Father of the Bride Speech

Father of the Bride Speech

…The father of the bride… This post is dedicated to all those dads, and father figures out there whom we women tend to put in the background until we need a check written 🙂 , or to schedule a suit/tux fitting.  But the Father of the Bride has two enormous roles — that of walking his daughter down the aisle, and giving the reception opening speech/toast.


Above: My oldest, Kathleen, having a  little chat, and it looks like a giggle, with her dad before they walk down the aisle.  Below, Kenny and daughter number two, Maggie, on HER walk down the aisle.  Poor Kenny.  He had to do it twice in two years!

Think about it…when you, the father of the bride, escort your daughter down the aisle, it is the first time the guests will view the beautiful bride.  It’s your job to support her, both figuratively and literally, and keep her calm.  But you can do it…you’ve been doing it her entire life.

But after that monumental task is completed, you have one more, equally as important…that of opening the reception/toasting the new bride and groom.  This is not easy.  Just ask any Father who has ever done it.  One must find the right balance between sentiment and a chuckle, praising your daughter, as well as your new son.  And don’t forget the thank yous…especially to your wife and those who may have traveled a long distance.

But here’s the really sticky issue that is not often thought of OR practiced.  If you can… PLEASE don’t use notes.  It takes away from the solemnness of the event.  It looks as if you didn’t give time to memorize it or give the speech the attention it deserves.  Now there are exceptions to this… 1) if you are the maid/matron of honor or the best man – notes are fine.  You do not have the head role of “Father of the Bride” – OR… 2) if you have a phobia about public speaking or are too emotional to get through it without a prop – by all means, use the notes!

Above, my husband toasting Maggie.  Three of my four daughters are listening, in the two photos above and in the picture below.  Rarely have I been as proud of Kenny as when he gave speeches at both girls’ weddings.  It seemed effortless…but I know it was not.  I think almost as many people complimented me on his speeches as the beauty of the brides…well…not quite… 🙂


Kathleen, on the right, looks a little emotional, doesn’t she!

All photos: Patty Cloherty


Wedding Place Card Ideas



Wedding Place Card Ideas …sounds like fun.  A way to be creative, to tie your color scheme together. Well…first…you have to plan where to seat everyone…Don’t take this chore lightly.  It’s a huge undertaking.  You want to make sure every guest at your wedding reception is comfortable, has someone of like mind to talk to, and has a good time as possible.



I think the top photo with the sticky flags is brilliant.  In fact, when we plan the seating chart for my daughter, Kathleen’s reception dinner, we will use them.  I love the genius of color-coding those stickies. Yellow for work, green for his, pink for hers,  orange for friends, and so forth.



Once the miserable chore of finding a suitable spot for everyone is done, you need to decide how you will present the place cards.  There are so many darling ideas out there.  I’m especially found of the second photo with the corks.  That was what we used for my first bride’s place cards, daughter Maggie.  What about using chocolates as your holding mechanism for the place cards, like the photo above?  Not only is it pretty and elegant, but the guest gets a tasty treat!



Having a garden wedding?  Just love the succulent place card/table assignment holders above!  Tiny enough for the guests to find a cubby somewhere at home to stash it, and think of you whenever they see this cute item.



But my favorite idea on this page, is the one above.  Inexpensive wine glasses were chosen, and then dipped in a “chalk-board paint” and left to dry.  Once dry, the guests’ names can be written in chalk, (consider using your wedding colors!), on the base.  I just may consider this for KK…

Last little bit of advice?  Don’t forget to add your guests’ meal choices on your place card.  It makes it so much easier for your servers, and the guests as well.