquet made of blooms.  Sometimes…more.  Just look at he bouquet below.  Have you ever seen one as lovely?  I don’t think I have.  Whoever created it is a true artist.  And I have a feeling that at least one of the embedded broaches has some sentimental value.



I can hardly believe that the bouquet below is made of paper.  It is exquisite, and just think…you would not have to hire an expensive company to preserve it.  Yes, it may become a little “shop worn” through the years, but it should age rather well. Maybe a spray lacquer?  It’s available on, I have included a link directly to the company if you’re interested.


The bouquet below is lovely AND novel. I love the sentiments that go with each herb.  While the idea is sweet, the bouquet is not all that attractive.  Not sure I’d choose it…


And this really couldn’t be an alternative bouquet post without one featuring the succulents I so love.  I used to almost hate them…they were ‘such the thing’ in Southern California where I grew up.  I didn’t like or appreciate them.  Maybe that’s why I’m so enamored now?


Hum…not so sure about the next “bouquet” if you can call it that…I find nothing appealing about it, but we are all different.



And last on our list… the pearl bouquet.  Traditional, and once again, no need to preserve it.  It will be forever young.  And I’m sure it will stand the test of time even better than the paper bouquet.


Bridal Guide Magazine

What will you choose?  Flowers for “the moment” or something more long lasting?



Unique Wedding Bouquets



It’s time for another post on ” Unique Wedding Bouquets !”  Next to your dress and veil, your flowers are what your guests will notice when you walk down the isle. I have long been a proponent for a colored bouquet for the bride and white flowers for the bridesmaids.  This is to contrast with their dresses and make them stand out.  The top photo gives off a topical vibe, and looks lovely against the white of the bride’s dress.


The next photo doesn’t even showcase the flowers, but I included it as it is a sentimental piece.  I love it.  It appears to have a photo of a beloved dog, a special pin, (maybe the bride’s something blue), and thought-inspiring ribbons.  My own Kathleen had some thoughtful touches in her own bouquet, which I will show you last.

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The next bouquet was touted as an “Elopement Bouquet” I’m guessing due to it’s size, but I think it’s just wonderful.  I like the look of a smaller posy.  More of the bride’s dress can be seen by guests and in photos if the flowers are smaller.


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And the above photo…exquisite!  Also… it’s not real!  It can be ordered on – unique, and  forever a keepsake…


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The bouquet above is, I believe, my own Spring Wedding fantasy bouquet.  Look at all the colors!  While a little larger than I’d choose, it’s just about perfect.  And notice the blue ribbon…


Mary P Karnes photos

And the last bouquet, my own daughter, Kathleen’s.  It is held for the photo op by my second daughter, Maggie.  Look at those nails – lovely!  🙂  This bouquet has attached to it a mother-of-pearl carving my dad made for my mother in butterfly shape.  As my parents couldn’t attend the wedding, (they were at least able to FaceTime in), it was very special to Kathleen.  And as her cat, Willow, is especially dear to her, she had pieces of willow bark entwined in her bouquet as well.







Unique and Beautiful Wedding Bouquets


Of course you want a unique and beautiful wedding bouquet.  It’s what every bride wants.  But how far are you willing to go to be different?  Would you consider any of the options on this page?   If I had it to do all over again, I might consider the top bouquet made of succulents.  These lovely plants are native to the West where I was born and raised.  I think it would be a nice tribute to my roots.  But that is NOW.  When Kenny and I got married 31  years ago, my mind-set was on soft and romantic – which the succulent bouquet is not.

Another option is the origami bouquet below.  Please read the included blurb from  If you click on the link, you can check out the instructions on how to DIY.  I think one would have to be quite talented for this creation…but the cost would be low, especially if you make it for the bride and all her maids.



“If you have been searching for a unique and alternative bouquet to carry on your wedding day which doesn’t use fresh flowers, then this might be the perfect pretty option! Something which you (and even your bridesmaids) can keep well after the celebrations!” You can read the full feature at:



What about the giant white rose bouquet above?  It is definitely original…made out of rose petals with a rose in the center to look like a giant rose.  Not sure it strikes my fancy…


The seashell bouquet above is the most interesting, one of a kind I have ever seen.  I bet few guests would have seen one like it.  Soft and romantic it is not…


My favorite bouquet is the last.  Made entirely of broaches, it is unusual and impressive.  Inexpensive it would not be, but the bride would not have to worry about costly preservation!


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