Our First Anniversary




Our first anniversary…January 21, 1985.  We lived in Simi Valley, California in a 3 bedroom apartment. No we didn’t need three bedrooms, but that was all the complex had available.  We soon purchased our first home in Ventura, California, and left Simi.

The top picture is Mary Paredes Karnes’ version of “Staging”  🙂  The tablecloth is hand crocheted by my Grandmother – whom our baby, Julia, is named after.  That is a full champagne bottle to the top right of the picture – left over from our wedding.

As our anniversary is in January…thus the Chrysanthemum in the photo.  Please note the candles, they are placed in candle sticks that my dear friend and bridesmaid, Yvonne, gave us for our wedding.  I continued the tradition that my parents started, and gave Maggie and Rob a special piece from our home.  This is what we gave them…And don’t forget the champagne glasses – which were featured in an earlier blog…and the keynote piece – the top layer of our cake…just like I promised yesterday!

I’m sad to say I don’t remember who froze the cake, where it was stored, or if it tasted good.  But it sure looked pretty!  I had saved our cake topper to place on it for the picture.  It looked OK after a year, but I recently ran across it – and it didn’t travel well…  Maggie’s and Rob’s cake topper, on the other hand, being made our of porcelain, can be handed down for generations.  Thanks for that thoughtfulness, Debbie!

The above picture is about a year before we were married, but it dates us a little.  Not sure if I’m happy or sad that it’s a little blurry…

First Anniversary – And Your Wedding Cake!


Let’s take a little break from KK and Tyler’s wedding… and talk about ‘Your First Anniversary – And Your Wedding Cake!’  Did you freeze the top layer of your wedding cake to enjoy on your first wedding anniversary?  In case you’re interested, click on the following link: Preserving the Top Layer of Your Wedding Cake to read an older blog post about saving the top layer.


The top photo is of the defrosted cake…not only is it a process to FREEZE your wedding cake, but to Defrost it as well… click on the following link if you wish to read about the freezing process: Freezing Your Wedding Cake  Maggie and Rob are featured in the next photo.  As I was the person storing the frozen cake, I asked them if they wanted me to take it to them in Philly or overnight it.  Rob said, “Well, the whole family’s going to be together for KK and Tyler’s wedding, let’s eat it then, and we can all enjoy it!”

I loved the idea, and followed my own instructions for defrosting to the letter, but I have to admit –  with an extended family of 14 in attendance to try the cake…I was a little nervous.

The above photo shows an individual serving size – it looks pretty, doesn’t it?


The above photo showcases the top layer with a section cut out.  Robert and Maggie did a nice job of cutting it.  The cake was a tiny bit frozen, which make for a better cut.  As to the taste…it tasted just fine for a year old cake — a bit dry — but ABSOLUTELY no “freezer taste”.  I was pleased.  I will say, though, that no one asked for a second piece…

photo 2-60

And this last photo…the glorious cake on Maggie and Rob’s wedding day.

As an item of interest…the flowers on the cake are not real, but edible, spun sugar!!

Did I preserved KK and Tyler’s top layer of their wedding cake?  Well, of course I did… with a little help, (well, a lot!), from my wonderful father-in-law, Ken, just like last year…  🙂 (Patty Cloherty Photos)

I promise to finish my “Blooper Post” tomorrow…