Wedding Trends 2016



Naked Cake

Wedding Trends 2016 …What’s old is new again…right?  Apparently…the once passé “Naked Cake” is baaaaackkk… I think they’re rather cleaver, and while it probably wouldn’t be MY first choice, being the traditionalist I am… I like the naked cake, and appreciate its beauty.  If you’d like to read an older blog post on “the naked wedding cake”, click on the following link.  Naked Cake


Photo: Brklyn View Photography

Cocktail Party/Station Receptions

What else is new on the horizon of weddings for 2016?  The cocktail party/station reception, INSTEAD of a formal sit down dinner will be big.  I have long been a proponent of this.  If you get a caterer’s package which includes passed hors de oeuvres, and other cocktail hour stations, you KNOW that by the time dinner is served, your guests aren’t all that hungry.  Their dinner and your money is, at times, wasted.  My husband and I attended a family wedding this past summer.  They were slightly ahead of the curve and hosted an unforgettable heavy hors de oeuvres reception. It was plentiful, filling, and the variety of options, enormous.


Above photo, a “cheesecake mini” – Mary P Karnes photos


Above, photo, “fruit and cheese station” – Mary P Karnes photos

Shareable Highlights


Photo: Maria Lamb Photography

Biggest projected wedding trend of 2016? — Video shorts of your wedding highlights; not the WHOLE wedding, just the highlights.  Great idea.  At my last daughter’s wedding, we had a slow motion video booth, which, while didn’t film of the entire wedding, did showcase the bride, groom and all the guests in a rather funny short.  My daughters didn’t want their weddings videoed.  They wanted to envision it as they remembered it…not necessarily as it was.  An interesting thought…  If you’d like to read the blog post and see the “slow motion video” click on the link.  🙂