Interesting Ways To Use Perishables At Your Wedding

Have you thought of this?  Interesting ways to use perishables at your wedding!  We all know “wristlets” are an iconic way to display flowers for you attendants or honored guests.  But have you ever seen something like the photo below?  Not only is it a very cool bracelet, but the “flowers” of choice are succulents.  I LOVE this.  Would I pick this option?  Probably not.  But I’d love to see it at a wedding.


How about the bow tie below?  It could serve as the gentlemen’s tie AND their flowers!  No need for a boutonnière.  I find it surprising how few men AND women know how to attach a boutonnière.  Remember, use two pins, cross them, and go in through the BACK of the lapel.


It’s quite common for couples to use their dogs as ring bearer/flower girl attendants.  The large wreath on the pup below is rather novel, however. What a cutie!




While using flowers as table decor is not new, the extravagance of the photo above is.  I love the opulence of this.

In my opinion…mason jars can not be overused.  Unless you are having a formal affair, that is.  The above jars offer triple service: a lovely centerpiece, an aromatic device and a candle!  And I bet they weren’t cost prohibitive, either!

We’ve all seen photos of brides with flowers in their hair, from Sarah, Duchess of York’s orange blossom wreath, to gentle halos.  But how about the full-blown roses in this bride’s hair?  One would need to have long and full hair to pull it off, but I think it’s spectacular.

Just think outside the box when considering perishable/natural products and you will amaze even yourself at your options!

All New Wedding Ideas!

All New Wedding Ideas!  Care to experiment with something new?  Are you brave enough?  Well… how do you think new things become trends?  Someone is willing to try an innovative idea.

Love the Polaroid guestbook below.  I have seen this done once before, but I really like the black scrapbook pages that accompany it.  I do know that Polaroids fade, so maybe a few inexpensive throw away cameras can go with this theme.  Take a few instant shots, and at the same time have the guests take a duplicate with a disposable camera.  That way, you can replace the Polaroids after the wedding.  Developed film will hold up better.



LOVE the Jenga pieces as a guestbook.  I saw this done at a family wedding this summer, Jennifer and Fred’s, (see the photo below), and it’s every bit as cute as it looks.  And if you use permeant ink, you’ll always have your wedding guest memories, and a game to boot!  Jenn and Fred also had the Coolest Cake Ever!  If you’d like to read my post about THAT, click on the link.


photo: Mary P Karnes

Love, LOVE the ladies room decorated stall doors below!  What a darling idea.  Not saying I’d ever have the energy to do it, but I sure would enjoy it at someone else’s wedding.  What do you want to bet that red and black were the wedding colors?  (They were mine!)


And the photo below!  How cool is that?  Instead of tables, guests are invited to sit on blankets for a “picnic” feel!  One would have to have great confidence and planning to pull this off. One – reliable good weather, Two – lots of land AND blankets 🙂 Three – advance notice to guests so they could dress accordingly.


And if you choose to be scattered with confetti as your bridal send off, why not allow the guests to “make their own” concoction?  Just remember…someone has to clean it all up.  Check with your venue site coordinator to make sure this is a good idea…

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