Flower Girl…or Lady?



Will you have a flower girl or a ” Flower Lady” at your wedding?  While the little girl in the photo above is adorable, (and by the way, is my youngest, Julia), take a step outside the box…does the ‘Flower Girl’ need to be a little girl? Or could it be an older lady you would like to honor in some way?



There is a new trend underway…honoring your grandmothers as your…flower girls!  I just love the photo above of the two seniors spreading their joy in the form of flower petals!  Don’t they look delighted?  While it is the norm for grandmothers to be escorted up the isle as part of the wedding procession, I like this new trend much better.



And the ladies above?  They seem simply thrilled to be the bride’s actual attendants.  There wasn’t a need for them to match in similar gowns, just to wear what they felt comfortable in.  Remember, there is no right or wrong when planning a wedding.  Just do what you want…what your heart tells you to do.  🙂


And above, a photo of me with my four daughters, when the two youngest were honored to be in a dear family friend’s wedding.  Flower girls for this wedding, was definitely the right choice!

Little Guests At Your Wedding


Little guests at your wedding …


Will you have little guests at your wedding?  Will have you little attendants?  I chose to not have a flower girl/ring bearer at my own wedding.  If you’d like to know why, click on the following link Flower Girl

Above is a photo of me with my four daughters, circa 2003  Left to right, KK, Mary, Maggie, Tess and Julia.  The “little girls” were honored to be flower girls in our dear family friend Mollie’s wedding in Chicago.  It was a once in a life time experience, and I’m so glad they had the opportunity.


Tess and Julia were lovely little ladies, but that is not always the case. (Above, a photo of Julia and yours truly).   If you invite family members that MUST bring their little ones, how will you handle the potential disruption of your wedding ceremony?  Maybe the simple solution is to hire an on-site sitter.  Most churches or wedding venues have a room which you could temporarily turn into a nursery.  And what if you decide AGAINST little ones, and your guests bring their children ANYWAY?  It’s been known to happen…


But really…could you have a picture cuter than the one above?  This is four year old Julia dancing with her  Dad…

But back to the dilemma if a guest brings an uninvited child.  Maybe they have no other choice.  Maybe it’s a nursing baby and can’t be left at home.  I think it that’s case, you have to rely on the good judgement of the mother to take the infant out if he/she cries.  But better to be safe then sorry, and draft a family member to gently remind the mother to take the child out if there is a disruption.  Touchy…yes.  But would you rather have a mad/sad bride or irritated mother?  I know the answer for MY family.


Guest Photo

And what about those little people who are near and dear and you really really want at your wedding?  Well, they must be invited.  Above is KK with the little one she nannied for a year.  It wouldn’t have been a true celebration without him…  🙂


A Flower Girl in Your Wedding?

Fifty-two years ago, I was tapped to be the flower girl at my aunt’s wedding.  My mother was SO excited!  What mother does NOT want her her daughter to be “the darling” at a wedding?

The evening of the wedding finally arrived.  I was about the age I am in the picture to the right with my dad… and little dog – three years old.  If you will notice  – there is NO picture of me in my flower girl attire.

That is because I refused to go through with it.  I was NOT walking down the isle and scattering rose petals.  Maybe the evening candlelit ceremony unnerved me.  Maybe I just had ‘good old stage fright’.  But I would NOT do it.  Even the WHOLE dollar my dad tried to bribe me with didn’t work.  (Now maybe if he had offered chocolate 🙂 )…And maybe…I was just too young.

My own daughters, Tess and Julia, were honored to be flower girls at our friend Mollie’s wedding in Chicago.  They were older than I when I was asked to be an attendant, and they had each other.  My girls  did a great job, and I was proud.    So this raises a question.  Are you as the bride, or mother of the bride, willing to leave an important part of the procession in the hands of a fickle little girl(s)?  I wasn’t.  When Kenny and I married, I chose to not have a flower girl.  The main reason being, I knew how I had acted as a young child. And truth be told, I didn’t want anyone to be cuter than I… 🙂

But children add a certain sweet innocence to the affair, and the photo opportunities are endless.  They can also add comic relief to a emotion-filled ceremony.  If I had it to do again, I’d have a flower girl, and a ring bearer to boot!